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  1. Man, St. Anger was a disappointment. I don't think Metallica will ever go back to the greatness they once were. Also, the whole "anger is more useful" quote is a reference to the T3 movie, when Arnold knocks some sense (forcefully) on Connor, who is acting all emo.
  2. It's better to be angry. Anger is more useful.
  3. I think the whole overlaying maps should be loosely interpreted, not literal like many people are doing: example: OMGZ! Kakariko Village in TP is 2.5 degrees off of the coordinates of OOT! Some cataclysmic event moved it. The above is an exaggeration of what people say, of course. But seriously, I think Miyamoto places the villages and other important locations roughly where they ought to be, not spot on. If he did, then every Zelda game would, by necessity, have to be the same dimensions map-wise every single time, and that, well, gets old. If the games are to grow, so are the maps. The s
  4. I'm also having trouble with that. It keeps resetting to alphabetical for me, won't stay chronological. grrr!
  5. I didn't see it before and I found out why: the tabs for viewing threads were set to one day or something, and at alphabetical order at that, hence the thread seemed to have disappeared. if you guys have trouble seeing threads, check your settings. Thanks for the help on that, Baha.
  6. ...I want to know if the Incredible Internet Videos got put on hold for the Off-Topic forum. A simple yes or no will do. Also, I'd like to know if it got archived, or if it will have to be started from scratch. Thank you.
  7. It's one of those cases were, since they are well-known, they aren't as cool anymore as when they were just being discovered. :rolls eyes:
  8. I just came to this thread again to see shpladoink's sig.
  9. Well, I didn't know those pics had been posted in this forum. Even more, that they were kept and not removed. If the whole issue is hostility when certain unmodders posted pics or fanfic of her (I'd personally never go that far), why aren't those pics considered hostile? The intention of them is quite clear despite the "sorry guys, all in good fun" disclaimer. Such disclaimer would never work in favor of unmod's case. Bah. Whatever. This is pointless. I will just check for remixes, and maybe, maaaaaaaybe check off topic, depending on who stays.
  10. I remember listening to them when they had just released "Fallen," which was during the time they were labeled as being christian. They rose to fame really quick during that period, and when they began to be played on mainstream radio, things really picked up. Alas, as is with all rock bands that make it into mainstream radio stations, they are overplayed, so people get tired and say "they are alright at best." I honestly think they are really good.
  11. The main problem here is that many of those who were "best of unmod", as you put it, and who "generated interest in unmod" have been driven away. And suddenly at that. Imagine you have a pretty kick-ass party going on and then suddenly throw everybody out because a handful of people simply piss you off. The night is young, so those who want to continue partying organize their own party. But then you open your doors again that night and start calling people up to come to your party. You can't really expect all those who left to come back. There's another party going on elsewhere already. At b
  12. found the following, haven't tried any though: http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/free-swf-files.html particularly this one: http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Multimedia_and_Graphics/Misc__Graphics_Tools/Swf_Avi_Convert____Free_Converter___.html alternate download: http://www.soft32.com/download_77739.html
  13. It is a strange thing to see someone die. All sorts of thoughts go through your head. It's weird. And yes, I mean literally be next to someone on their deathbed, on their last minutes of life because of cancer... weird weird weird.
  14. You must MUST MUST MUST get this game! That's as ol' school badass as it gets, my friends!
  15. Yeah, I missed that part. Sorry. Built-in wireless in the MOBO. First time I hear of that. I've heard of built-in firewalls, like the one used with the nVidia NF4 chipset, but never what you have mentioned.
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