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  1. Dextastic

    PRC379 - Race Against The Time (Outrun)

    I forgot to vote. Thanks for the reminder! And it's nice to see some new blood around here!
  2. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 1 - Mega Man Bracket

    I thought your entry was frigging incredible and while I loved Ridiculously Garrett's entry too I though you had this round in the bag. I was pretty surprised when I submitted my vote and saw you lagging behind. Your mix wasn't super clear like most modern pop/EDM productions are, but I thought it captured the live jazz/big band feel perfectly and in fact your mix isn't too far off from how that kind of stuff is usually mixed.
  3. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 1 - Mega Man Bracket

    I don't know the themes very well so I need to study
  4. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 1 - Mega Man Bracket

    How long do we have to vote?
  5. I just listened in mono on my crappy phone speaker so I didn't hear all the finer details, but I thought you did a nice job. It's kind of a chill ambient metal piece, or something like that. Aside from one part (which I'll get to in a second) the guitars sounded good to me, and it isn't always easy to mix wide heavy guitars that collapse well to mono so good job there. The part I think needs a little work is the guitar unison lead starting around 3:30. It sounded pretty stiff and mechanical to me. Maybe throw in some legato slides at slightly different speeds on each guitar to help loosen it up. I'm also not entirely sure the piece needs the part at all, so maybe consider reworking it or ditching it entirely if you can't get it to fit in right.
  6. Dextastic

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    I wouldn't have time to participate fully so I didn't sign up, but I can't wait to hear the remixes!
  7. If you have the full version of Kontakt, Palette Primary Colors is a nice freebie for strings.
  8. Dextastic

    PRC378 - Music Is More Than Words (Breath of Fire II)

    "Bundeslang must enter himself instead of letting HoboKa save the contest each time." By the way my vote included "I want easy sources as well, please scrap the rule that sources with OC Remixes aren't allowed," but it's not about wanting easy sources so much as wanting inspiring sources.
  9. Dextastic

    PRC377- The Silent of No Songs (Silent Hill 2)

    I liked em both. Hoboka did a nice job with the 8 bit piano part and the additions, while evktalo changed the beat and the vibe nicely. Also it's nice to see another Renoise user around. Is that the space piano instrument I hear?
  10. Dextastic

    MnP 95: Circle of the Moon - Clockwork Tower

    Surprising, I figured there would be more takers on this one.
  11. Dextastic

    PRC377- The Silent of No Songs (Silent Hill 2)

    Yeah it's nice...and has good remix potential!
  12. Dextastic

    PRC376 - Fantasy of Feeling (Final Fantasy V)

    I can't speak for others, but for me having the longer remixing period would be very helpful. It's always been odd to me that PRC, which I find more demanding than MNP, also has a shorter deadline. Also, with PRC being as old as it is, its restriction on song choice (no songs done before on PRC, and no songs that have a remix at OCR) might be causing song selections that aren't so inspiring. I know I've had trouble finding songs meeting this rule. Maybe amending the rule by adding something like "no songs used for PRC or having a single-source OCR remix posted within the last 4 years" would help. It depends how badly you desire more variety.
  13. Dextastic

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    Yeah Zorrakh's mix was very good but was also very close to the BOTW version of the tune. In my mind it would be mnp if that were the source, but not for this. A couple of people commented on the production on my piece, which was actually very simple. It was just Superior Drummer (with very static midi values to make it sound more electronic) and then a bunch of Hybrid 3 presets that blended decently to my ear. Very little EQ or saturation otherwise. Oh, and a little bit of chipsounds and electric guitar. Production-wise it was probably the easiest mix I've ever done.
  14. Dextastic

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    The vote has been saved.
  15. Dextastic

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    Bonus entry submitted!