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  1. Snowpeak was a wonderful song that I never thought would see a quality remix. The strong sense of longing, isolation, and beautiful desolation is all represented and delicately expounded upon. Thank you, RebeccaETripp.
  2. Aside from all the other praise that I echo for this piece, I love the progression it features. For nearly 5 minutes it inexorably grows, fluctuates, deepens, and produced more to enthrall a listener. It's analogous to the gameplay of Metroid: you begin with simple capabilities and mechanics, which continue to expand in number and intensity. A gem among remixes, recommended to anyone.
  3. Exquisite. You really captured a story-telling vibe in this piece, which is more than appropriate for the source. From the woodwinds to the percussion, it's wondrous and enthralling. Always good to have more Tripp music!
  4. This is a timeless song for me. I remember hearing it when I was first being introduced to the wonderful world of video game remixes and being quietly awed. Years later, I still feel that splendor when I hear Rosenthorne, whether it be on a rando or on purpose. It's a beautiful and inspiring arrangement of a beloved tune from an archaic game, and a testament to both The Wingless and video game music as an art.
  5. Good memories with this game. You got the original vibes and instrumentation down pat, but it sounds fresher. So, great cover! Kinda wish it was longer to keep grooving to, but still, nice work.
  6. What a piece. I admit that the electric guitar caught me off guard when it came in. It sounded a bit odd compared to the rest of the song, and a bit out of place, but something about being different while matching the mood of the other instruments made it all the more appropriate. Well done to you both!
  7. I applaud this innovative approach to the classic. It gives me Earthbound vibes at times, and the performance is surprisingly supple. The inherit warm feeling of the french horns makes it somewhat relaxing, despite the nicely done musical tension and dissonance that made it feel very organic. A triumph for Chrono Trigger, for video game music as an art median, and of course, to the mixer. Well done!
  8. I love how the two tracks mix. The soft strings doing the doppler stage background, the nigh perpetual motion of the chips, it all blends into a chunky audio smoothie. Well done, sir!
  9. We're pretty much going to need this song to appear in the next Mario Kart. I love the idea of this mix, and the execution is wonderful. I'l never visit Hateno without thinking of this tune again.
  10. Glad to see that you're still working on this one! I think the idea of mixing your two approaches will make this a very interesting project. Right now, it sounds like the electric guitar section is a little too open and heavy on reverb, I think. Maybe try to make it have a bit more crisp sound, reduce the echo a tad. I did like the transition, though, with the rocking aspects briefly fading in before taking the lead. Keep working with this, you've got something cool in the making!
  11. Ditto what Juke said. Sheer experience seems to help with the nittty-gritty bits of music production. Keep working with this one, it's rather nice!
  12. Let me first congratulate your ambition in not only working with a huge composition, but also working with some great Chrono Trigger pieces! I think that overall your hard work is showing with this monster. The big chromatic drop at 1:28 is what told me that there was more than just a good cover coming. At the final battle part (Roughly 2:00) I fairly enjoy the bass line's slight panning from left to right, giving a nice surround sound for the apocalypse. You make the orchestra nicely handle what synthy goodness and shredding guitars normally deal with. And that Lavos scream, gives the chills. And after all the mania of the battle, breaking into the main theme with delicate strings and woodwinds: classic. Nice spread of feeling and intensity. The best I can offer by way of critique: The brass sounds a little too smooth at parts where they handle the melody (Like 0:40, 5:17) ), some added attack on the notes could be nice. And... well, I hope someone else will come and offer better feedback. This was a pleasure to listen to, keep working with it!
  13. Does anyone else think this "house theme" shoulda appeared in more LOZ games? I do. Regardless, this is excellent. Somnolent, comforting, and lovely. And the visualizer is pretty dang neat, too. Great work here, great work!
  14. Uh, when I click on your link, I get a minute long acoustic number of a fella singing along to the LOZ main theme. Which is very visionary of you, and charming. April fools, everybody?
  15. Never played Goonies, but now I'm wishing I did. Upbeat, cheerfully, and quirky. I actually like the synth flutes: they don't try to hide the synthiness (that is now a word), but embrace it in a way that compliments the rest of the instruments. Speaking of instruments, you've got a nice variety of sounds in here, and by spacing them out (not having them all playing at once), it keeps the texture of the whole thing flowing while keeping the same overall vibe. As far as I can tell, this is a pretty good, pretty fun piece. Nice work!