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GENOCIDE | Undertale - MEGALOVANIA metal cover


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Here's a pretty straightforward metal cover of Undertale's MEGALOVANIA (as if there weren't enough of those). I did one years ago but this one came out much, much better, though admittedly I did rush it as I recorded most of it in a day. I really like the mixing/mastering on this one and any feedback on that aspect is appreciated.



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Well, this is some really great stuff. I can't say too much about this; it's some quality metal that'd likely pass in the panel (if it weren't directly posted on the site). It's a pretty straight arrangement, but there's a lot of machinery going on in the background that help it stand out, as well as some sweeping solos. We need some Megalovania on OCR, so here's hoping you send it our way.

I wish I could give more productive advice on this, but you really did sweep this one out of the water. Hope to see it on the panel soon!

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