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Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening: Ballad of the Wind Fish (Let Us Awaken Together)

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Hey everyone!

Here's a Zelda remix I completed recently, centered mainly around the Ballad of the Wind Fish and Kakariko Village.

This remix is meant to be a musical representation of Link's Awakening's ending - a blend of the bittersweet and joyful feelings Link might have had at the end of that journey. I also wanted to achieve that sense of being "at sea" that many of Wind Waker's tracks evoke. There's also a touch of Wind Waker's Outset Island and Ocarina's Zelda's Lullaby mixed in, but only briefly.

This first draft is technically "done" and I'm planning to submit it for review eventually, but I wanted to start off by getting some feedback from the community. Thanks for listening!

(P.S. - I've got each of the Instruments of the Sirens represented in here, somewhat loosely in certain cases. See if you can pick them all out!)



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I really like it! Humanization sounds good and all. Arrangement is GREAT. The chord progression is great for this song so it's hard to fuck that up though. You have your own touch though, and it's a nice touch. GREAT JOB INSERTING OUTSET ISLAND. I love it!


I can't give too much more advice since I don't make or listen to music like this, but I do like it! If I were a judge I would pass it no problem. But I'm not.

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