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[WID] Xenogear: Faramwary - Cinematic Music Box

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Hello friends. I greet you from Colombia. I'm thinking of working on a 3D scene or animation for the melody shared in the Forum by me, from Xenogear: Faraway Promise - Music Box.

The animated short consists of a scene where the character (Man) is winding a Musical Box, then he goes to bed to take a break and begins to remember old time ... the scene has different cameras that will change partially and will not surpass the Cinematic version of the melody.

It will be done in 3DMAX or preferably in Blender as it is more comfortable to start the modeling. In animation and Rendering, you may use Unity. The creation process will remain in this post and will change to "In Development" and "Completed".

Anyone who wants to collaborate, either in models or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave your opinion below. I am open to any help ...

Greetings and forgive my English (Translator).



If the Official OCRemix Channel wants to upload the melody on Youtube I would be delighted. :)

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