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  1. Well, welcome to the community! I remember much rage quits associated with this song. Ah, good times. I kinda appreciated the simple approach you took to this piece, quite faithful to the original with an almost relaxed feel to it. In fact, it occurred to me how great this song could be with a surfer swing. But, I digress. I don't have the best to offer as far as technical advice, especially with guitars and the like. I'm not too sure about the squealies in the beginning, and the synth you pull up for the second half bit is a fair bit fuzzy. The rhythm and lead guitars seem to compete a little bit, since they are in similar ranges. But I love that chugging, gritty bass. It's a pretty fun piece to listen too, all in all, keep at it!
  2. This simple version would be a good learning resource for someone aspiring to play this beast, and I commend you for taking the time to transcribe the whole thing. It could sound pretty interesting as an actual performance, if the parts were balanced a bit more: the piano decidedly dominates the bulk of it. Some more variation on those solo parts with the strings would be interesting, as well as a bit more interpretation on the main melodies and piano parts. I presume the song itself is just using straight samples, and those samples could use some work to avoid fuzziness and shrillness, especially on them high notes. That said, you've an ambitious project here. Keep at it!
  3. Wow, this tune brings back memories. You've got a pretty solid cover here. Nothing really jumps out, but I kinda appreciate the simplicity of it. It may not hurt to try some variation in the melody, even though it's short and sweet at 2 min. To be fair though, it's a fairly repetitive song, which leaves a mixer loads of room to work with. But if you're goal here is to make a cover, you've got a nice one. Well done!
  4. Well, if we're running on a liquid theme, this is a pretty smooth piece. I found your use of sfx pretty congruent with the track as a whole, though the spin dash is a bit shrill inherently. You could consider toning it down to match the normal note range, or maybe lowering its volume. Or maybe leaving it as is.That said, I enjoyed this one. Keep at it! If you're still looking for ideas to continue a liquid theme, I humbly offer these: Red Soil Brinstar (Super Metroid), Sunken Frigate (Metroid Prime), Torvus Bog (Metroid Prime 2), the Ocean Palace (Chrono Trigger), and every water themed temple/dungeon from The Legend of Zelda ever.
  5. Yowza, this is pretty awesome. I like how you formed three different stages of intensity through the piece, nicely keeping it engaging while maintaining pretty much the same energy level. The percussion line seems simplistic, but at the same it does its job while letting the guitars and bass do their thing. Which they do very well. The slower section in the middle was my favorite part, really enjoyed seeing the song get some interpretive thunder. At risk of being tracked down by the pun police, I say this is one hot remix.
  6. Frankly, for being rough, these two versions of yours have quite some promise. I'd go so far to say there's no reason to keep them separated: the more simplistic version could easily serve as an intro or outro, using the top arrangement as a body. In the said version, I liked what you did with some melodic interpretation, but the rest of the instruments will need some variation in there to keep it from being too repetitive. But again, I think you've got the start of something neat here, keep at it!
  7. Why does this work so well? It's amazing! Never woulda guessed that this genre woulda worked for this song, but you have shown us the light. Nice work on this!
  8. Still sounds great without the samples, and frankly, I love me a good 8 minute song. Keep at this one!
  9. I hold up a lighter to this one, and not just because it's from the beloved Golden Sun. A very innovative approach to Garoh, capturing the original feeling of quiet desolation along with a bit of morose melancholy. A sullen triumph, if you will. Well done.
  10. These are quite good, quite good indeed. Lovely little covers, all around. As far as the medley goes, the transitions are bit sudden, though I can tell that it you started with the arrangements of each song then stitched them together. They are great as stand alone ditties, and it probably wouldn't take much work to make them flow into each other. I got the impression that the ocarina's cover instrument was just a tad quiet, but I'm no expert on the instrument itself. Perhaps a little boost to make it more pronounced. That said, these are great.
  11. This was fun to listen to, I haven't heard this song done like this before. I did kinda think the percussion and underlying beat pretty much dominated the piece, which may be the style you were going for, but I think a little balancing there would help pronounce the song, since you mainly worked with the first half of the LoZ main theme. And the video was trippin', for what that's worth. Nice work.
  12. Whoah, it gives me a trance/edm/techno (is that still a music genre?) vibe that somehow makes me think of Chrono Trigger. It brings to mind an endless color vortex. Nice redundant themes (and I mean that in a good way) keep it rolling, the sweeping effects were a good touch, and it runs the full course without getting dull. With the possible exception of two parts, from 2:20 to 3:10 or thereabouts, where the melody(?) threatens to get too repetitive, perhaps consider shortening that part or variating that little progression a tad. The same thing goes for 4:20 to 5:17. That said, this is a real nice piece, keep working with it!
  13. I wish you luck when you put this up for review! It still sounds great.
  14. Ooh, I like this new take on Stickerbrush Symphony! I think you've got a good foundation here, the piece flows nicely, your instruments run together smoothly, and it has a consistent feel. The bouts of ornamentation were appreciated as well. Your arrangement is fairly solid all in all, though I suppose one could argue that the baseline and the percussion were a little repetitive. At the same time, It wouldn't be wise to make them too varied, lest it detracts from the melody and such. All in all, you did good, keep at this one!
  15. Well, all I can find in this is praiseworthy work. The waltz influence works nicely, the strings lend an almost country homey feeling, and gentle woodwind works give it air. And of course, Zelda's lullaby smoothly blends in with it all. Stellar piece.