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  1. Thanks for the quick response, ad.mixx! And an encouraging one at that. Very glad you enjoyed it
  2. Hey everyone! Here's a Zelda remix I completed recently, centered mainly around the Ballad of the Wind Fish and Kakariko Village. This remix is meant to be a musical representation of Link's Awakening's ending - a blend of the bittersweet and joyful feelings Link might have had at the end of that journey. I also wanted to achieve that sense of being "at sea" that many of Wind Waker's tracks evoke. There's also a touch of Wind Waker's Outset Island and Ocarina's Zelda's Lullaby mixed in, but only briefly. This first draft is technically "done" and I'm planning to submit it for review eventually, but I wanted to start off by getting some feedback from the community. Thanks for listening! (P.S. - I've got each of the Instruments of the Sirens represented in here, somewhat loosely in certain cases. See if you can pick them all out!)
  3. Loving the use of chromatic percussion here. The fact that the bells/gongs can be heard on both sides of the stereo field add some nice spaciousness. There's some great nuance on the guitar as well, such as the hard hits around 1:36 vs. the softer playing at 1:41. If I'm nitpicking, I might say the solo strings (cello?) at the end sound a little artificial. I think it's mainly the transition between the last two notes at 2:01 and 2:03, they seem to overlap unnaturally. I like the deviation from the original lead melody at 0:58 too - I feel like your take on Terra's theme is more melancholy than the original, which the new intervals here seem to accentuate. I agree it's rather short though! I could easily listen to another minute of this at least, but I suppose better short and sweet than long enough to wear out its welcome. Good stuff!
  4. I really enjoyed this rendition, Dcapo. It's restrained, but your chord choices and the varied speed/velocity of your playing are bringing a ton of emotion. I think your choice to avoid "flashy/virtuosic" was a very good one here. Touches like the quick little runs at 1:44 bring a playful yet somehow appropriate counterpoint to the melancholy mood. This to me mirrors the mood of Majora's Mask itself very nicely, which is a game that's at times deeply sad and at others more mischievous and light-hearted. I'm liking your explorations from 2:35 'till the end as well - the Ghibli-like quality mentioned by one of your Youtube commenters seems especially evident here. That's a good thing; I think Zelda and Ghibli music have a good amount in common and the styles go well together. This song has always elicited a strong emotional response from me, and I'd say your version here moves me at least as much as the original - perhaps even more. Thanks for sharing it!
  5. I love a lot of Capcom's mid-to-late 90's arcade OSTs (CotA, X-Men vs. SF, Darkstalkers), but I'm actually not too familiar with SF3's (or any of its iterations). Somehow it wasn't on my radar back in the day so I never formed an attachment to it. That said, listening to the original track here, I agree with Audiobinger - your remix is better to my ear than the original. I think you captured the spirit of it but took it in a new, smoother, groovier direction and avoided some of the repetitious elements of the original that make it less listenable for me (those constant "YEAHs" and "WOOs" are of their era and a bit overused, haha). The underlying synth chords at the beginning set a nice, chill mood, and the guitar solo at 0:51 - 1:12 is a highlight for me - that unexpected tonal shift at 0:58 is great. And the sax parts later on fit the rest of the arrangement like a glove. The sirens are subtle but they help give the piece some extra atmosphere. Might be worth experimenting with some aux percussion as Ridiculously Garrett suggests, but I personally wouldn't change it much. Best of luck getting this approved!
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, very much appreciate it! Glad to hear you're liking the arrangement overall. Yeah, I was curious if this might be the case. This mix primarily uses the Kontakt 4/5 factory libraries, and for the most part I've thought they sounded good, but it seems some of that stock instrument quality is showing through. In certain cases I did use other VSTs where I felt Kontakt's libraries were lacking: the solo violin parts are on NI Session Strings, and EWQL Symphonic Orchestra is being used for the trumpet ensemble (because the Kontakt libraries and NI Session Horns were disappointing me with their higher brass). I've only started using EWQL SO recently, in fact I picked it up in the middle of working on this remix, so perhaps I'll try moving more of the song over to SO and see how well it addresses the sample quality. It has a lot more expression modes than anything I've used before, so that might help me improve on the humanization too (especially with the violin). And Sam, that's a good suggestion, I'll try adding some extra instruments to some of the string-focused sections to bolster the main melodies.
