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garbled crap?


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now, I just recently got repaired my Sony CCD-TRV35E, The heads were buggered on it when I acquired it off someone that no longer wanted it, I had tested it when I received it, and I initially thought it just needed cleaning, so I tried a tape cleaner, so just to get used to using my camera I thought to just record some scenery, now the drama isn't the filming, but rather, would anyone know how to recover recorded video film used with old damaged heads, that was recovered as well as possible with my new heads, but the video's were all garbled and have a lot of interference in the original video's, any way of clearing them up with some sort of video filter? or something? if anyone wants to know what I mean, I'll give you a demo with a garbled video if you wish, but all I want to know is there a filter to clear it up?

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