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  1. Actually it's 4/4, just with a swing feel, so everything follows a triplet 8th note pattern. You could also notate it as 12/8.
  2. Sure. I’m happy to do drum parts pretty much any time.
  3. I can supply the drums if you (or anyone) wants to supply everything else for a rock/metal version.
  4. Nice remix! Tight low end and great groove.
  5. Their more recent albums are not on Bandcamp, and are outstanding! I guess you'd have to get them on like itunes or Amazon music if you're interested. They're a small-time band that's been around for a long time, and I think they're worth supporting so I'm not ashamed to shill for them every now and then :).
  6. BTW, I mentioned it in my vote, but I want to mention it again here. Many years ago, the band Machinae Supremacy did a totally epic metal cover of this theme which you can hear here:
  7. My reply about the bass was to TVG, who seemed to only hear the piano as providing bass in my entry. I went back and listened to last round again. Trism's entry was great, for sure! I liked it even more than I did when I first heard it.
  8. I think I got it for $20 in the intro sale. It goes on sale every now and then!
  9. Thanks for listening and voting on mine even though it was a bonus. I just wanted to mention real quick that there is actually a bassline in it - it's a sampled cello playing a bassline in a standup bass style (Vengeful Cello, if anyone is interested in checking it out) - but it didn't come through very well in the mix. Maybe it would have worked if I'd tried to mix it better.
  10. If I recall correctly, the little opening jingle is part of the main theme (it plays when you hit start), but I wouldn't take points away from anyone if they didn't include it in their remix.
  11. Sorry, I haven't been able to get around to it. I was going to try to do orchestral techno. Good idea? Bad idea? I don't know, but it sounded interesting in my head!
  12. I want to do something for this but I haven't had time. I might still be able to get it in, but who knows. One thing that might be contributing to the slump is how close the mnp and prc deadlines have been lately. Just speaking personally, I often put things off until the last week (or last minute), which leaves me no chance of being able to do both compos.