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  1. I think the last 30 seconds of this needs to be changed to something different from just coming back to the same organ line/crowd sounds as from before the synth progression. Maybe get a different crowd sample and change up your playing a bit? Also, I think the vinyl effect is just a bit too prominent in the first part of the song. You have some nice sounds in here, and the needle effect distracts a tiny bit from them, in my opinion. I like your drum sound a lot, and kinda want to hear a little more from them! The bass is ultra thick, for sure. It's like a bass organ and a bass guitar together. I actually like it but it is kinda EDM-y, and I generally agree with what Nikanoru said about it. This is actually one of my favorite tracks from FFVII, so I'm glad this exists. I think it's really close to being great!
  2. Oh cool, I actually got some feedback! Thanks! I know there are parts that are pretty sparse, and not changing too much. While making this song I was listening to a lot of music by a repetitive trance guy named Lorenzo Senni, which I quite liked, and some of that definitely leaked into this song. I guess the "constant-adding-of-instruments-as-the-song-progresses" formula, while bronzed for all time at this point, was getting a little too predictable for me. That's why it sounds a bit like it "needs something". There was a bassline, and I just took it out. The whole thing became kind of reductive exercise. The delay switching on is something I know other musicians will catch, but I actually decided to not hide it on purpose, just because I think the hiccup sounds better. Like someone hitting a stomp-box in a basement show. Maybe it is little too strange! If it gets rejected, then I'll try to make it a bit more digestible.
  3. Update again, 5/2918: Well, I'm just gonna submit this and see how it goes! Still, any extra ears would be neat-o.
  4. Sounds like you did a great job squeezing as much as possible from a 15-second loop of music. It might be too conservative of an arrangement, ultimately, to get published, though maybe not. I hope it does, because the production is awesome! Maybe the last eight bars before the slowdown almost reached repetitive territory, but it makes the ending more effective, I think.
  5. This is a ReMix of my favorite track from either Vectorman game (though honestly it sounds better without headphones because of that crazy spread). Updated version, 5/28/18: So this turned out pretty experimental, with different field recordings and some game SFX, as well as a long vocal track that I had planned to be a focal point cut down to only the most essential few seconds. I tried to do a bit of experimenting in the mixing as well, with butting high-frequency stuff against lower stuff, and squeezing as much dynamic range as I could out of everything without things becoming too alienating or annoying. It's kinda artsy-fartsy, but more even more fun, I think. The GooDrive link is below the OG.
  6. Really like this, and is that a little bit of the "Link sneaking around" music I hear, too? Anyway, yeah, the mixing I quite like, although as a bass player, maybe your velocities during the bass solo could be given a tiny bit of variety? Like mix in a couple quieter notes as well if you wanna go for full-on realism. Otherwise the sounds are all very good. Crispy woodblock, and that wacky distorted organ has a great tone.
  7. Powerfully disagree with DD being the best MK game, but I love the track, haha. Super relaxed vibe, and nice interweaving of the different melodies, although I guess I expected the original melody to return at the end. The one thing I'll nitpick is that maybe the wave sounds are a bit too loud, or happen once to many times, as I was a little distracted by them. But it was good enough for me to listen twice!! I especially dig the guitar.
  8. The piano is pretty mechanical, isn't it? Giving my ears a break for a month, I can see some little issues I could fix, but I think I'll just keep this version and make a whole new version that's more accessible. A remix of a remix, one that's less "dry" sounding. Thanks for the feedback!! It was more than I expected, and super helpful.
  9. This is one of the shortest songs on the Sonic 2 soundtrack, so milking a loop that small into a 4 minute track...I think it gets a little redundant 3 minutes in, but you did a great job recreating the original and giving it an overhaul, while keeping the synth line still a little retro sounding and airy (and those hand claps I've always loved). I could certainly see this as BGM to a reboot/remake of the game. If you wanted to make it a standalone song, maybe drop certain tracks out at points, or somehow play around with the land/underwater dichotomy from the level. Or whatever! Endless possibilities!
  10. I love this. It's subtle and deliberate without being too subversive. Really getting the best from a limited amount of sounds. (Reminds me of parts of the "Baraka" soundtrack...) I've never played Front Mission, and wouldn't expect to hear something like this associated with a game title like that, haha. Makes it even better.
  11. Hey there, decided to finally make a song for OCR after thinking about it for 17 years. It's a linear track and many of the frequencies are quite extreme, for maximum tension-building. It has a piano run through a guitar amp to add a bit of volatility to its character, and other than the little flourish from 1:45 - 1:47, every note is sourced from several different Zelda melodies, with the Great Bay Temple being the most prominent chord-wise (and obviously percussion-wise). As the song goes on, it's meant to put the listener in that psychological space many people find themselves in at least once in their lives, when you're swimming underwater and suddenly everything goes from uncomfortable to desperate. Maybe I've over-explained myself, but let me know what you think, if you care to. Here's the OG. Here's mine. My one concern is that the panning on the gated high frequencies is too extreme, or perhaps too loud on certain speakers, especially after the song quality is degraded on something like YouTube. Thoughts?