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  1. I've heard there a number of good free organs out there. Sorry, I don't know exactly what to search for, but I've heard they're out there.
  2. Voted! What a great round! Let me know if my vote didn't come through.
  3. TVG won without even voting lol. Congrats dood. Thanks for your kind words about my production values lately, hoboka. I’ve put more work into learning production than anything else music wise for the last few years, and I feel it’s finally starting to show.
  4. I'll have mine in by the deadline, although thasauce appears to be down right now.
  5. Congrats Souperion! Great remix. TVQ, yes, the guitars in my remix were live. Thanks for asking. I am not very good yet, but I am starting to feel myself getting better with practice.
  6. I haven't listened to the entries yet, but we're all just here to learn and have fun. I've learned a ton by doing these over the last few years. Entering these competitions should be a low stress thing, even if the amount of work and love you put into your entry is high.
  7. I've got something in the works, and it's probably not a source anyone else will pick. I think the submission deadline on thasauce is off from the OP. Either way I should be able to get it in on time, though. I'm doing this partly as an excuse to demo some new guitar amps. So expect some geetars from me. \m/ Good to see you again APZX!
  8. I'm guessing the source pick helped. It's a great tune.
  9. hoboka, I voted for the first option (Limit source picks to the pre-2007 era), simply because this is MnP so it's more about production. It's way harder to make better productions of more-recent VGM while staying true to the source. I wouldn't mind if you limited picks to more popular franchises too. I don't really care on that one either way. You know the data on how much interest each type of source has gotten recently way better than I do.
  10. Actually I only used one of the drum loops. Speaking of which, you said all the samples except for one were from the original game. I wonder, how did they isolate the drum loops from the rest of the song? Were they just there on the game disc as separate files? Yeah, this is definitely the kind of thing I would do for PRC but not MNP. Also, thanks for the kind words. I was pretty happy with what I was able to achieve this time around. I added a few original riffs to the remix, which I'm not sure what I'll do with. Maybe I'll spin them off into new original songs or reuse them in other remixes. I do agree that the violins are too loud when they first enter, but I think the right solution is to turn up the other stuff (only before they come in) instead of turning them down, which achieves a more consistent volume level across the track and a more dynamic mix overall. I tried that after the deadline and it worked, at least to my ears.
  11. It's weird that this thread has 30k views and the other remix threads tend to get around 1k. Any ideas why?
  12. Nice bonus, evktalo! That piano sounds sinister in a cool way when it's downtuned like that.
  13. I just realized that there's a potential for misunderstanding in my description of my submission. When I said that "I made something totally different from the source melody," I meant that I made a totally different kind of track using the source melody. The source melodies should be prominent and recognizable in my track.
  14. Entry submitted! If I have time I'll do another listen tomorrow to see if I need to do any last minute tweaks.
  15. Nice job, folks. It sounded like an interesting tune, and I'm sad I didn't have time to participate this time around.
  16. Actually it's 4/4, just with a swing feel, so everything follows a triplet 8th note pattern. You could also notate it as 12/8.
  17. Sure. I’m happy to do drum parts pretty much any time.
  18. I can supply the drums if you (or anyone) wants to supply everything else for a rock/metal version.
  19. Their more recent albums are not on Bandcamp, and are outstanding! I guess you'd have to get them on like itunes or Amazon music if you're interested. They're a small-time band that's been around for a long time, and I think they're worth supporting so I'm not ashamed to shill for them every now and then :).
  20. BTW, I mentioned it in my vote, but I want to mention it again here. Many years ago, the band Machinae Supremacy did a totally epic metal cover of this theme which you can hear here: https://machinaesupremacy.bandcamp.com/track/sidology-3-apex-ultima
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