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    Hunting for VGM mixes, video games (as may be expected), playing piano, making VGM remixes, D&D, and food.

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  1. Yup, it's all fixed. In seriousness, I really like this piece, a real gem. Lets here, where shall we go with it...
  2. I'd love to remix rickroll. It would sounds just like Robo's theme from Chrono Trigger.
  3. Gz HarlemHeat, and good work everybody else.
  4. Is any one else surprised this source doesn't have an OCR entry??
  5. Heck, I just realized that since my original voting comments got deleted, I forgot to redo mine for HoboKa! Great intro, I'm a sucker for tubular bells. Boss 2 sounds like a pretty awesome song, you'll have to pick it for a round sometime down the road. Nice work, mate!
  6. Nice work e'rbody, these short sources really demand a lot from ya, eh? Gratz, Thunder.
  7. Got something in. See ya in the voting stage.
  8. I've cast my vote into the fire. Preliminary congrats to all participants!
  9. Always a pleasure to be part of these, enjoyed everyone's work.
  10. Cast my vote, and it was fun listening.
  11. I've worked with less, lets see what happens here.
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