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  1. The drills actually made me feel like I was actually in a factory, and if you hadn't pointed out the wine glasses, I would have attributed it to almost sound like metal clinking in the background to simulate a factory, or factory sounds! very interesting theme, calming yet trippy and enjoyable bravo! much loved!
  2. Oh Hello there! Magnus Tsunami here! I'm looking for someone to compose or remix an intro jingle for my YouTube channel. I'll supply the original jingle that was created for me. basically the style I want it remixed if possible, or if remixing isn't your choice or preference then a composure in a similar fashion to the remixes below if remixing isn't possible, then a complete new composure of the song in that style, or style of preference so in closing, I want someone to take my current jingle, and either remix it in a similar music style to the remixes below, however this doesn't have to be the same style, or a recreation of my jingle in their own unique style. What I'm looking for as inspiration or ideas: basically I want my intro music to be more... upbeat, and if possible sped up by 1.5x (or 150%) making the clip no longer than 16 seconds total if possible. it's been the jingle for my channel for a while, and I'm looking to get more of a retro gaming style theme going that suits my style of gaming, my channel, my fun, catchy, easy going but memorable attitude. Please see the references below: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03555 or https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03547 Here's my channel for reference if you want some inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/c/MagnusTsunami Willing to pay for your time, and efforts! I attempted to add the tags of remixer & composer but sadly wasn't able to! Looking forward to hearing from you! CCG Intro music.wav
  3. I have a vocal jingle I want created for my Casual Couch Gaming series I've created a jingle, I've done the vocal recording but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make a snazzy jazz track so it doesn't just sound like my lame voice. I'll post the link in here, basically I want someone whom is musically minded to create the backtrack music for my little jingle, preferably jazzy / guitar / saxophone would be greatly appreciated! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OMloGZ2Uy7ivQUxqfWah_Zmvmb89m2k2
  4. absolutely stunning piece of music! well done on all the hard work from the artists and composers, this made me feel like I was at a live orchestra! words alone can not describe how chill, relaxing, and enjoyable this arrangement is!
  5. honestly I'd love to see what you could do but frantic factory was a very hectic level, gloomy galleon was *shudders* a quarter land and three quarters water... personally I like the boss music from Gloomy galleon better than frantic factory... so that's just my two cents worth
  6. I'm liking it so far, I'm by no means a judge, or music maker by any level of measure, just my opinion, is it sounds too flat, or 2D, add some depth to really highlight the difference between intensity, and darkness, like in the intense, make it in your face without making it too loud and obnoxious, and the dark, could sound distant, eerie and spooky, but without losing too much of what your going for, otherwise, I'm really enjoying what I'm hearing, keep up the good work!
  7. Hello everyone. Long time OC remix appreciator, occasional poster, and overall easy going guy Today I'd like to share with all you lovely people at OC remix something of my own idea.... even though the concept may already be similar to what some other youtubers have done, however with my own unique flare on things! So the purpose of this thread, is obviously to get some constructive feedback, on ways I can improve it, or thoughts, if you love the series, well that's awesome, I'm doing something right aren't I? Essentially I play a game picked at random by a spinner designed by my wife, graphics work done by me, and then I play that game for approximately 10 mins, using Shotcut as my video editor and Audacity as my audio recording software, edit the video, then add my commentary in after doing the edits. However I try and leave in as many stuff ups, screwups and deaths as possible to make the game more real, I tend to just remove loading screens, dialog, or anything that takes away from the actual gameplay itself. The reason I do that? Well I believe it creates a more realistic feel to the video that way. Initially I thought of an idea, and was going to call it throwback thursdays... then was told that this idea was tried TOO often, or too mainstream / wouldn't work, I have a small following on twitter, so I put out a vote on a new series name, and the name Casual couch gaming won. So here ladies and gentlemen, is a link to my Youtube series of Casual Couch gaming, which I update weekly with new videos. Now this isn't just a shameless self promotion, I also wanted to talk about the concept of a spinner, no I'm not talking about fidget spinners.... get out of here with that nonsense... I already have the spinner designed and have used it as seen in the series, I've since done a visual overhaul to the spinner slices, and had my wife whom is a coding goddess make some major changes to it visually. Do you think an informational video showing the first version, and now the polished final product would be interesting or nah? I really want to share my story, or at least be proud of my work, like yes my wife did the coding, but I had to do the leg work of sourcing the images, and logos, using GIMP photo editor to create each slice individually, was an arduous task, and I rushed it initially... but I wasn't happy with it, so I redid the pieces all over again, with better quality and more patience than the original spinner. Anyway I don't want to make this post TLDR. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! From your casual gamer Magnus_Tsunami
  8. this remix is amazing! now this is a rocking rainbow road remix! love it! definitely shredding! well done! hope to hear many more awesome remixes like this
  9. oh man! friggin awesome, I never thought that this could be remixed, but OH MAN! heck yeah! really catchy, you can still hear the original tune in there, so it hasn't swayed too far, outstanding job, lemmings was always a fond memory of mine.
  10. I gotta say, this song is SO catchy, I'm addicted to it.... I can't get enough of blasting this loud and just forgetting the world. amazing work, simply stunning!
  11. I like this, it sounds awesome so far, I can't wait to hear the final product
  12. I like it so far, it feels chill, relaxed, pretty interesting concept.
  13. this remix, is soothing, relaxing, enjoyable, I felt it was calming, really well done, Kudos to the remixers, job well done!
  14. Hey, I was wondering, based on this, if I play music from OC remix during my stream, what are the rules regarding that?
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