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Samplitude (DAW for beginning, advanced and expert music producers)

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>>> Samplitude Music Studio (2019) - versatile & well-equipped semi-professional DAW for beginners and advanced music producers
>>> Samplitude Pro (X3 Suite) - for expert music producers and professional audio engineers

Since there's already a thread for the DAW FL Studio this might be interesting for everybody who wants to get into music production with a pretty powerful, well-equipped and still pretty low-priced semi-professionell DAW you can get for just 99 bucks.

I'm talking about the new Samplitude Music Studio (2019) - the smaller brother of the Samplitude Pro (X3 Suite) version.
I was working with previous Samplitude Music Studio versions years before I upgraded it to the professional version Samplitude Pro X3 suite later on.

And since my beginning with the Samplitude Music Studio versions I was always a big fan of the included, very versatile and pretty realistically sampled VSTis (software instruments) which have been recorded with real instruments, a nice amount of different articulations (like legato/long notes, slides, staccatos, tremolos, fall-offs etc.), presets and effects (like drumming on a guitar body with the hands etc.) - dependening on the chosen VST instrument.

You often have a huge amount of those virtual instruments (up to 20 and more in the newer versions) in the basic equipment of the Samplitude Music Studio with which you can produce music within a pretty wide variety of musical genres.
Some of those intruments are actually a whole set of instruments (like Vita World Flutes oder Vita Folk or Vita Soundtrack Percussion) or even huger synthesizer sample stations (like Vita Analog Synths, DN-e1 or Revolta²) where each one contains hundreds of pretty nice synthesizers within different categories (like Leads, Chords, Basses, Synths, Pads, Voices, Winds, Drums or Effects).

Besides the usual standard DAW functions, a really powerful and stable audio engine, some really useful metering devices or some good VST plugins that usually come with the Samplitude Pro (X/Suite) versions one of the biggest enhancements in Samplitude Music Studio 2019 is the possibility of using up to 32 different instruments (MIDI tracks) in a music project (former Music Studio versions were limited to 16 instruments - or to circumvent this you could bounce MIDI into audio tracks which was pretty annoying for your workflow if you had to change something afterwards).
Now - with the 32 instrument (MIDI) tracks per music project - you can realize much more comprehensive projects even as a beginner and without working around that much.

If you need up to 999 MIDI tracks for a music project, much more VST instruments, synthesizers, VST plugins or a really awesome virtual guitar amp called Vandal you can upgrade the Samplitude Music Studio into the professional Samplitude Pro X (Suite) versions later on if you want.
Sometimes there are also really compelling special upgrade offers (like some months before where users of a Samplitude Music Studio version could upgrade to Samplitude Pro X3 Suite for just about 150 bucks - instead of about 600 or the usual price of nearly 1000 bucks).

With each Samplitude Music Studio version you can also collect new Vita VST instruments (even if you buy some cheap older versions with some rare stuff and install all versions in the chronological order) you can accumulate a huge amount of good VST instruments which you can also keep if you upgrade the Samplitude Music Studio version to a Samplitude Pro X (Suite) version someday.   

I really like the logical structure of these DAWs - even without reading the whole manual and without having any experiences with DAWs in those days I was still able to discover lots of different functions just by exploring the task bar of the very smartly structured DAW interface and by trying out several things.

I am also a big fan of the clear interface, the free adjustable working place (depending on your momentary needs concerning the current stage of your music production process) and of course the pretty stylish and badass looking carbon skin.

The only negative things I could say about these DAWs are that it can crash sometimes if you have opened your browser and work with the DAW at the same time and that one or two of my virtual instruments tended to crash on my former AMD AM3 Phenom II X4 955 quad-core PC with 8 GB RAM (no problems with that on my newer Intel i7-6700 quad-core PC with 32 GB RAM).

If you got interested in the latest version of Samplitude Music Studio (2019) as a beginning or advanced composer and music producer check out the following link for additional informations:
>>> https://www.magix.com/us/music/samplitude-music-studio/#c844272


If you wanna go for the Samplitude Pro (X/Suite) versions as a more advanced or expert composer, music producer and audio engineer with a strong passion for sound design at a professional level someday check out this link for additional informations:
>>> https://www.magix.com/us/music/samplitude/

Even if you can find out a lot of functions just by exploring and doing make sure you have some time to read in the digital manual with nearly 1000 pages to get into all the functions this DAW has to offer.


There's also something like a very high priced ultimate version - the company's flagship so far - called Sequoia which contains some pretty luxurious (but not desperately necessary) music production tools (like audio to MIDI conversion - although there 's something similar in the Pro X Suite versions already), all the VST instruments and some enhanced features for broadcasting.
But since I'm not a member of a highly successful band who can drop the money like bees may drop the honey I would never be thinking about paying nearly 3000 bucks for this one if I can do all the music production stuff already with the Samplitude Pro X Suite versions.


If somebody wants to have some further informations or personal experiences from my side just let me know.
And if somebody is interested in getting a version of Samplitude Music Studio or maybe Samplitude Pro X3 Suite I could also give some hints for using these DAWs with most of its functions here in this thread.

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If you're still looking for a very well equipped high-end DAW I've seen pretty a genereous special offer for my DAW "Samplitude Pro X3 Suite" (includes coming upgrade for "Samplitude Pro X4 Suite" in December and "Sound Forge Pro 11") for just around 200 bucks - special offer lasts until November 25, 2018.

I got the notice of a close friend whom I've recommened this special offer for his ambition to create some soundtracks for his planned RPG Maker game, that the versions are download content only (so, no DVDs - upgrades in the future will come with DVDs as I am used to, I guess).
If that 's acceptable for you and if you have a good internet connection, then have a look at this highly interesting special offer.

>>> https://www.magix.com/us/music/samplitude/upgrade/20180112-samplitude-pro-x/

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