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Good Sine - Et me kokku saaks

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Hello! Good Sine is an estonian duo of me and a female singer. Sorry that you probably can't understand a word, but I can give you a short story. This song is about lost love and the haunting wish of finding it again. The girl is wondering by the sea and thinking of giving herself to it.

Would be great to get some foreign feedback.


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great mellow mix(ing), with thumping bass. not the type of tune i get really enthusiastic over, but a great job, it sounds very pleasing and balanced despite the deep bass.

what else? hm, i like the double claps. nice little accent. good voice, and i like the phonetics of your language. the reverb tail is a bit too enya for me, i guess. it sounds great if you prefer that...horses for courses.

the ending isn't particularily inspired. it just works. it would be a nice folk tune to steer into a very light proggy direction as it goes on (i.e. longer, a longer intermediate part with sparser sections that builds to some sort of climax). there already is a solo, for one.

sounds like you're finished and probably pleased with it, just providing some ideas. it could have some compositional twists in there that make it stand out more. it's a nice folk tune with great mixing the way it is.

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