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  1. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 7 - Grand Final

    What a freaking epic way to end this competition. Both of these tracks were incredible, and they couldn't be more different in their presentations. Well done everyone. Well done.
  2. Sonorworks does not and cannot eliminate room reflections.
  3. Dextastic

    MnP 97: Ninja Gaiden - Stage 4-2

    You can always increase the pace of competitions if interest/participation picks up again.
  4. Dextastic

    MnP 97: Ninja Gaiden - Stage 4-2

    Yeah. I took bi-monthly to mean twice per month, and since bi-weekly means once every two weeks that's basically the same thing
  5. I first heard about Damage a while back and I was thinking maybe I would pick it up eventually to add the occasional epic rumbly hit to my tracks. I had no idea it was so diverse. I'll have to look into it more.
  6. What were your drums, by the way?
  7. I forgot to submit my comment on the bonus entry when I voted so I'll just post it here now. hoboka - Damn, those are some epic drums and I thought you did a really good job with the drum part and the leads. I liked the rising part on the synth strings (?) you added about 2/3 of the way through.
  8. Dextastic

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

    The source already sounds like a remix
  9. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 6 - Proto Man Bracket

    Great job. Wish I could have voted for both of you!
  10. Dextastic

    PRC379 - Race Against The Time (Outrun)

    I forgot to vote. Thanks for the reminder! And it's nice to see some new blood around here!
  11. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 1 - Mega Man Bracket

    I thought your entry was frigging incredible and while I loved Ridiculously Garrett's entry too I though you had this round in the bag. I was pretty surprised when I submitted my vote and saw you lagging behind. Your mix wasn't super clear like most modern pop/EDM productions are, but I thought it captured the live jazz/big band feel perfectly and in fact your mix isn't too far off from how that kind of stuff is usually mixed.
  12. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 1 - Mega Man Bracket

    I don't know the themes very well so I need to study
  13. Dextastic

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 1 - Mega Man Bracket

    How long do we have to vote?
  14. I just listened in mono on my crappy phone speaker so I didn't hear all the finer details, but I thought you did a nice job. It's kind of a chill ambient metal piece, or something like that. Aside from one part (which I'll get to in a second) the guitars sounded good to me, and it isn't always easy to mix wide heavy guitars that collapse well to mono so good job there. The part I think needs a little work is the guitar unison lead starting around 3:30. It sounded pretty stiff and mechanical to me. Maybe throw in some legato slides at slightly different speeds on each guitar to help loosen it up. I'm also not entirely sure the piece needs the part at all, so maybe consider reworking it or ditching it entirely if you can't get it to fit in right.