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Alan Walker - Faded (Master Mi Remix)

Master Mi

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This is a preview or early conception of a remix for the soundtrack "Faded", originally composed by Alan Walker.

Since the original - as many other remixes of this track - tend to go into the electronic music style, I intend to create a much more organic and lively soundscape with classical instruments and some rock guitar stuff.
I'm not quite sure in which way I'll go on with this track - but I guess I'll get some great ideas over the time.
I think with the reinterpretation of the piano intro I'm kinda done already.

I also had the idea to give this track a deeper meaning by contributing my remix to the natural natives, indigenous peoples, nomads, ancient tribes, their cultures and ways of seeing things in life.
I'm very interested in these ancient human beings, because I think they had a much stronger life force and soul due to their stronger bond to the living nature than most of the modern people and I'm pretty sure they had some kind knowledge or energetic profile which could be a key to solve many problems of the modern world, like diseases of civilisation.

So, I think we should live in a way that these indigenous people and cultures won't fade away completely and that these ancient tribes can live in a way they would do without us.
They might be our last living legacy and connection to the vital nature and life itself.

Original Soundtrack


Newest version of my remix: 1.1

>>> https://clyp.it/ycsfcdj1

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I've created a little update for this remix.

Here's the new version 1.1:

>>> https://clyp.it/ycsfcdj1


The interesting thing is that I could finally check the mixing with the full potencial of my Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro studio headphones in connection with my new high-end headphone amp Lake People G109-P which seem to drive these high-impedance studio headphones quite optimally.

According to these headphones I should have put a high pass filter on the AUX send reverberation of the piano intro to low-cut the frequencies below 150 Hz.
But then I thought it wouldn't make too much sense to cut the lower reverberation frequencies if the piano is quite the only playing instrument in the intro.
And the clarity of the piano part was not so different between low-cutting the reverberation frequencies and leaving the piano intro completely untouched.

In this case the low-cut filter option rather kills a bit of the naturally realistic frequency response in a larger room.
And even the reverberations of the lower frequencies have got something really nice the more the piano intro builds up after a certain time.

So, I quickly returned to "rather-keep-it-simple-than-unnecessarily-overloaded" slogan and left the piano part kinda untouched.

But I've enhanced the remix with lots of other nice stuff like pretty heavy acoustic pop drums, new electric bass and rhythmic guitar lines, additional lead guitar melodies as well as piano chords.
If you 're interested in all the bigger changed I've made in this version, feel free to have a closer look at the upload description of my Youtube link for this remix.

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Wow. I really like this. I was expecting another slightly different take on 'Faded' in some other flavor of electronica but this was surprising and organic and meaningful. I like that the whole song is essentially one big build-up, but you still took the time to play around with the syncopation of the main melodic line in the middle there. Good stuff. Keep it going.

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Big thanks for the encouraging feedback. ))

I'm pretty sure dynamic-compression-free organic rock (similar to the great rock music from the 70s and 80s) might have some great potential.

In connection with some outstanding compositions and maybe with some ensouled messages it could provide attraction for the listeners of former-generation rock music listeners who can't stand modern rock music masterings which are quite overcompressed/lacking in dynamics and monotonously loud in many cases.

At the moment, I don't have too much time for working on any kind of remixes or own compositions, unfortunately - 'cause of a pretty lousy work-(without)-life balance.
But since I earn quite some money and can save about nearly 50 % of my monthly earnings, I might be able to invest some money in some additional music equipment stuff - like a decent electric Yamaha guitar - or buy some months of lifetime for escaping slave life at at least for a period of time and getting back into a more passionate and creative process.

I'm totally keen on roaming within my inner universe and working on some interesting musical content.

I also have a rough sketch in my mind for how I want to continue with this track.
But since I work at different music projects in some kind of circles (for the sake of variety, joy/excitement and for developing several composition skills and new ideas within a shorter amount of time) with continuously improved soundtrack updates, there might be my Final Fantasy 7 remix "Fighting Fantasies" my next project - 'cause there 's still a lot to do for me.

Until I find the time and ideas to get back working on this track, I hope you enjoy the momentary version.

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