Final Fantasy VII ~ Flowers Blooming in the Church (Solo Piano Arrangement) + Sheet Music

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Hey everyone!

I just completed this solo piano arrangement of "Flowers Blooming in the Church" from Final Fantasy VII and I thought you guys might enjoy it. I had seen a handful of piano arrangements of this piece, but overall this version of Aerith's theme doesn't get the attention it deserves. For my arrangement, I really wanted to push that tragic and expressive side of this piece, while staying true to the original tune.

I've also included a link to the sheet music download in the Youtube video description.

Hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


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Thank you for sharing your creation with us Daniel. The overall feel to it is very special, not sure how to describe it. I don't know many other piano pieces that produce this mood (then again, I don't know too many piano pieces!).
I did find myself losing attention sometime after the 3:20 mark. I don't know if that's just me, or if maybe it needs a slight change to keep it interesting for the second half.
Other than that I think you did a nice job and the performance itself is also very nice. I'm still a learner-pianist myself (3rd year) and I can't wait to get to the level you're at.

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