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  1. This is a great source, too. I hope someone finds some time to give it some love!
  2. Yes, I’ve selected the source. All will be revealed soon
  3. Wow. I’ve only managed to listen to half of the tracks so far, but when I listen to the rest I’ll definitely be comparing notes.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, TVG. I don't think I'll choose that one but at least it got me off my butt. It's actually not too bad to look at a game soundtrack here on OCR and see which tracks already have remixes after all. For reference, the tracks in Secret of Mana that would be eligible for PRC right now are: a conclusion calm before the storm ceremony file select did you see the ocean eternal recurrence i closed my eyes in the dead of night it happened late one evening meridian dance monarch on the shore morning is here mystic invasion now flightless wings prophecy secret of the arid sands steel and snare the curse the little sprite the oracle the wind never ceases Maybe I'll choose one of them
  5. Sorry, I haven’t had time to select a source for the next round yet. It’s hard to find a good one to do for this competition. I wanted to select something from Secret of Mana. Could I get an extension on selecting the source, and could anyone help me find one from Secret of Mana that hasn’t been done yet?
  6. Well, yours is likely to be the deciding vote, so please do!
  7. I've also got something in the works. How much time is left?
  8. Me in July: Oh, this isn't due until August! I've got plenty of time. Me in August, 12 hours before the deadline and haven't even started: Fffffuuuuu... (Don't extend for me. I don't have much free time this month at all.)
  9. What’s the alternative? I always think it’s interesting to see how people work. I don’t know that I’d stick around for too long but I like getting insight into peoples’ creative processes. If you want to make it educational, maybe talk a bit about what you’re trying to accomplish with each section and each instrument, how you plan to do it, and what alternative ways to accomplish your goals you might consider if your first attempt doesn’t work out well.
  10. Overture 5? Disclaimer: I’ve never tried it.
  11. I tend to agree with that. Get a decent set of open cans, Sonarworks, and Canopener. Sonarworks and Canopener both have trials so you can see how big of a difference they make, and both go on sale every now and then.
  12. Clear your browser cache. It's just a display error on your end. (I've run into this a few times before.)