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  1. I am digging the chill groove of this piece. Relaxing, yet engaging. I don't want to take my attention away for a moment for fear of missing something. Very nice job.
  2. Congrats on hitting a new beginning in life and remixing, then! I know from my goofy music history that branching out and trying new things has benefitted me in my work. New instruments, new styles, new objectives, and the rest. This piece is sweet and gentle, looking forward to hearing your new direction in future songs. Keep at it.
  3. Groovy action piece. It reminds me of the soundtrack of Custom Robo on the Gamecube, especially some of the saws. Nice work!
  4. Bonus entry in. Does anyone else find it way too much fun to work with short source songs?
  5. @rakafella1018 Happy to help! It's sounding smoother by my reckoning, and I am terrified how well the two sources go together, good work mixing them together. The high frequencies are sounding more balanced as well. Nicely done with this one, keep at it! And, BTW, if you're ever interested in some friendly community remixing, I'd recommend checking out the competitions every once in a while. It's all good natured and low key, and it can be fun to try out your mixing skills in a friendly environment.
  6. Ah, haven't heard this song touched for a while. You've created a smooth and gentle mix that flows nicely, perhaps dreamily. Good work here!
  7. Everything you could ask for in a Juke remix. Authentic SFX, perfectly calm and gentle instrumentation, and Zelda's Lullaby. Good work as always.
  8. So glad to see this made it onto the site! Evocative, adventurous, and a tad whimsical. It travels fluidly through moods, soaring yet grounded. Well done.
  9. Same. Did someone coerce folks to vote for me? XD It was a pleasure to hear everyone else's takes on the Face Shrine, though. Halloween songs, eh? (Heads straight to Super Metroid...)
  10. I'm well too late, but welcome! Always good to hear more Chrono Trigger songs around here. Schala's theme as electric dance never fails, does it? You worked the separate sources into one fluid project that takes a life of it's own. Nice work here.
  11. Got room for one more? I've a little something to toss in the mix.
  12. That is a sentiment I haven't known how to express until now.
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