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  1. Listen to those DS-era synth strings. Good times. Fun fact: this game has a thing for naming most everything after food.
  2. Thank you for the fixes, Bundeslang. Pardon the nitpicking.
  3. Good round, always a pleasure to listen to the remixes. Long live the Zork.
  4. @BundeslangHate to point it out, but you put a link to PRC425, not 426. Not that 425 is/was a bad round.
  5. X5 had a splendid soundtrack, looking forward to this one.
  6. Hey, splicing songs together and whatnot is inherently tough stuff, don't feel too bad about struggling with it. From experience, it's typically easier when you actually get to choose the subject songs XD. The attempt itself is an accomplishment.
  7. ^ I believe it's B flat minor. Someone with real music theory know-how, spot me on this.
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