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Tomb Raider 1 (PSX) Theme Remix - Strong Willed

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Hey there boys and girls! This is the first time I've posted on this forum in...years. I'm currently participating in a weekly music challenge, and this passed weeks theme was the perfect excuse to do a remix (as the challenge was changing the feel/mood of the first Tomb Raider's theme track). I decided to do some craziness and keep some of the orchestration from the original, expanding on it, and then flipping it completely upside-down. Honestly I haven't had this much fun composing a remix in years, so this was quite refreshing for me. The track (as tagged in the title) is completed as far as I'm concerned. I still welcome feedback as I'm currently progressing my mixing/mastering skills. Point though is that I'd like to make this my first ever track to be submitted and (hopefully) accepted on to the website.

Source Track


The Remix

Above all of though, I hope that you'll enjoy what I've put together here. Cheers!

I decided to re-mix/master the track, hopefully for the better.


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I'm really digging what you have here! Most glaring issue has got to be the transition at 1:22! You gotta bring those dynamics down a bit. The difference in volume between the two sections of this song is way too much. Also the bass is WAY too loud in those higher ranges., I don't mind the energy it gives but everything else is drowned out by the bass. I'd recommend cutting down some mids on it, or something like that. IDK.

Also, this is an arrangement concern, but I do think you could possibly bring in some drums in for the first section a little earlier (or something like that). I think the transition is a little too jarring and MAYBE it's just because of the difference in volume, but I think bringing in more electronic elements before the middle section could really help a lot.


Yeah I know you said you're done, but it could definitely use some tuning in the arrangement department, at least in the beginning, and also needs some mixing help.


I love the ideas though, and I love the synth choices. Same thing with the orchestral instruments.


edit: actually listening to it more, I think it could be the SNARE (Not the bass) that is destroying my sneakers. way too much power in that thing.

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ad.mixx, thank you for taking the time to listen and give some feedback. I really appreciate it.

Having more elements of drums in the beginning would help transition into the next section, yes. Though I was definitely going for a surprise kind of twist, with the hi-hats being the only thing to warn you about the extreme switch. I want that impact of "woah," but I also don't want to destroy eardrums, so I'll definitely be having a look back over the mix to fix those issues. I'll have a look at the snare, though it's my first time really using Battery 4, so I wasn't sure about how to send signals to the mixer without them all being comprised into one bus (though I have a better idea of how to accomplish that thanks to youtube).

I'm really glad you enjoyed what I did here. Thanks again for listening!

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