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Community, I need some help

I am a Screenwriter by night and currently writing a screenplay about an eSports Tournament. Nothing fancy, just one of those Team Sports movies but the sport is a team eSport like Overwatch(With an asterisk in the script saying that the game  & references can be changed to another game depending on what rights can be obtained.)

Part of my writing method is that I compile a custom music playlist for each project I work on. Helps get my head in the right space at a moment's notice. 

But for this project I could use some help. 

What kind of tunes, particularly video game tunes/remixes would you recommend for a Team eSports Movie Playlist? 

These might be the songs that in a perfect world would be on the Soundtrack or something. 

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Self-promotion ok? Any sort of genre you're generally into for something like that? What is appropriate for eSports creativity writing for you might be different than it is for me (who has not and doesn't play Overwatch or eSports anything because I'm stuck too far in the past to get into it), so some specifics there would be helpful. :)

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