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  1. Storm Eagle! Huzzah. Really like your variations on this classic gem. The piano and synth bells are a nice choice of instrumentation, a pleasing contrast to the guitar elements. I'd experiment with the EQ and/or compression of this, the sound of the synths do sound a little crowded, if that makes any sense. Still, I like what you've done here, nice work!
  2. Excellent as always. I do love how easily you can work that Zelda's Lullaby into... just about everything I've heard you share on this forum. Your stylistic approach to remixing is elegant and enriching, do keep it up!
  3. Always happy to hear more aquatic variance! I'll be honest, the song startled me at the start. I like the sound of those synths, but they are a tad shrill, at least in the beginning. Nothing a little EQ won't help. Really intense electronic elements here: it's like swimming through a liquid mass of machinery and circuitry. Also, the water's electrocuted. The mechanical break down of 1:00- 1:24 is a really neat touch, especially with the smoother sounds following it. I enjoyed the variance of the different sections, nice work!
  4. The first 30 seconds hooked me. Aspects of wonder, mystique, and a bit of intrigue nicely woven together with an enthralling and restrained energy. Yup, I can see the beginning credits right now.... ah, that's lovely. Good work!
  5. Good effect on the piano solo, it really leaves ya itching for the shredding to return. Nice work on the shredding, by the way. It's pretty tight and solid to me, kinda wish there was more. Good job!
  6. Double Dash music, AND Juke doing it? Hold my blue shell. It's everything you could ask for in a laid back, relaxing day in the sun. Or maybe just when you've got cabin fever. Well done, Juke, thanks for sharing this one.
  7. Wow. This piece really demands a listener's attention, or maybe I was just close to a stupor when I clicked on it. It pulses, it blasts at times, this opus is alive. Could fit a lot of sci-fi action scenes. I might have to go play Mass Effect with this playing. Nice work, thanks for sharing this one!
  8. Best wishes for our suffering musicians out there. And maybe the rest of the world while things sort out. Regardless of whether or not things are being done right about this pandemic, I hurt for those really struggling from this abnormal situation. A full transition to online college classes was not in my spring plans, but it's a negligible complaint. At least studies keep one busy. When neglecting that, it's back to FL Studio, Starcraft 2, or other computed time vacuums. I find it somewhat amusing to be part of this fascinating demographic that can, in response to "what have you been up to during quarantine," say "oh, produced about X novice remixes." And hey, for what it's worth, if any of you are struggling with musical motivation, drop a piece by at the workshop forum. I'll be lurking around there to try and put in a few good words.
  9. This feels almost too natural. The abrupt change in tone at 0:40 was well done, and it bridges nicely into the body of your mix. I like the arps, their fade in and out makes a nice swaying feel. Real smooth, good work.
  10. The jungle floor is now jumpin'. Do they play this at Klub Kraid? Sorry, dumb jokes. ANYWAYS! I am liking your take on this. Smooth, wide, kinda airy. The soundscape fairly envelopes the listener. The synthy bells that come in around 2:18 sound a bit out of tune, but at the same time, I kinda dig it. One could easily hear this on loop for quite some time. Nice work, here!
  11. I can't seem to find the link, unfortunately. Still, welcome to the forums. This is indeed the right place to bring your mixes, so have no fear. Sorry I'm late to this scene, but I'll gladly give this a listen. Looking forward to it!
  12. "good effect on the listener," indeed. Might we go a bit further, such as "emotionally harrow the listener?" Or should we try "gently enthrall?" You be the judge. Regardless, well done, Emberly. Thank you for sharing this one.
  13. Ah, I sure loved the soundtrack of this game. And your mix, too! The synthetic background nicely works with the more organic instrumentation taking the lead. Very good energy, like the fine line between simmering and boiling. Well done, well done!
  14. *Holds up lighter* Glad you got your fire back, because it's catching. You've captured a combative fervor and drive. The piano/synth nicely complement the bombing run of rock elements, resulting in an excellent product. Great work here, you should be proud.
  15. This is a charming piece. Plucky and warm synths backed by some grooving drums. Enjoyed the sfx, which I assume is from the game. It's pretty crisp and clean as far as I can tell, though I can't be sited as an experienced source. As for submitting it, it's hard to tell; the bar is pretty high. Either way, nice job here, keep it up.