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Maybe I

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I feel like I'm getting a little bit better at singing with this one. Still a few flubs here and there but if you got any advice lemme know. I can work on this some more.


Verse 1:
Maybe I should learn how to sympathize
But my heart is beating and my souls alive
Maybe I should tell you what you wanna hear
But a friend am I, and a friend is all you need
Verse 2:
Maybe I should tell you all the crazy lies
That your future isn't yours and that the fire dies
Maybe I should tell you what you wanna hear
Slip right back into the pack so I can disappear no no

Maybe we should take a break now
To trample fears, and break the mold I'll
Find a way to tell you this truth

All the people wanna shut the front door
Livin' lies is not somethin' I stand for
People crying out to their great glory
All the children listen to my story

That a little white boy from the Mississippi said he'd
Like it if we could all make amends but a dream
I told you it's just a dream
And a little black girl from Louisiana said she'd
Like it if we could all break some bread but a dream
I told you it's just a dream

Repeat chorus

Repeat verse.



So the time between posting this and now I've learned how to manually tune vocals properly. So expect an update to this one.

I'll be re-doing the bridge part for sure.

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