  7. Very nice start here, I'm liking the playful, relaxed feel of it. Especially from the minute mark onward, with those colorful electric piano chords and the string harmonies beginning at 1:09 and continuing up to the ending, I was loving that section and it definitely made me want to hear more. As for suggestions, I won't say too much about the drums since you're only getting started with them, except that the hi-hats seem fairly nuanced and good so far but maybe 0:30 - 0:50 is a little too reliant on the persistent claps, which sounds a touch mechanical. Also the high brass (trumpets I think) at 0:33 sounded somewhat artificial to me, which might be intentional but is slightly odd against the rest of the more-realistic-sounding instrumentation.
  8. I'm liking this so far too - it's a good track choice with some catchy, memorable melodies, and in particular your sax-like lead synth (first appearing at 0:51) is easy on the ears yet unique and energetic (the panning delay on it is a nice touch). The overall laid-back mood you've set is mostly consistent, a bit jazzy and funky, and quite enjoyable. A few things that didn't work as well for me: there are sections and moments that are a little loud/jarring as others have mentioned, for instance when the drums first come in at 0:31 I feel they're a bit too hot (maybe fade them in or ramp up the note velocity gradually), and at 3:24 in particular all the sound comes back in much too strongly and suddenly after the mix's sudden glitchy stop. I think the glitch approach is possibly workable and a good idea in concept, but the execution isn't quite there yet. Everything from 4:07 onward up to the ending works well, since nothing in there leaps out all at once at a high, jarring volume. Also, by close to the 2:00 mark I felt the arrangement was getting a little static. As great as the lead synth and accompanying guitar riffs are, they have been repeating their melodies a bit much by this point. The change at 2:34 and the arrival of the square-ish synth is a good shift and I think having this happen sooner might maintain listeners' interest better.
  9. Hey evktalo, I've never heard the source song before so it's new to me, and I'm listening to your most recent mix only (2016/04/15), but here's some of my thoughts. I like the way the mix starts, with the introductory synth sounding compressed and then gradually increasing in clarity. The first 22 seconds or so I found kind of static, perhaps because the lead synth (sounds sort of mallet-like) is hitting a lot of the same notes/intervals in sequence and I feel like I'm waiting for things to pick up and get more interesting. I also find the transition at 0:28 to get a bit uncomfortably loud and crunchy, but that might be personal preference (struck me as a bit jarring). But things pick up at 30 seconds. I enjoyed the synth lead that comes in at 0:41 quite a bit, it's got a good timbre and I especially like the two ascending pitch-bends at 0:55. Everything melody-wise from 0:30 to 1:24 I found fairly engaging, but I think one of the issues with this section is that the percusion is very same-y and seems repetitious. It ends up being about a minute of not much rhythmic change, which undermines some of the melodic variation and makes the section seem more homogenous than it is. 2:15 - 2:30 also has percussion that is reminiscent of this part and seems to have the same problem. The breakdown at 1:24 is a good change of pace and I enjoyed it. But it's repeated later at 2:30 in a very similar way, which lessens the impact of it the second time. The piece also ends in a way that's not particularly satisfying, it seems abrupt and it's at the end of a section that isn't much different from what we've already heard before. I think 2:30 up until the end of the song should go in a more distinct direction, and conclude in a way that gives the listener a sense of completion. Also: in general there's a lot of neat synth accents that add good color to the song: for instance the supporting rising notes at 0:50, 1:05 (this one is faint and almost flute-like and was a nice touch), and 2:14. These kept up my interest and seemed to stand out appropriately in the mix.
  10. Yeah, I prefer the saxes with the new panning, sounds better balanced to my ear. Upon relistening, it's possible the sound I was hearing at 1:22 is just part of the brass fall that occurs right around there, so as long as nothing's clipping in your DAW you're probably good to go.
