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  1. Now with (hopefully) more pumped percussion, an additional 10 beats per minute, and misc tweaks with sound.
  2. Always love more mixes of Corneria. At first I was unsure how I felt about the slight distortion feel in some of the instruments, but it sort of complements the quiet trancy vibe. I think your whole stylistic approach here is plenty enough to make it an unique and interesting mix.
  3. Ooh, I like v0.6, the added dynamics in the intro with the strings are catchy. The rehashed slow parts add to the intensity nicely, and the choir parts made me jump with joy (almost literally). Including the last part of the midboss fight really solidified the mix, and the somber little bit of Zelda's lullaby was a surprisingly good touch.
  4. Which lead? Err, whichever one/s take the main melody part. Maybe even just for certain parts, I just think that a little contrast to all the smoother sounds would keep the feel engaging all the way through. You know, like duplicating the lead and making the extra a little crisper for repeat parts and the like. The slight change could make the difference for some listeners.
  5. Never have heard of a mix of this song. I like how you incorporated softer sections to contrast with the more characteristic battle-class intensity. In the beginning, however, the piano seems just too quiet. The bass line and percussion captures the battle feel pretty well, but I think that for most of the melody parts, the piano as it is just doesn't match that intensity. I liked the strings and brass used around 1:00 to 1:20, kinda wish they led the melody more. But I suppose that the highest praise I can really offer here is that I wish it was longer.
  6. Huzzah for Mother 3 mixes! I personally like the synths in use, and the drums feel appropriate for the smooth, chill kinda vibe that seems to be the goal here. The whole thing has a very warm feeling, like I'm standing outside in the middle of a rain shower in 100+ degree weather. Normally a bad idea, but if this song was playing, I'd be able to handle it. The transitions seemed pretty smooth to me, and the frog ambiance for the intro/outro was kinda neat. The only thing I might suggest is seeing if you could add a little bit more of a crisp feel to one of the leads you're using. Something to make the whole piece stand out more. But that's a personal pref.
  7. For the first minute and a half it just sounded like a nice cover, but your interpretation of the timeless melody in the mid zone (that 1:42 and such) was a pleasant surprise. Almost wish it went on longer, or was revisited for the outro or something. On top of all that, I think you've got a pretty balanced little opus here. Bold and crisp beats along with the synthy goodness.
  8. Souperion

    3. completed Redial - Bomberman Hero

    Gotta say, those arpeggiating strings grabbed me right off the bat. I like the smooth guitar as a lead, too. All the timbres work together, nothing really overpowers anything else... very nice. The extra ornamentation was appreciated, too. Nice builds, keeps the listener engaged all the way through. Frankly, I would download it as is, though the fade out outro felt a little disappointing for me, since it was at a fast part. Maybe slow it down for the end, or go a little longer. Good work, anyways!
  9. Is it sad that when I read the title, I was hoping that this was a Ridley mix? Still glad to hear the King is back. At first I was a little confused by timbres, kinda felt like popcorn (cause that is totally a way to describe sound). It is a good cover, very upbeat and energetic, but I felt like the leads used for the melody were a little, what's the word, shrill? Flat? I dunno how to articulate it. How about this, the leads could use a little bit more oomph. I really love the rolls in the percussion though, almost caught myself headbanging to 'em. And of course, yes, you should remake more stuff.
  10. It's like a seaside lullaby. Nothing really jumps out at you, but the consistent tone and flow is relaxing and peaceful in a grabbing sort of way. Nothing is overpowering, it all just rolls together.
  11. I like it! A sort of smooth, chill trance that quietly demands the listeners attention and then gently tows them along an ephemeral vision of the land of Zeal. Or something poetic like that. The source is well represented, but there is enough original material to set it apart from any other given mix of the song that I've heard. The contrast between the more inventive parts and the quiet, continuing percussion is pleasant while not overpowering. If you could condense the best (or maybe just your favorite) parts down to like, eleven or eight minutes, I think it would have a fighting chance before the judges panel.
  12. Much appreciated, I'll take a stab at that then!
  13. I guess I should first mention that this is actually a collaboration made with my bro, who doesn't have an OCR account. More importantly, this is an amateur's fusion of the Rundas Battle (Metroid Prime 3) and the Boss Battle themes from Freedom Planet made with Soundtrap. Metroid has always been one of my favorite games for music, and I loved Rundas' battle from the first time I heard it playing Metroid Prime Trilogy. When I heard the boss music from Freedom Planet, I thought that it would go great with Rundas. So, several weeks and two failed finales later, my bro and I made this little piece, named after Rundas’ last words in Metroid Prime 3. Some kind of attempted rock-techno thing. At any rate, I gladly look forward to any feedback to make this a better arrangement! Sources: And a time stamp, in case anyone wants it. Zero to 0:37 – Rundas Intro 0:37 to 1:05 – Freedom Planet Boss part A (with Rundas intro underlying.) 1:05 to 1:32 - Rundas part A over Boss battle part A melody. 1:32 to 1:54 - original bridge loosely based on Boss Battle part A. 1:54 to 2:25 – Rundas part A with liberal ornamentation and variation. 2:25 to 2:53 - Rundas part B 2:53 to 3:00 - Boss Battle bridge 3:00 to 3:29 - Rundas and Boss Battle part A. 3:29 to 3:56 - Boss Battle part B. 3:56 to 4:30 - Boss Battle bridge, Rundas part C. 4:30 to 4:34 – A little made up transition. 4:34 to 4:48 – Boss Battle part C with original counter melody. 4:48 to 5:15 – Boss battle part B, Rundas part B (failed finale 1). 5:15 to 5:42 – Recycled ornamental parts, with some Rundas part B (failed finale 2). 5:42 to 5:56 – Boss battle part B. 5:56 to 6:15 – Dueling solos? 6:15 to 6:44: Boss battle part B with Rundas intro and part A.
  14. Allow me to be the first here to say: WELL DONE. I like the concept and the execution of this opus. It tells a good story that transcends the emotion ridden soundtracks of Legend of Zelda. Don't really have any technical advice here, but I quite like what you've accomplished. Maybe I'm just a sucker for big medleys, but I would love to see A Vision of Fi in the OCR collection.
  15. My first impression was that this is a dark steam punk rendering of the song. Which takes place in a world of magical steam punk. I kinda like the direction! You create a definitive clunky and airy atmosphere for the song with all the effects, but the melody is verily drowned under it all. I would focus on balancing the well beloved source with the more ambient aspects of this little project, as well as tuning the sound of said effects. A little more Terra, a little more balanced sfx, and I think you'll have something really cool going here.