A Loopable Videogame-esque track that I spontaneously composed today

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I know you guys don't appreciate midi, but I want to share this thing anyway! This isn't necessarily for constructive feedback. It's just something that I spontaneously created today.

Some of you may be aware of the 21 days composition challenge hosted by Video Game Music Academy this month. I decided to participate, but not on a serious, competitive level. I'm just exploring what it is and using the Quest Logs to direct the creative process somewhat. Today I came up with a loopable track that's right out of the classic Game Boy era (without actually sounding like the GB mind you). I think it is somewhat inspired by Volley Fire and perhaps Power Rangers The Movie (both Game Boy games). I'm actually kind of happy with the result, even if it uses simple Musescore soundfonts. Its the process that counts for me right now.

Anyway, here's the track. Maybe you'll find it catchy enough too :D (After the piano bit it will loop and repeat, just f.y.i)



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