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  1. It was fun to take part in this round with some (exactly 2) other great pieces. These compos are an excellent way to try new things in ones' remixing life, so thanks to Bundeslang for hosting the PRC.
  2. I hear ya. The game had good sounds, especially for the DS, methinks. Thanks for the info on Unity though. I'm hesitant to try and make money outta this hobby, but I appreciate the ideas.
  3. Took me a bit to get time for a good listen again. So, what I got on the med-high sounds and the like: I think the first 3 minutes only needs a short breather somewhere in there to keep the sound fresh, ya know? Maybe around 1:07, where it repeats the melody from the beginning. Change in instrument for that segment up to 1:27 (up to the part where the synth goes nuts) might be a good break, not too long but enough of a change. If you haven't already been working on the matter. I feel like those first 3 minutes are probably where the variation in sound is needed the most, so the rest of the son
  4. I like that Spitfire piano. It's nice to have specialty vsts for projects like these. What do you use for the rest of the orchestration? Conservative pieces aren't necessarily a bad thing in evaluation, as far as I can tell. If you want to speed up the process, go to https://ocremix.org/community/topic/42695-what-is-evaluation-and-when-do-i-use-it/ and direct message one of the evaluators, and they'll probably get back to you in a week or so, good folk. If the verdict comes back as too conservative, I'm sure you could ornament it up nicely, slow pieces have lots of room for that. Good luc
  5. Well, without commenting on that possibility, I haven't been able to find a midi of that Ghor's battle.
  6. Soundcloud being weird can't stop this mix! I'm digging the energetic yet chill vibes of this piece. The lead doesn't stand out too much, which kinda makes the whole soundscape blend into one nice gravitational field. I might suggest looking at that lead if you wanted it to be more center-piece, layer it or do some tweaking to make it demand more attention. A good relaxing piece though, and it took you less time to make than for me to beat the game (platformer problems!). Good work here.
  7. Hype hype hype. I can't wait for the voting to be done so I can start verbalizing my obsessing over all these songs. Also, I find it coincidentally great that both Rundas and Gandrayda got mixes. Makes me wish I did Ghor's, so we could cover all the hunters.
  8. No! Stick around, please. I'm flattered, but I understand. It is intimidating to have your work standing with other mixers. Comparison is rarely kind. Last year, I worked with Wassup T to make something for the OCR Christmas album. We had fun, but there is/was some seriously impressive stuff there. But please, don't let the comparison stop you from mixing. Keep moving forward, make new songs, learn little by little. You'll keep getting better.
  9. Tossed in a mix. Good to see it's in great company.
  10. We are all looking forward to Rundas a la HoboKa. If it wasn't a bonus entry, I'd have to vote it 1st out of principle XD This is going to be a round to remember, methinks.
  11. Lo-fi Cannonball? My horizons are expanded. It works far better than I expected, too. My first thought is that the lead synth is a bit sharp, but I am not really familiar with the genre. This thing is groovy, a bit head-bobbin', and fun to listen to. Nice work!
  12. I don't know the source, but this is a sweet piece. The slightly muted piano creates a lovely, warm atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the woodwinds. I'm hard pressed to find things to critique, but if you spend any amount of time in the workshop, you'll learn that's pretty common for me. Still. You made something good here, keep it up.
  13. Julien! Good to hear your work here again. This thing takes the listener by storm, gives me a combination of vibes from Mega Man X and Tales of Symphonia (is that weird? That's kinda weird.) Stellar performance. You did good with those variating segments (organs, harpsichords, oh my!), it nicely breaks up the soundscape of the guitars and synths. Perhaps it is an element of the genre, but I wonder if it may be beneficial to try changing the guitar's sound through the piece, as it is fairly consistent all the way through (the actual timbre, not performance. I like the performance.) The mid
  14. Aw, thanks! I was experimenting with reverb back in these days, hence the echoing glock (and half of the other instruments.) I was playing Radiant Historia at the time, and it's soundtrack goaded me to try something a little cosmic.
  15. This is elegantly dreary. Brings to mind a cold, rainy fall, where the bright colors are all dimmed so you can better enjoy a low mood. And maybe a hot beverage. I'm digging how delicately the source's melody manifests, letting somber atmosphere fill in all the gaps. Nice work!
  16. This was my first attempt at original music almost a year ago. I want to remaster it, and would appreciate any outside critiques that my biased ears are probably tuning out. Thanks for the listen!
  17. I've been tinkering with the keyswitch functions of Eastwest, been hoping to get a midi keyboard in the near future. Yeah, I'm an FL user too. I'll take another look at finding that dang mod wheel again, maybe it will help.
  18. Appreciate that catch, I've been having a hard time making things more... organic. Maybe I'll get better at it this pass. It's probably all over. I use Eastwest's Symphonic Orchestra, mostly. Got the strings, piano, and oboe from there, plus an Irish Low Whistle from Ra and the Bawu from Silk (both Eastwest.) Thanks for the listen!
  19. This has been a really fun song to work with. Looking forward to hearing ya'll's takes on it.
  20. A remix of the Song of Healing that hopes to do a little healing. I named it for the classic imagery of a broken heart that, though outwardly ruined, still continues to beat, to live, to feel. The piece, like that heart, still needs loads of work. I'm particularly trying to work on the layering (of my gratuitous strings), making transitions smoother, and balancing the instruments (those darn violas). And of course, any other glaring compositional flaws that happen to stand out. Thanks for a listen.
  21. Wow, comes out swinging with grand brass and glory. N-o-i-c-e. Even without playing a minute of Chrono Cross (which I wish I could remedy) this tells an epic tale. I really like how you employed delicate instrumentation even in intense segments. Nice work!
  22. Such a precious classic. I still enjoy an emotional shift whenever this song comes up on shuffle.
  23. The opening bell synth... It hurts so good. And the ambient sfx just hiding behind the song. But when the choirs came in, it really hit me. Wondrously ambient and hauntingly serene. I wonder if the piano has a bit too much reverb on it, though. Is that a flute that comes in at 3? I rather like how it's almost dry effect from lack of reverb contrasts with the wet sounding of everything else. The harp thing (can't tell if it's a sample or synth) sounds like it's straining a bit at the higher notes around 4:00-4:10, makes it sound a bit fuzzy, which is sad because it sounds real nice otherwise.
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