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Chronic Battles - Piano Solo


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Hello fellow music lovers,

I recently uploaded a new recording of one of my first piano compositions that I'd like to share. I initially tried to write a "battle" theme for a Javascript browser game I was creating for myself.
I felt like it didn't sound battle-y enough so I ended up counting it as a personal "single". The title was a play on the concept of random battles that keep happening to players in classic RPG's. Now it refers to the many battles I have had with my chronic fatigue.

I recorded the song in parts to my digital piano and made it pass through GPO5's Stage Grand to make it sound much better.
Granted, the performance could be better (I have a better and full recording where I was less trying to control everything, but I'll keep that for later when I do more harmonization).

Speaking of harmonization: I have a couple of ideas, but for the most part it is tricky for me to include more notes, given the speed of the song and the shortness of most right hand notes.
Would this call for an additional instrument maybe to do more harmony or maybe a counter melody/2nd voice? I guess I'd prefer to keep this a piano solo that I can actually play.

Anyway, here is the piece:


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