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Picture upload platform for additional exchange on music production topics

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Since there seems to be no possibility of uploading pictures directly on OCR, I'm looking for some decent picture upload platforms with following condition:

1) The account should be free.
If there's a weekly upload limit of 3 or 4 pics - no problem with that, 'cause I will upload just a few pictures within a year and primarily for music production content, I think.
As long there's no overall upload limit (let's say 10 pics are free - if you want to upload more pictures you need to pay for a premium account), it's okay.

2) All the others who have no account at this platform should also be able to see the content.
It would be also a nice feature that - if you post your link with the picture from the upload platform on OCR - instead of just the link the whole picture will show up in your OCR post (just like the Youtube links).

3) The upload platform shouldn't compress the uploaded pictures once again, 'cause I still use the standard Windows Snipping Tool (which already uses compression on the saved screenshots) for getting the necessary cuttings from my DAW interface graphics, for example.
I want to upload pretty clear high definition pictures with sharp contrasts where you can see the fine scales and all the necessary details without problems.

Besides: I've just found out that you can also save your Snipping Tool screenshots as PNG files (which have a better definition and picture quality than JPEG files there).

So, if you know some good platforms for uploading pictures at these conditions or if you even use these platforms for sharing pictures with the OCR community, please let me know. ))

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