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  1. I adore this. It's incredibly well-balanced. There's so much going on in the song at any given moment, but it never feels overwhelming. The two scores are so different-feeling that I was sure trying to blend them would go about as well as blending actual fire and ice but you've managed to do it while staying true to the dynamics of both of them. As a big fan of the source material, I had high expectations and you blew them out of the water. Absolutely stellar job.
  2. Wow. I really like this. I was expecting another slightly different take on 'Faded' in some other flavor of electronica but this was surprising and organic and meaningful. I like that the whole song is essentially one big build-up, but you still took the time to play around with the syncopation of the main melodic line in the middle there. Good stuff. Keep it going.
  3. Hoo-boy. Here we go. So this is my first post to OCR. I'm very, VERY new to remixing and I'd like some general feedback on this track I've been working on. I'd eventually like this to be something akin to what you'd hear on GameChops or Radio Cutman which is to say, a downtempo, lo-fi, hip-hoppy remix a la @FUSION42's Mabe Chillage (which I absolutely adore). I only have maybe half of the track hammered out so far (about up to the chorus), but I'd like some feedback on it before I go any further. Soundcloud link
  4. I really like it! This was always the song that got stuck in my head in this game. I love the ethereal pads in the background, they give a dreamy feel to what would otherwise be a very straightforward track. The chords and harmonies sound fine to me. I also really like that you bitcrushed the bass throughout which I feel was a very prominent hook of the original song. Personally, I feel that the glitches and slips like at 1:42 and 1:44 aren't particularly necessary and detract from the overall feel of the song, but I love the lead arp that's playing alongside them. Overall, I think this song is excellent so far and I'm really looking forward to the rest of it!
  5. I love this! Sounds like something I'd hear from a band at MAGFest.