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    I love life and I love music. Life is good when theres another person in it. Music is just good in general.
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  1. Has anyone ever listened to a particular song while in a situation where that song played an important role or next to no role and somehow whenever you listen to that song, you remember that moment? I feel a sudden rush of emotion and I can picture where I was and what I was doing clear as day when I listen to certain songs. Am I the only one making these connections?
  2. Crossing my fingers in hopes that they change the sound effects of the guns. It feels like I'm firing a high-powered Nerf gun at times, even if the setting is futuristic.
  3. I remember playing Oregon Trail on Apple computers at my elementary school as a kid. I remember getting an iPod for my birthday and thinking "wow, this is some fancy tech. how did this guy think of something like the click wheel?" RIP Steve Jobs. May your innovations inspire others.
  4. Monkey Kong's Dolphin Ride http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01906/ Mix of Pink Floyd and perhaps a bit of Santana. The Aquatic Ambiance track hasn't gotten enough love.
  5. Eh, some games have rather lengthy or boring 100% portions, such as the Grand Theft Auto series. I try to complete as many quests as I can in most RPGs, but FPS I will only play once. Except Half-Life 2, which I don't play to beat it; I play to enjoy it. Multiplayer FPS 100% can die in a fire.
  6. Half-Life 2: Continued the story of Gordon Freeman and also delved into Black Mesa's history prior to the incident. Physics-based combat and a story that is (in some ways) better than most sci-fi films*. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Vice City ate up my time, but San Andreas ate it, puked it up, and then ate it twice more. No game has taken more of my hours than that one. Bioshock 2 - Bioshock was already a head spinner, but Bioshock 2 really turned you on your ear. Looking forward to Infinite. Age of Empires 2 + Conquerors expansion - AoE was my first introduction to RTS games, and AoE 2 took a major placeholder in my RTS life. While AoE 3 had physics and better graphics, the units and environments were not as diverse as AoE 2. *Totally my opinion. Don't flame/rage/whatever. Plz
  7. I have no idea how my LEGO Universe Beta game play videos got so many views, but I guess it was because of the amount of advertising done on websites as well as general interest in a LEGO MMO. In about a month, I had quite a number of views that I was not expecting. So I guess its all about targeting an audience and pleasing them. And yes, encouraging subscriptions and comments will help you get more viewers. My GTA IV videos got me some followers, but I've since stopped uploading only GTA IV vids and made it into more of a gaming channel.
  8. It was voted on numerous gaming websites* as one of the scariest moments in video game history. *Cannot recall which specific gaming website, but Google is your friend. Portal - No Cake For You Portal was a game that was both fun and intriguing. Fun because you get to mess with physics with a portal gun, and intriguing because you end up thinking "where is everyone? what happened to this place?". As you get deeper behind the scenes, you start to realize something seriously messed up happened. And the guy (known only as the Rat Man) leaves you hints and other helpful markers on your journey to GLaDOS' room. I got an eerie sense of "I'm the only person in this complex alive" while playing that game and listening to the music.
  9. The Boogyman's Theme from King's Quest VII (PC) No matter who played that game, whether it was me, my older sister, or my mother, whenever that music started playing I freaked out. I hated that bastard. Hell, I got goosebumps listening to that song and remembering him rising from the ground, slowly approaching you before pouncing on you.
  10. Dhsu, I still have my wishlist from the Thanksgiving sale. On it is; Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Divinity II - The Dragon Knight Saga Left 4 Dead (love the second one, but I wanna play the original) BioShock Just Cause 2 I may add more to that list, but those are my most sought after games. The Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age because I don't have a bank account or access to the BioWare store to get BioWare points. I have the Collecter's Edition of DA:O and the Awakening expansion, though. Oh, and I have two Steam accounts. The one I have most OCR members on is my Orange Box account. The other one I use more and play all my other games on. Please add that account at your leisure. n0fxftw is the account name. Tensei; holy shit! Can you track account value or are you just estimating? Steam is a master at getting its users to purchase games, that's for sure.
  11. This is a moment where I'm saddened I don't have money to buy anything.
  12. You're the 23rd, and I'm the 24th. 21 years old today, and I'm excited! Happy Birthday, man!
  13. My apologies if this band was said before. The Fucking Champs What's A Little Reign? Andres Segovia Interests Me Highly underrated band with insane guitar work. Reminds me of the Minibosses and Mega Man style music.
  14. I swear I saw an ad for some cellphone was a Halo commercial. The characters looked like Master Chief and the other soldiers. Hell, even the enemies looked like the ones from the first game, and they were flying in spacecraft that fit the series. But it was advertising some cell from Sprint that was the first to have an HD screen or some bs.
  15. I saw a commercial for Metroid: Other M on T.V. a few days ago. It looked like it had potential. Also, the actress who played Samus in the Zero Suit was hot.
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