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Here's my remix of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za theme. For some time I scoured the net to see if there existed a metal remix of the track, because I had this vision of one and I wanted to find out if anyone had done this before.

So, here it is:


The original track is really short, so the arrangement is quite different from that. Also, I've never before even tried creating anything "metal", so this is my try ever on electrometal :-).

An old friend joined me in this project with his guitar skills and in the process the track changed quite a bit, but now we consider it finished.


Here's a link to the original:

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I just listened in mono on my crappy phone speaker so I didn't hear all the finer details, but I thought you did a nice job. It's kind of a chill ambient metal piece, or something like that. Aside from one part (which I'll get to in a second) the guitars sounded good to me, and it isn't always easy to mix wide heavy guitars that collapse well to mono so good job there. 

The part I think needs a little work is the guitar unison lead starting around 3:30. It sounded pretty stiff and mechanical to me. Maybe throw in some legato slides at slightly different speeds on each guitar to help loosen it up. I'm also not entirely sure the piece needs the part at all, so maybe consider reworking it or ditching it entirely if you can't get it to fit in right.

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This track has now been finished and submitted. I finally collaborated it with an old friend proficient in guitars. In the end it came quite different from where I started, but I like the results. I hope someone else does, too :)

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