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  1. that name is vaguely ramananiscent! you must be very old.

  2. i woke up at 2 in the morning, couldn't sleep and decided to follow through with this other idea. i downloaded the smallest GM soundfont i could find and tried to just use that. it's wonky shit, but i did put some polish into it. reminds me of super mario bros 3 somewhat. please add a metal section. or polka, or brostep. just with the included soundfont though, if you can. hl1mgm.sf2 1meg_1.flp edit: ugh, same shit, annoyed with this again after a couple hours; and i like timmaeh's mod of blorgX, so i don't wanna derail from it. but i thought the idea of making something with just a single .sf2 was nice, especially considering that the FL sf player just got the 64 bit update.
  3. i find this very interesting: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php it's like a fake console/programming environment for the creation of 8/16-bit-ish games. all the tools for game making are supplied in the program, and that apparently includes a little tracker & synth for the creation of fx and music tracks. some of the games you can play on the front page are really quite good. i plan on buying it and at the very least see if anyone wants a music collaborator, sometime. possibly try some game making myself. seems cool as shit. you know, just something out of left field, an environment where sample libraries and such are totally out of the equation. to answer your question generally, if you wanna be able to enter into a broad spectrum of possibilities from amateur to semi-pro or even professional games, then a decent all around library seems essential for reasons of flexibility and well-roundedness. but that doesn't mean that you need e.g. this 50 gb string library with all the articulations and such. if you know how to use stuff optimally, then say what's included in kontakt or whatever is enough to compose good stuff for pretty much any game...unless you really want those 50 gigabytes of sforzalando pizzacutters because you got something very specific in mind with them. (this is not a recommendation of kontakt. it's just the first thing that comes to mind.)
  4. bubble tea...that still a thing, huh? i used to drink that occasionally back whenever i'd get some sushi, but it definitely was more of a novelty item to me. i encourage everyone remotely interested in the collab to just do 16 bars of randomness, or something. then share it. i'll look at it and try to add something. don't overthink it or aim for greatness. let's just turn out some crap to start with! (just keep the cpu somewhat moderate)
  5. haha, chill hobo. this is just for some random fun. maybe join in in a month, when we have a 10 minute contorted frankenstein music baby. take care. yeah soup, i think you just claim it if you feel inspired to add some shit. first come first served. we can make a rotation list down the road as soon as it gains some traction. alternatives: everyone who wants to does his own short intro .flp, and then we decide on which one to start with together. or we even start with more than one and have several people working at once on different tracks. it's really down to you guys as well. different things could work, depending on everyone's spirits. sorry for being flip-floppy and not very official about this, heh. but i'd rather keep this spontaneous and somewhat democratic than make it a set in stone competition thing. i am already a little annoyed by what i did yesterday...hardly a surprise there. but the simplest way to go about this, i suppose is, to say fuck it and throw nothing away and just get going. edit: so in case anyone just wants to start with my blorgx.flp, just know that i won't feel offended if you change parts of it. do whatever you like. hell, write an intro for it if you want.
  6. ok, so in the spirit of not overthinking things.... i just made this thing. it's under 10% cpu for me, so that's a good start atleast. the FL version is 20.9 [build 2748], 64 bit. i have no clue if this is a good place to start. tell me! BLORGx.flp
  7. i had this dream tonight where i met jay and mike from the YT channel redlettermedia in a snowy town. we made some really bad looking food together and also started on this FL collab idea. i had given them a mediocre 1 minute synth electro track, and they added like 8 bars to it. they did some tiny chiptuney flourishes and used a crappy bassline of mine that i hadn't used, but had left in the project file. yeah....maybe a sign to get this going, huh? i'll just take inspiration from the dream as far as not trying to do anything flashy or impressive right away. i am very rusty too. hobo: legacy in software terms kinda means abandoned or not supported anymore, so not really. it looks like we're doing producer edition. 3xosc, FPC, GMS, Drumpad, Sytrus, Harmless. To me those are the most relevant ones. maybe this newer "FLEX" thing is usable too, haven't tried it yet. plus all the samples that are in the "Packs" folder. since the soundfont player is now 64 bit, we could potentially pick one decent GM soundbank .sf2 that everyone can use. that in itself is pretty powerful with good fx.
  8. it's a bit like rammstein's "du hast". mixed terribly. maybe some potential seeps thru, anyhow.
  9. all analogue? certainly competent. my crititque: it kind of climaxes at 30 seconds onwards. that's why i'd call it "competent", but i think you could do more to put your own stamp on it.
  10. we'll just see how many people have just "Fruity" Edition. i personally think using just the basic shit is especially fun, but if everyone has Producer, no reason not to include it. CPU usage is also kind of important. the Producer plugins are all older i think, so that wouldn't be a problem. but still, if you just want to make a basic sinewave lead, for example, no reason not to do it in 3xOsc. in other words: if you make the CPU meter jump from 10 to 30% with one single added section, and that translates to 99% for the next guy, then not good
  11. cool! compo tennis, eh? serviceable name it'd stay a pretty small file if we only use stock stuff, so probably just here. when you did something like this before, did you apply any specific rules? the only thing i remember we said back then was, you generally write a new section and leave what's come before as is, unless you get a really good idea about making the whole thing better by changing sections by other participants. idk, more like a soft rule. it could also be a stricter rule at the beginning, for the sake of generating ideas, and later on in the process it becomes more about tying it all together cohesively, by retouching, remixing and mastering different parts.
  12. i'm posting this here because it's a bit more lively than /Original Music. so, over 15 years ago (wow!), we did a random open collab tune in Fruity Loops, passing around an .flp file, each participant adding something to the track consecutively. It was very chaotic, and a lot of fun while it lasted. So what i'm asking is, who on here is using FLS, and would you be interested in playing around with this format. The idea is that skill and experience level totally doesn't matter - i was almost a complete noob back then, a few more experienced people joined in, and it was just great. the tune that developed was a weird kind of trashy frankenstein megamix, but that's totally ok if you ask me. I got nothing to do, and would be totally down with doing something like this. I dunno if the active userbase on here is sufficient, but idk where else to post it, so why not just try. It'd be done with only the basic included synths and stock sounds, needless to say. totally barebone FL. anyone wanna have some fun? EDIT; RULES: so, it crystallized that we are using everything included in the Producer Edition, because apparently everyone has that. Current Version: whatever .flp(s) we start with is yet undetermined, so it's a free for all right now and everyone is just encouraged to share whatever they come up with! I'll for sure try to add something to whatever you post. nothing more for now....gotta get the ball rolling.
  13. i know, man. i just switched back from 32 to 64 bit. guess why. i love some of the old sounds only available in sf2, but the REAL reason i'm going through all the hassle is the slide notes in FL. they're too integral to my musicking.
  14. talk about a classic! one of my starter soundfonts in 2004. your little soundfont page was a beautiful thing back then. btw, i think i even used the saxophone you had in the last mix uploaded on here. yeah, Tenor Saxophone. i still love soundfonts, man.
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