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  1. Souperion

    3. completed DKC2 Lost World Anthem Remix

    I looked up the source, and I can see why you love it. As for your mix here, I think you pulled off the transition into the genre you had in mind pretty well. A solid ground work of beats and synthy goodness. I will admit, the repeatedly increasing pitch for the kremlin-getting-hit effect kinda made me cringe, but I enjoyed the rest of the sfx thrown in there. I think the next step may be to get a little more interpretive with the source: I was starting to get bored about three minutes in. Something to break up/ add to the groove you got will keep the listener engaged: make different beat or rhythm, ornament the melody some, change an instrument sound or two. A little of that action will help this really shine!
  2. Improv based on a 5 second tune? Love it! Catchy, smooth, and easy to hear the source all the way through, even with some really fun interpretations! I was ready for the intro to set the tone for the whole piece, but I was pleasantly surprised by the more upbeat sections. I could handle listening to this while I punch in a password. Heck, probably would sit there for a while to hear it all the way through before I hit start. Nice woik!
  3. I remember using this song to settle down before bed years ago, playing it on an old CD an older sibling made for me. It still gives me goosebumps and tugs at my heart, every time I listen, without fail. I want to cry when it ends. One Girl in All the Word is one of the most emotional video game mixes I've ever heard.
  4. Souperion

    2. ready for review FFVI - Terra's theme

    Ah, this was lovely. A decidedly delicate feeling with tuned percussion, some acoustics, and female vocals (for which I is a sucker.) If I may wax poetic for a moment, your approach captures the more magical side of Terra, along with all the wonder, mystique, and awe. The vocals give me serious Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess vibes, and the acoustic guitar and percussion remind me a bit of timaeus222's Progressive Memory (which is a great song on the sight, I highly recommend it.) Frankly, I think my only complaint is that isn't longer. At the same time, that short sweetness... Nice work, nice work.
  5. Very smooth and relaxing, though it almost sounds a little muted. Then again, that may just be lending to the atmosphere intended. An easy listening mix, that's for sure: after you get used to the feel, it just floats there, doing its thing all the way through with some gentle variation and ornamentation. Sometimes its nice to not be blown away by a piece, but calmly impressed.
  6. When Resonance of the Pure Land came out, the track I was most hopeful for was Flight Into the Unknown. And I, and likely everyone else, was not disappointed. It's peppy, it's beautiful, it's faithful, it's innovative... more than I could have expected in a single track. Thank you for bringing back to life the exhilaration of soaring on white dragon's(?) wings.
  7. Wow, you've been at this one for a while! I tried both version 6 and 8 alongside each other, and I must say that there is obvious improvement in the sound quality in your latest version. I doubt I could offer anything that previous listeners have already said, but I personally enjoy the song as a pretty dang good cover. If it's deviation from the original that the judges want, I suggest that some playing around with the melody as the song goes on would be an easy way to keep the listener engaged. You know, first run through is faithful, second is more ornamental and interpretive. Would love to see this make it past the judges panel and into my OC library!
  8. *Clicks on post link* Ooh, I like Sonic music! *Clicks the vid* Oh. My. Goodness. How'd I miss this one? Very well done, especially when tackling such an oft mixed tune! The variety of vibes you deliver through this short cinematic wonder is impressive, and the emotional investment is obvious. A triumph! Furthermore, what did you use to make this mix? I'm looking for user friendly programs, and the stuff you're using looks pretty neat.
  9. A three minute arrangement of a 20ish second loop? Ambitious! I think you did pretty well at adding new interpretations to the source as you went (yay for solo, yay for arpeggios and such) but I think that the melody is at risk of becoming a little repetitive by the 2 1/2 minute mark or so, mainly because the the song has gone through it's melody loop about 4 times in the whole thing. I might suggest that after the fun ornamentation section (ending about 1:25) you could try taking the melody and making some notable changes to it for the rest of the piece to maintain a hook on the listener. I also noticed that the melody becomes really hard to hear every time you do the 0:14-0:17 part of the original (where the normal synth gives way to the dist guitar lead for a few seconds). I think it's because the melody lead may be playing in it's lower range, therefore becoming harder to hear. I'd suggest either bouncing it up an octave or letting another instrument do the part so it can really stand out. Other that, I'd say you've got a pretty cool piece here. A nice shout out to the good 'ol Digimon.
  10. Been looking forward to this post since I heard it in the workshop. Two great sources woven into an exquisite piece brimming with life. Most excellent work.
  11. A charming little piece that almost certainly belies the real mood of robots locked in mortal combat. That said, I like what you've got here. The subtle build over the first minute was good, and it all seems to blend nicely. The percussion's replication of mechanical sounds was pretty cool, gotta admit, and the general feel is that of a smooth, almost dream-like state. Nothing really jumps out at the listener past the first minute's climax, but It's fairly easy listening. I say you: Nice work.
  12. I like your direction with this. The source does seem like it's almost begging for such an arrangement. The first thing I noticed was the perpetual staticy sound that sorta resembles rain. If it is supposed to be rain, well, it needs a little more splash and a little less... yeah. ANYWAYS. I agree that the chorus leans a little more towards electronic music, but mostly just from the melody lead. It comes close to making me cringe at times, but I do think that with a little tweaking it would be just fine. Maybe try lowering the frequency or fineness to make it blend with the rest of the piece more. I also thought that the percussion felt a little loud at 0:23 to 0:40ish, maybe it's just because the intro is more quiet than the verse. I think the bass carries the other sounds well, though. So yeah, less static, reign in that lead for the chorus, maybe a little dynamics control. Still like it though, I might have to get this game.
  13. The first thing I must say is: WOW. That was some mad dancing on the ivories! It's busy, but in a way that adequately captures the frenetic feel of Kefka's battle. The personal ornamentation and flairs just made it even more unique and outstanding. Well done, indeed.
  14. My, you've created something quite wonderful here. Where the heck were you when they were making the music for Breath of the Wild? The range of dynamics in this piece is downright poetic. You faithfully represent the source material all the way through while keeping it engaging. With little else constructive things to say, I say you have accomplished your goal of capturing the awe of a village of birdfolk nested in the mountains. Well done!
  15. Now with (hopefully) more pumped percussion, an additional 10 beats per minute, and misc tweaks with sound.