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Alright. I have a wireless network at my house. Ever since I went to my friends house and brought my computer there and used his Ethernet, my wireless is been really bad. The speed says like 24 mbps,11 mbps, 18 mbps and signal strength is always low or very low. Internet performance is in no way slow or anything but having low connection and having the internet crash while playing WoW sucks.

Any help?

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Wireless networks will always be iffy. Did you do any renovation, moving or construction at the house that would've put something large, solid and/or metallic between the wireless router and the computer you're using?

They're also limited by distance, and since wireless is two-way, it doesn't matter if the router itself has a really powerful antenna if your computer doesn't have a good wireless network card with a good antenna. Other considerations are upgrading the router's firmware, or the router itself may just be dying for whatever reason (they are made pretty cheaply nowadays).

Also, you finding yourself a victim of intermittent lag in games? Disable Windows' Wireless Zero Configuration service ("net stop wzcsvc" at the command prompt) before you load the game and that shit should stop.

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Well before I went to my friends house, my internet signal was "Excellent" or "Very Good" all the time and had at least a 54 Mbps rating and hardly ever went off. Now its at 11 Mbps with a "Very Low" rating but yet my internet runs fine.

I really should update the firmware or have my dad look at it since I know nothing about it. :D

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