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  1. I like how you continued to add to the song as it went on, keeping it an engaging listen while staying close to the original peaceful feel. A reserved feeling of interpretation, if you will. I've heard a number of approaches to this tune, and I think you've got one that could add to the site's repertoire. Nice work.
  2. Machine Passage was my favorite song from the game! It felt the most alien to the Kirby universe, almost like it belonged more to Metroid or a similar franchise. That said, I like what you've got here. It's pretty faithful to the original, but with different timbres and feels to make it unique. Throwing in the menu theme (also a favorite of mine) was a fun way to end it. Not much to offer as far as technical analysis goes, but I enjoyed listening to it.
  3. Souperion

    2. ready for review Zora's Last Serenade (remix)

    I agree with Saron, you've got the start of something great here. I'd suggest working on the dynamics a bit to avoid some cringing. The synthetic choir sounding part is a little too high and shrill, such as around '0:52. I do like how you almost steep into a minor key at times, it helps build tension in the piece. Keep at it!
  4. Souperion

    3. completed Ballad of the Windfish

    Your improvisation with the flute is quite enjoyable, a refreshing twist on an oft arranged song. I'll admit that the recording quality isn't the best, and that the piano sounds a little too quiet, but you've got something great going on here. Keep at it!
  5. Souperion

    OCR03722 - Mega Man X2 & X1 "X's Demise"

    You don't usually hear such emotionally evocative arrangements from the Megaman universe. It's gentle, somber, even forceful at times. And going straight into my playlists. Well done.
  6. What a charming little medley (I suppose it could be called that, with at least 7 sources)! You got a real nice beach feeling, gentle yet energetic. I kinda wish it was longer, just because the many melodies touched on, but it doesn't feel rushed as you transition between them. I'd download it as it is.
  7. I can't really add anything that timaeus222 didn't already cover, but I think you've got potential for a cool arrangement here! Keep at it!
  8. I'm impressed by how well you spruced up an oft remixed tune. At first it sounds like a fairly conservative trance cover, but the longer I listened, the longer I felt willing to sit through the whole 48 minute video! Continued variation kept me listening, or maybe it was just the synthetic choirs (I'm a sucker for those). My only question is, how long is the loop?
  9. Whether it's a trance or not, I quite like your beat for the classic and beloved Brinstar. The deep and insistent pulse creates the feeling of being encased by tons of earth while traversing endless alien labyrinths. It does get a little mushy, though, as it goes on. The timbre's are pretty nice, but something about them makes it feel like the song is slowly going through a blender. Which is cool, but I think that it needs a little work to be crisper. You've got a good basis for something very interesting here.
  10. This brings back memories of watching my bro play Doom on an emulator, and me wondering why his gun was in the center of the screen. It's a pretty faithful rendition, capturing the original feel of trying to gun down demons in the glorious days of the SNES. That said, I think that you've got a good basic structure, all that's left is to add some inferno worthy ornamentation and interpretation! A little percussion variation here, a shreddy solo there, maybe some overly dramatic slow part, I dunno. Nice work, either way.
  11. Souperion

    3. completed The Great Video Game Orchestra

    Some nice covers you've got in here! My only complaint is the presence of guitar leads in a number of the tracks, which threatens the very foundation of the album's name (Great Video Game Orchestra) XD Jokes aside, it's a nice collection of faithful arrangements that I'd predict to have a decent rate of downloads.
  12. This is a song that I don't think ever gets enough love! Zero's theme was my favorite song from X 4. The slightly slower, less driven feel is an interesting approach that I think could work, but it sounds a little dry, if that can even describe sound. The drums and rhythm guitar/baseline feel a little monotonous and repetitive after a bit. A little variation there could go a long way. And I have to admit I was little sad that there was nothing like the solo, though I can perfectly understand you not wanting to even bother with it. If you wanted to add something like it, a little of your own shredeliciousness, I think it would make for a more interesting listen. But you don't have to. Either way, I think you've got the start of something quite cool going on here.
  13. It's nice to see someone paying tribute to a fine soundtrack! Super Paper Mario had some real gems, and you just made one! Dreamy and peaceful, yet a progressive experience that keeps the listener entranced all the way through. This is going straight onto my quiet music sound track.
  14. I was expecting a simple cover, but you offered something quite unique and interesting. I was summarily impressed with the variation of the melody(s), particularly around the one minute range where it turned from Lavender town in Golden Sun into its own song. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the the old feel of Golden Sun, but the relatively archaic sound font doesn't really feel that obsolete here. The quiet sadness of Lavender Town mixes quite well with the awe and mystery of the Sanctum. The name "Souless Sanctum" kept popping up in my head. At 1:39, when the string section comes in, it is a little deafening to the other parts, though. Maybe soften it there a bit, or make the other parts more pronounced. Wish I had more technical feedback, but I can at least say I enjoyed it. And am fairly sad that you don't intend to submit it to OCR. A really kewl concept you have here.
  15. To be frank, I was almost expecting a sort of themes and variations approach, but I was not disappointed with a medley centered on Zelda's Lullaby. It's equal parts lovely, awesome, and grand, with touches of dread. I was impressed with how well you blended so many song, right on top of each other at times. It only slightly approached being cacophonous near the end climax, but kind of demonstrated the clash between good, evil, dark, etc etc. Now that I am out of useful things to say: it's great.