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    Hunting for VGM mixes, video games (as may be expected), playing piano, making VGM remixes, D&D, and food.

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  1. Done working on mine. Cheers to everyone already done, and keep at it those of you want to finish.
  2. Even if I've fallen off from them in recent times, I've good memories of remix compos and even produced some material I still look back on fondly. One more swan song, then!
  3. I'd like to join the project. I could take Lakitu's Stage. I don't have very good vocal samples, but I think that a woodwind focus could be thematic and fun to work with.
  4. XD. Haggstrom gives me some serious nostalgia, nice choices guys.
  5. Good work everyone, hopefully see ya next round.
  6. Gratz TVG, it was slammin. And I love these wooden spoons!
  7. What a fun town theme, should be a blast to work with. For clarification on the poll, are the double votes in question those of the winner of the previous round who chose the source?
  8. Just glad to have you back, TVG. Good work, all of ya'll.
  9. Was able to cram a voting session in, ya'll did great.
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