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  1. This piece has got a lot of different feels going on from the different instruments, and I for one like it! You've got the kinda grungy, oily feel from the original in the bass and such, a sorta hip-hop vibe from the percussion (perhaps mostly from the 'uh!'), and that exotic eastern sound from the leads. Quite an audio smoothie, which goes down smooth and clean, like gasoline. That said, I think you've got something pretty special here. The variety in sound is engaging and enthralling while not quite being distracting. It evokes distinctive desert imagery, with more than a touch of industry. Nice work on this!
  2. There's a nice airy quality to this piece, which only adds your music video for it. Your percussion is pretty engaging, though one particular part of it threatens to overpower the rest of the music. I think it'd be the snare or what have you, the one that is notably louder. If you could rein that in a little, it would be a nice contrast while not being distracting. That said, I think you've got a pretty good mix. It's a timeless source (bad pun, I know) with nice attention to personalization while being oh-so recognizable. I honestly don't know if it matches the "80s dance" feel, but I think its a nice unique mix. Good work!
  3. Good memories from this song. I liked your emphasis on the synth leads, and the original bridge from 1:12 to 1:38 really nabbed my attention. The use of a more staccato style in the melody at parts such as 0:22-0:25 made a quite crisp feel, though I almost felt like there should be a little more pronunciation on the following long notes. That said, you've made quite a nice mix of a classic.
  4. As a fellow amateur mixer, my first advice is DON'T GIVE UP. That said, let me offer what I can on this. The bass has a bit of a synthy twang to it to me, which isn't necessarily bad. Just adds a bit of contrast to the more organic sounding bongo and marimba leads (which sound alright to me, for what it's worth). Frankly though, it feels a little short, though I understand that working with short source material can make it more difficult to make extensive mixes. But back to what you do have here: my best impression is that your mix focuses heavily on percussion, tuned or otherwise, that lends a somewhat hollow feel as far as I can hear. Consider working with the percussion leads to make them have a little more presence, perhaps some delay or echo, a little more oomph perhaps, and maybe try to make the bass a tad bit more pronounced: sharpen its sound a little, maybe increase the intensity just enough to emphasize the higher pitched leads and such. As for all the samples, I haven't played Crash Bandicoot (starting to think I should), but I don't think the voice clips detract too much from the music. Keep at it.
  5. I think it very well may be a rite of passage as a remixer to do this song. If so, then I'd say you pass. Granted, there are a million and a half mixes of Aquatic Ambiance, and most of them go for the same general atmosphere of yours, but I'd add this to my playlist in a heartbeat. Smooth yet intense in a quiet way, with plenty of life while maintaining a hearty vestige of the somnolent air of the original. Nice work.
  6. Souperion

    2. ready for review Hydro city remix

    Well, there's definitely something in the water here (bad pun alert, the humor police have been alerted.) THAT said, you've accomplished a bombastic feel with your arrangement, blasting the listener with sharp synths and beats. I wasn't sure at first what I thought, but now I think it's quite a unique piece. I liked the subtle variations on the melody you threw in, as well as the general cohesiveness of the different tracks along each other. Sometimes the lead synths felt a little shrill to me, but I don't have a lot of experience with this style of music. Starting to wish I did! Keep at this one!
  7. Souperion

    3. completed Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time

    "Managed" to create? This is a stellar arrangement! Gentle, sweeping, almost longing. It has a timeless (yeah, I know, bad pun) flow that makes almost defies the effort to find where the loop ends and begins. I especially like the gentle bell/chimes for the twinkling effect (yes, I just wrote the words "twinkling effect") and the touch of vocals. Everything is nicely blended together into a nice audio smoothie. An excellent product, I say.
  8. Can't get enough of this source, can we? It's just so malleable. Your innovations flow nicely, the song still feels like it could rock someone to sleep, and there is enough variation to make it decidedly unique (at least, to me.) This is a good piece work.
  9. Oooh, the pendulum! This new version is much tidier. The vocals give an appropriately... something vibe. Kinda eerie, kinda ominous, kinda awesome. The synths and percussion are much more in harmony now, letting the listener enjoy all those kewl ideas you have on a classic melody. An overwhelming improvement, I'd say.
  10. I think this is the song that will play during the Mushroom Kingdom Armageddon. Not familiar with PAIN, but this plebeian thinks it's great! A new feel for that plucky old song that was specifically designed to mock inept players. Now it's just laughing darkly at my every failure. #Minorkeyforthewin. It kinda reminds me of Epica. Good work!
  11. Even a rough copy can hold promise! The drums do feel a little fuzzy and threaten to drown out the synths, which sort of contend with each other for the lime light, so take a look at the volume/frequency to make sure they aren't killing each, because I do like the direction you're going with this. Not quite sure what you would classify this as, but the original synth progressions and ambiance added to an admittedly oft done song gives it promise to become a refreshingly unique variation of good ol' Schala's theme. Keep at this one, it could be really cool!
  12. If I may be so bold, this mix wouldn't be too out of place in one of the old Charlie Brown cartoons Not sure how much higher praise I can offer, given my limited knowledge of jazz. This sounds like the perfect song to listen to while seated on a window sill watching the rain. Short, sweet, and calming. Now I crave donuts and steaming beverages.
  13. Never can have enough Chrono Trigger mixes. I rather like your direction and execution: it's a fairly popular track, and I enjoyed the cluby synths and beats. I don't have a lot of experience with the genre, so I apologize for a lack of useful feedback, but things sound pretty balanced to me. The familiar parts are nicely complemented by your innovations, nothing stands out as horrifically wrong. Nice work, all around!
  14. How'd I miss this one? I love Skyloft's carefree little ditty. Seldom gets the love it deserves, I say. Gentle, swaying strings, a little muted woodwinds at parts, and of course, that lullaby. It pretty much goes with anything, doesn't it? Works pretty well for me, anyways. And then vocals thrown in halfway, just about made me do a double take. Gave me a Malon's Song vibe. So that's great. No real construction feeback to offer, but I think this is a good piece!
  15. Souperion

    4. submitted [Golden Sun] Madra Catacombs

    Always need more Golden Sun in my day. I like the progression between a nice faithful cover of the ominous, somewhat maddening dungeon, to what can be best described as Sonic the Hedgehog dashing through a now dance light adorned catacomb. I love it!