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  1. I hope to hear your opinion on this melody in FLStudio. Scene description: An island falls into the power of spirits that try to steal the little life that finds its way. The roads are completely alone and you are trapped in a world without return. You can only move forward and find a way out, while terrible things await you on the way. (Inspirado en Alan Wake, Silent Hill y Resident Evil) https://soundcloud.com/imancol/stranger-primer-mundo Strange situation in Scene https://youtu.be/bX2gHyHehVU
  2. I'm glad that some people think it's real, because my work in SFX seems to work well. I really appreciate this comment, I hope you encourage me to share it on your social networks.
  3. Hello, I appreciate your comment. I had started producing at FLStudio not so long ago that it occurred to me to work on a project about a short film with Fei entering a room after having a very hard day, and reproducing a musical box with this melody. Even I know that you are missing a lot, you have every reason to improve the melody, but not only that, there are also transitions in the short film scene where it moves away from the musical box as you can notice in the sounds it makes simulating a musical box of truth ... therefore there are parts where the melody is spatial with the movement and distance of the camera, as well as the transition of scenes in which a photo of the Xenogear characters is displayed. Actually this short tries to imitate the intro of Chrono Trigger, but in 3D. I am always open to receive support and recommendations, if you would like to collaborate you are welcome, I can pass the project file as long as you are responsible for the development, any help would allow me to focus more on other areas such as animation, modeling, etc ... and advance more in the development of the short film.
  4. Some time ago I wanted to propose a short Xenogear short film based on its own time after the events of Xenogear. I had to deal with other things and decided to launch the Cinematic version of the Faraway Promise melody that corresponds to the animation. Soon I will release said short film. Enjoy.
  5. Hello ancestral Here is a job I do for the Tenma Faraway Promise of Xenogear. Echo in FL Studio 12. Remastered in LAND https://soundcloud.com/marlon-rodr-guez-colombiologo/xenoremaster
  6. Hello friends. I greet you from Colombia. I'm thinking of working on a 3D scene or animation for the melody shared in the Forum by me, from Xenogear: Faraway Promise - Music Box. The animated short consists of a scene where the character (Man) is winding a Musical Box, then he goes to bed to take a break and begins to remember old time ... the scene has different cameras that will change partially and will not surpass the Cinematic version of the melody. It will be done in 3DMAX or preferably in Blender as it is more comfortable to start the modeling. In animation and Rendering, you may use Unity. The creation process will remain in this post and will change to "In Development" and "Completed". Anyone who wants to collaborate, either in models or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave your opinion below. I am open to any help ... Greetings and forgive my English (Translator). https://soundcloud.com/marlon-rodr-guez-colombiologo/xenoremaster If the Official OCRemix Channel wants to upload the melody on Youtube I would be delighted.
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