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  1. Very nice! It's shaping up nicely. How are you feeling with it so far? I guess now it's all up to you to do whatever you like most with it, I hope I was helpful someway. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.
  2. Ok that's better! If you want, you can keep the initial pattern you had for the beginning and then transition into this new one. I'm posting the original for reference: Now, I see the ostinato isn't always present. How about we try reflecting that? In the second phrase, for example, minute 1 approx. At 2:10, after it returns, it gradually starts disappearing in favour of the string melody, which has been built up before that. I think this would be a good moment to change it to this new pattern you have! After 2:10 the texture becomes fuller and more orchestral, you could use tho
  3. Ohh! Thank you for your offer, I opened it to see how was it constructed. As far as Reaper shows, it seems you have 3 tracks doing the ostinato, an empty one and the melody doubled in two tracks is that correct? I played around with it a bit and here's what I think. First thing I would do is remove the empty one and do something with the other melody track, maybe another backing melody to the third? Regarding the ostinato, at least use one instrument for variation, maybe some counterpoint with the melody or another rhythmic pattern, and even change the ostinato itself at times. The main p
  4. Thank you for the invitation, I never used Discord but I guess it's time I could try it at least haha
  5. Cool rendition! And that brass doesn't sound half bad! Might I ask what VST are you using? I've been looking for some good, affordable and most importantly convincing brass VSTs. Someone recommended me xpand!2 for other instruments, which is the one I'm using mainly, but their brass is crap... (It's sad to see threads with no replies btw, I thought ocremix would be more active...)
  6. Ohh very solid covers! I'm also interested in doing covers and remasters, so this is definitely a good place to learn. Also, wow, gotta love your commitment and dedication!
  7. Hmm! May I ask what is this from? I like the idea, however for a 7+ minutes song wouldn't you agree that if you listen to it from top to bottom the ostinato is too "ostinato"? xD It's a perfectly valid composition tool! But maybe you could add a bit of variation to keep things more interesting? Just a though. And I imagine the voice would replace this accordion-like instrument correct? Oh and do you already have the lyrics or that's for later? If possible, I'm curious to read them I'd like to know more about this overall!
  8. Oh! Well I'm more of a classical guy, but it's great to see some Wario Land love! While not my preferred style, I really like what you did with the original, seems like a perfect fit. Good job!
  9. Thank you for the feedback! Hmm I'm not sure what you mean by humanisation! I recorded myself playing it slowly on my keyboard and then I "quantized" it because of minor input lag, so every note would be where it should. After I did that with the entire song, I used the "Humanize" tool (in Reaper) juuuuuust a tiny bit to the whole thing so it didn't sound mechanic (and adding envelopes). More "Humanize" though and things wouldn't still be what I wanted them to be. Maybe you mean just humanising the cues to better reflect the movie, adding a bit of time in between so it feels like a "live
  10. Thank you very much for the reply! Glad you liked it! Yeah actually, I just did the movie to make it more appealing visually but the music was first of course. Gee you think so? You're too kind! I may consider submitting it then. ^-^
  11. I don't know the game or the song, but from what I heard it's a nice remix! I wouldn't really know what to say to improve it though, better leave it to someone more experienced.
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