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  1. Sorry, I haven't been able to get around to it. I was going to try to do orchestral techno. Good idea? Bad idea? I don't know, but it sounded interesting in my head!
  2. I want to do something for this but I haven't had time. I might still be able to get it in, but who knows. One thing that might be contributing to the slump is how close the mnp and prc deadlines have been lately. Just speaking personally, I often put things off until the last week (or last minute), which leaves me no chance of being able to do both compos.
  3. That's why I copy and paste from a text file on my computer! Can't always trust that thasauce won't just eat your submission . I bet you remember most of what you said though.
  4. It's a pretty nice kit with only minor cosmetic damage. I don't have a recording space or any microphones, though, so it's strictly a "live only" kit. Even just buying the microphones necessary to record it would cost more than getting a whole electronic kit, I think.
  5. I dunno, people rave about their mpk controllers. The keys and knobs feel nice and seem to be of good build quality. Personally I just think their pads suck.
  6. Yes, I've thought about getting V-drums or something similar, but I don't have the room or the budget for them right now. I have an acoustic kit that I'm considering selling to replace with electronic drums, but I'm kind of hesitant about it. I've demoed electronic drum kits for years and they've only recently gotten to the point where they can reliably pick up every note I play, from fast loud rolls to the softest of ghost note rolls. The cheapest kit I've found that can register every note is the Alesis Crimsonkit 2 ($1200 retail), but if I really wanted to go electronic I'd probably spring for an upgrade to something higher-tier.
  7. They *are* velocity sensitive. They just do a poor job. I have to hit them harder than I’d like to trigger them at all, and if I hit them just a bit harder than that I’m maxing them out. Consistent hits seem to register anywhere in the 90-120 range with little rhyme or reason. Again, all of the akai finger pads I’ve tried are like this. I’ll tell you what has good pads, at least for my tapping style, and that’s the m-audio code keyboards. I don’t have one (and I’ve read a lot about build quality/longevity issues with them), but I got to demo one once for a couple of hours and it was heavenly.
  8. Fingers. I think sticks would destroy them pretty quickly, hah. I got mine used for something like $60-80 delivered. I can't remember exactly. I've also demoed new units and the pads built into akai keyboard controllers and they also have the same issues.
  9. The pads themselves suck. For one thing, I get a bunch of double hits (common problem with akai pads - Google it for more info). Even worse is they do not do a good job of capturing my performances, so I have to edit a bunch of note velocities afterwards. The pads only record midi data. The sounds come from Superior Drummer, which I agree sounds great.
  10. Wow, I thought Silverpool had this one locked up. I guess the incorporation of too many sources was deemed too far outside the scope of the competition, even though the main source was present the whole way through. To answer a question: "I like the drums! Did you record them live?" - I played the notes in real time on one of these: I don't really like it but it's what I have. The sounds come from Superior Drummer.
  11. Interesting source choice. Anyone got a banjo?
  12. Yeah, entry confirmed! I may or may not take one last listen to it tomorrow to tighten it up, depending on whether or not I wake up before the deadline. We'll see.
  13. Me neither but that’s not going to stop me from trying.
  14. For PRC, go nuts. You might not get all the votes if the source is changed beyond all recognition, but really the sky is the limit.
  15. Answers here:
  16. This is a great source, too. I hope someone finds some time to give it some love!
  17. Yes, I’ve selected the source. All will be revealed soon