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  1. ad.mixx, thank you for taking the time to listen and give some feedback. I really appreciate it. Having more elements of drums in the beginning would help transition into the next section, yes. Though I was definitely going for a surprise kind of twist, with the hi-hats being the only thing to warn you about the extreme switch. I want that impact of "woah," but I also don't want to destroy eardrums, so I'll definitely be having a look back over the mix to fix those issues. I'll have a look at the snare, though it's my first time really using Battery 4, so I wasn't sure about how to send signals to the mixer without them all being comprised into one bus (though I have a better idea of how to accomplish that thanks to youtube). I'm really glad you enjoyed what I did here. Thanks again for listening!
  2. Hey there boys and girls! This is the first time I've posted on this forum in...years. I'm currently participating in a weekly music challenge, and this passed weeks theme was the perfect excuse to do a remix (as the challenge was changing the feel/mood of the first Tomb Raider's theme track). I decided to do some craziness and keep some of the orchestration from the original, expanding on it, and then flipping it completely upside-down. Honestly I haven't had this much fun composing a remix in years, so this was quite refreshing for me. The track (as tagged in the title) is completed as far as I'm concerned. I still welcome feedback as I'm currently progressing my mixing/mastering skills. Point though is that I'd like to make this my first ever track to be submitted and (hopefully) accepted on to the website. Source Track The Remix Above all of though, I hope that you'll enjoy what I've put together here. Cheers! Update: I decided to re-mix/master the track, hopefully for the better.
  3. So, been working on a mobile game with a company by the name of Pagoda Games. Was about a 2 year process, and I had initially started work by myself, but then slowly incorporated a close friend. We formed a business due to circumstances with Pagoda...and, well, here we are. Is this demo reel a little too long? I've not created one before, so I'm not sure of an appropriate length. Wouldn't mind some feedback on general mixing/mastering quality as well. All in all, just looking for general feedback. Can't say the music here is amazing or anything. It was asked to make 5+ minute long tracks, which by any standard is way too long for a game track (depending on the game, but in the case of a mobile game, I'd say even 5 minutes is too long for a track). Below you'll find tracks that were initially made, but tossed out in favor of the tracks above. >____> There are about 3 or 4 others that were also completed and once had a spot in the game, but tossed to the side. Feel free to comment on these, if you want to. Personally, I preferred these to what they had settled on using.
  4. I'll hit on your specific issues. Even though I'm still learning my way through mixing/mastering, I feel the overall tone of everything is slightly bland. Honestly, I would just ask to brighten up some things going on in the background to help them punch through more easily and be heard (but not overwhelmingly). Personally, the sax sounds good to me, but if that isn't satisfying for you, mess around with other woodwinds (specifically reed-based). Dunno, I just like the texture it adds to everything. Now, some other things I wanted to say (though someone step in if I'm just flat out wrong). The drum section at the beginning sounds overcompressed (but it could just be the type of reverb you have on it). It also sounds fairly prominent (when in a legit orchestral set-up, all percussion sits in the back. Again, I could be wrong, but I'm just remembering the setup from back in highschool), I would want to hear that fall back a bit to fit it's positioning. I also would like to hear the actual solo's come forward a little bit. That can range from making it play louder, or making the orchestra itself back down in volume a bit to help boost the solo itself. And yes, lol, the ending is a bit sour. But as a whole, I like the mix. As it was said by Rozovian, it's definitely conservative, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. All this really needs is some tlc and a slightly better ending. Keep up the good work yo, looking forward to the finished product.
  5. ^This Honestly, I'd suggest adding some slight reverb to the lead parts. Not a lot, just enough to give some nice presence and depth. Maaaaybe adding a tiny bit of reverb on the rhythm guitar as well. This. This is also true, though I wouldn't pan anything hard left/right. Just enough to make it feel like the musicians aren't squished together while playing. But with both of this, I guess it'd be easier to imagine what setting this would be played in. I think once you figure that out, it'll be easier for you to imagine what kind of panning and reverb is best suited for what you have. Which, is great. The organic feel with live-recorded sections really gives this track life, and it was definitely one of my favorites from Chrono Cross. Get up the good work, sir.
  6. My only real complaint is that the lead stuff (mostly the piano) is barely audible for most of the mix...well, except for when there isn't much going on and it's clearly heard. I'm also not a complete fan of the radio chatter when used the second time. You may also want to try and un-muddy a lot of the lower end going on. At times I could make out what was going on, but a lot of the time it just sounded like...well, muddy noise. I'd add in some more high-end on the bass lines to help it cut through the mix. In the end, I'd say you'd just need to work on the mixing/mastering aspect. Bring out that piano a little more (during the louder parts) and I'd be content.
  7. Welp, after spending some more time on this, I think I've settled on some major changes. I'll be uploading a new WiP later on tonight with said changes. Feel free to comment on the current WiP as I still need critiquing on the mixing/mastering and arrangement.
  8. NEW STUFF I decided to ditch the old arrangement as I wasn't having any luck making it any better (it's linked below for reference), so I'm opting to start from scratch with this mix. The composition itself lends itself to some jazzy feels, so I'm heading in the direction. Kind of a lounge-y feel and sound. First time really delving into this kind of territory, but I'm excited to get my hands dirty with it. This new WiP has no title yet, and what's posted is a rough idea of what I'm trying to go for. Original Submission - Judges Decision - Reference Track - ------------------------------------------------------ OLDWiP Update#1---- -------------------------------------------------------- So, I did this remix about 6 years ago. Judges said no, obviously, so I'm here to re-work this sucker for re-submission. I've done some changes to instrumentation (though there are no automations in this current WiP, so use your imagination for now). A handful of things are mixed and mastered (well, most everything except for one synth really). Critique I'm looking for is mixing/mastering and overall arrangement (for what I have so far). I will probably have another update to this in a little while, just kind of need a break for the moment. Any critique/feedback is welcome, so fire whatever shots you have. Thanks!