Request for remaster/extension of FlyFF music!

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Hello ladies and gents! I have been just browsing the web for people that just remix music and I stumbled across some very talented people from this site on YouTube. These are some of my favorite game soundtracks of all time. FlyFF is quite the nostalgia trip for me. I know this probably isn’t your guys forte in music but it has always been my dream to see someone remake these two tracks and extend them to the 2 minute mark.

Track 16 (flyff - end) and Track 19 (flyff - start)

Ive always had a huge fondness for three other tracks that are just really nostalgic to me 

Track 41 (flyff - general) , track 48 (flyff - music) and I couldn’t find the last one on khinsider but it’s the login soundtrack. 



If anybody is interested in doing any of these which is probably a long shot.. Let me know lol


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