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    Hunting for VGM mixes, creative writing, video games (as may be expected), playing piano, experimenting with FL Studio to make better vgm remixes, D&D, and food.

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  1. The emotional dynamics are breathtaking. In a mere two minutes, you've accomplished a transcendent sonic progression that leaves the listener sated, yet wanting more. Well done, and thank you.
  2. Through the dark grit and sullen rage, one thought pervades the whole: melancholy isolation. I love the progression of this dark wrath from the muted longing of the beginning, only to return a little more than halfway through. A musical accomplishment of emotion and style. Well done!
  3. Never thought I'd find a cover of this song, especially such an energetic one! I can make out the source very clearly, and the synth(s) used for the melodies are captivating. The piece is crisp and spritely, with plenty to say in 2 short minutes. I wish it was longer, but it does feel finished at its length. Very nice work!
  4. I like the sources, and agree that they could make a sweet piano solo. I'd suggest focus on amping the emotional force of this piece with dynamics, with varying velocity on the individual notes to make it more alive. As a an amateur pianist, I would feel a little bored with the performance of this, though a conservative arrangement isn't bad in and of itself. Might I suggest a couple piano mixes from the site for study? kLuTz's 600 A.D. in Piano and Pyro Paper Plane's Lone Star. It's hard to make a programmed piano sound alive like these, but studying them could really help. Good luck with this piece!
  5. It's a little tough to gauge an idea's viability with just a midi-esque demo, but I think that the stylistic concept alone merits an attempt. Give it a shot, you've got an interesting idea here!
  6. Ah, the less famous brother source to the Norfair: Ancient Ruins area. It's simple, but the atmosphere is there and it gets the mood across fairly nicely. As a recreation of the source, this is a pretty good ambient piece.
  7. Update Patch #3! This is my attempt at humanizing the track, including both note velocity and placement. There's some more arrangement work too, including the harp's introduction and some more contrast in volume. And I've started conservative efforts with panning. Right now, the concerns are thus: am I on the right track for humanizing this thing (is it making a difference, sounding better); is the vibraphone working (is it's delay satisfying, is it's timbre itself cohesive with the piece); what the heck genre would this even be; and what else am I missing? Thanks for listening!
  8. My, this lovely. All of it. Nostalgic almost seems too soft a word to describe it. How about... transcendent? Ephemeral? A journey between delicate intensity and bold grandeur, all the while kept vital by a pulsing progression. If this is submitted, I look dearly forward to it appearing in the ranks. Excellent work!
  9. Haven't heard something like this in a while! I might have to check out Celeste some more. More importantly, this is impressive. I hardly noticed that it lasted 7 minutes, it's very good at dominating one's attention. I'm no authority on rave style, but I am loving the inexorable arpeggios and piano-like synth. The little sound bits that vaguely resemble an alien infant babbling (sfx from the game?) were a bit strange at first, but more or less add to the sparkling, yet dark, mood of the piece. Even without memories to the game, it tugs at something in the mind. Nice work!
  10. Happy to help! I would suggest either making the drums start out a little more quiet to let the woodwinds be more audible before 2:36ish, where the choir joins in, or bolstering the woodwinds to match the percussion a bit better. See what solution sounds best to you!
  11. I wouldn't have figured out that this was sourced from the Megaman X series for a while if I didn't find the piece here. The delicate instrumentation creates an ethereal atmosphere wherein an evocative piece breathes. The crispness of the harp, tuned percussion, and other light timbres gives an uplifting buoyancy that is nicely accentuated by the 45 seconds or so of darker intensity. This is gem that anyone could enjoy.
  12. Ah, this is nice. As an amateur who is experimenting with orchestral software, this is inspiring. And as a Metroid fanatic, my bias is triggered. Anyways. Each of the sources is well represented in the suite, and are faithful to their standard atmospheres/moods: A lovely, delicate introduction; that riveting 1:00 mark with high vibrato low strings to replicate that ominous intro of old; a percussion heavy Kraid's lair that might as well have "abandon all hope ye who enter here" on the wall; and an energetic march for Brinstar that leads it to nice close. The whole thing runs pretty smoothly and cohesively. I was a bit thrown off by Kraid's lair, though, with the drums dominating the first dozen seconds or so. But at the same time, it's kind of catchy. There's plenty of variation throughout the sources in the piece, so it's not at risk of getting stale. Excellent work!
  13. This is a really cool take on the source. And I am really digging the bass. Anyways. I think you've got a real nice progression through the piece, like light scintillating off some titular precious mineral slowly rotating with a spotlight on it. Even without radical changes to the melody and such, it's thoroughly captivating in a relaxing way. Nice work!
  14. Well done to you and the Materia Collective. Always felt that this piece needed more love. Your additions fit in smoothly and keep your stated intent. The arrangement is comfortingly similar to the original, which only magnifies the alterations and innovations. Nice work!
  15. Rosenthorne has a gentle intensity that lends a vital quality to it. The Scarlet Halls of Night offers a twinkling grandeur that illuminates without blinding. It is delicate yet forceful in its evocative progression that rings with the beloved source as it proudly displays artistic innovation. It's a privilege to have this track in one's music library.