  11. Hey YoshiBlade, nice work so far on this. I enjoyed the Undertale soundtrack quite a bit, though this track wasn't necessarily one of my favorites, so it's interesting to hear what you've done with it. I think overall I like the first half of it better than the second. Right away I enjoyed that you went very chill and somewhat ambient with the intro, with some pleasant bell-like synth tones - quite different from the original. And I like that gradual tempo increase you have going around 0:37 as the song begins to pick up. There's some neat, unique percussive sounds too, with pops and clicks and rolls that echo in the relatively sparse soundscape of the early parts (around 0:46 and 1:01). The lead synth progressions starting just before 1:07 and continuing up through 1:55 are great too, I thought they presented some engaging deviations from the original and had some nice articulations (pitch-bend etc.) It's more around 1:56 - 2:22 that I start losing interest, this part of the remix is more faithful to the original - not necessarily a bad thing in premise, but it didn't engage me like the earlier parts of the song. There's also a pitch bend on one of your melody lines around 2:17 that I wasn't a big fan of, the note you're transitioning to sounded a bit off-key to me. I found 2:23 - 2:52 more palatable, with those breaks in the beat that add some extra interest, and the stuttering slowdown at the end is a good way to lead back into the more ambient side of the mix again. From 3:00 onward though I feel like a lot of the melodic/harmonic content is somewhat meandering and less-focused (particularly 3:00 - 3:55), and I found myself wanting more solid, expressive progressions like you had in the beginning. I fear maybe the lead synth is wearing out its welcome a bit by this point too. I'm not sure exactly what the latter parts of the song are in need of yet, but my impression now is that you have a good start but the second half lacks focus and identity. Looking forward to an update!
  12. Nice song choice, I've always liked this track from 5. I think you've got a good foundation here with clean electric guitar work and a pretty faithful rendition of the original melodies, but it's a bit short and I'd have liked to hear more variations. Maybe some adventurous guitar or synth solos a bit after the 1 minute mark, breaking up your two relatively-straightforward covers of the source? I'm enjoying the new harmonies from 1:07 to 1:17, more stuff like that would be good as well. I do feel like the song gets going a bit too fast though; some melodic pre-amble after the initial Mega Man warping-in sound effect to build up to the initial passes on the song's themes would help create some anticipation.
  13. Good stuff, this update seems to improve the mix nicely. I think Smooth4lyfe is referring to the horn leads around 0:42 - 1:02, which are making the mix a little right-heavy during that section, and I agree they could be shifted a bit more towards center for that part, but other than that everything seems well-balanced. Around 1:22 I also thought I heard a bit of clipping/distortion or maybe just a weird hiccup in the mix - listened a few times and it does seem to be an artifact of some kind, maybe have a look at that. But yeah, good trumpet and drum solos, a great ending, and a nice length of just under 4 minutes so that the song feels concise and satisfying.
  14. Interesting song choices from this OST - the originals add a lot of dark texture to the approaches to Super Metroid's boss fights, but they don't get covered too often for remixes. I agree with Smooth4lyfe that the intro is pretty lengthy, I'd rather hear you get into those dramatic drums just after 1:00 a bit sooner, they're very effective. Shaving off as much as 30 seconds from the intro could make it too short though, so you might explore adding some more sections to the middle if you go that route. I also found myself wishing a bit for slightly more deviation from the originals. The instruments you do this best with, I think, are the high strings, there's some nice new melodic progressions there. But the bulk of the remix has Tension's bassline going on in a fairly repetitive fashion, so maybe experimenting with the bass more here and there is something you could try. The brass in general I also found to be kind of artificial-sounding and lacking in punch and realism, so if you have access to any other samples, perhaps give those a shot. Nice inclusion of the monstrous growls and rumblings towards the end too - makes me feel like I'm about to fight Kraid or Crocomire!
  15. Nice, this is a really different approach to the song - more playful than the original, at first, but as Skyline Drop mentioned, still with a subtly dark atmosphere to it. And the new reggae-style rhythms present the familiar melodies in a new and interesting light (a number of your progressions here have been stuck in my head since I first listened). The eerie choir entering the mix around 1:20, for example, does a good job of maintaining some of that haunting quality the original has - though I'll echo the concerns others have mentioned about the trombone, which is about the only thing that threw me off somewhat. Extra expression/humanization would help but I also think maybe a different, less artificial-sounding sample choice might be needed. The arrangement and buildups/breakdowns are great too. I like the fierceness of the organ at around 2:28, it serves as a reminder of the song's origins as a theme for a place full of dread and dangerous surprises. Same for the similar reprisal at 4:00, though I'll agree the sudden shift towards a happier tone at the end seems either out of place or needs a better, more gradual transition.