DKC2 Lost World Anthem Remix

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Hi folks. This is my version 2 remix (my fav pick) of the Lost World Anthem track from the Donkey Kong Country 2 game (SNES). I always loved that song when I was a child, so I just had to do a remix of it :)


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I looked up the source, and I can see why you love it. As for your mix here, I think you pulled off the transition into the genre you had in mind pretty well. A solid ground work of beats and synthy goodness. I will admit, the repeatedly increasing pitch for the kremlin-getting-hit effect kinda made me cringe, but I enjoyed the rest of the sfx thrown in there. I think the next step may be to get a little more interpretive with the source: I was starting to get bored about three minutes in. Something to break up/ add to the groove you got will keep the listener engaged: make different beat or rhythm, ornament the melody some, change an instrument sound or two. A little of that action will help this really shine!

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