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Gargoyle's Quest - 'Breager's Palace' Cover

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Hi! I'm djRyoji, a music student who recently got into music production after years of doubts. I use Reaper for all my (currently few) projects and they are all made from scratch. I made an account hoping that I would get some advice from the more experienced! I'm still trying to figure out Reaper, I know my music stuff but I'm kinda learning music production by myself, so for now I practice by making covers of 8-bit songs, among other things.

Here's my latest song, Breager's Palace from Gargoyle's Quest: https://youtu.be/tnN0Nm29fp4 (how do you insert videos here? :?)

I have a couple more on the channel, please feel free to listen to those as well. Thank you!

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Hello djRyoji!

I just listen to your track, and from a pure production perspective, I have nothing to say really, it's rather solid. The arangement is on point, with an expected but well executed choice of orchestration. The source is great and you are complimenting it perfectly.

The track might be a bit quiet? But I don't quite have neither the ear nor the equipment for judging audio levels anyway, so take it with a grain of salt :)

Regarding the quality of your track as a remix (and I am not sure wether it's your goal here or not, but hey, we are on ocremix here ^^), it is really short and overly conservative. I think you could learn a lot from trying to build whole tracks (I am talking at least 2-3 min long here) rather than "just" playing the source with realistic instruments. The source here is really short, it's a ~20s loop, so it is a really challenging thing to do, but you could try to change the rythm, compose variations based on the original harmonic progression, mix in another song to add material, hell, compose a brand new B section, add soli (it might not be the genre here, but you could also change it), etc...

I think you are on the right track regarding production, so don't be afraid of creating new things, bend the source to your will, and you'll be quite the remixer!

Have a great day! 

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Thank you for your kind reply!

Yes I understand. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to make an account here as of now because I know my current goal is just "covering" instead of actual remixing until I get some practice. Then again I could get useful advice, so I ended up trying! Right, I found Gargoyle's Quest a suitable game to begin with because of its short but very characteristic soundtrack, kind of a first step to introduce own ideas to already existing songs. I tell to myself 'If I was asked to update this soundtrack for a remake, what can I do with the source?'. So that's why I'm not fully going into remix territory yet. But sure thing! I will apply your tips in the future. :)

Ohh really? Reaper's master peaked around -0.5 and with all my volume output turned to the max it sounded loud enough through the entire song to me, hmm...

All in all, I'm glad I'm going the right way. Hopefully someday I try actually submitting something! Thanks again, and have a nice day you too!

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