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  1. funny. i'm mostly off the internet these times, and the only two series i have on my hard drive are twin peaks and stargate. i've become very familiar with this theme. right off the bat, the bass just don't do it justice. i know the guttural feeling when i launch an episode of TP. it's not present here, it's just too clean. more bass boost and smudging with the string ensemble would have been needed. the 4-5 minutes do just whizz by, so i think it does something right. but i just can't fullly conjure up that *waterfall* of emotions that's linked to TP, cuz the frequencies are too sep
  2. my laptop, hooked to an older but sufficient tv. If I’m not running games, it stays pretty cool. note the little circular extension for coffee and beer, all but to lessen the spillage on gear. No craftsman here, but I managed to make that myself the ashtray is of metal, and my grandad used to use it. On and off smoker nowadays, but I still enjoy smoking whenever it coincides with some musical productivity. Too rare, these days. Not the smoking, the musicking.
  3. You could have a more predetermined hard-set panning going on where each piano occupies like 70% of the stereo field left and right respectively, from lows to highs, or you could adjust the piano lines in a totally free form way in the stereo field, pretty much ignoring the idea of conventional microphone setups. If your arrangement is really defined by 2 pianos playing alongside, the idea of ignoring any conventional static setup of microphones seems like a real attraction to experiment and getting some unusual stereo sound out of the 2 pianos. I’m really just saying that ignoring any ki
  4. Man was in his mid late forties when he scored Keen, Doom, etc, right? It’s like, dude, Rock’n’Roll, am I right? They don’t make em like they used to. stories, I mean. Nam vet approaching 50 making midi metal in the 90’s for some 20something nerds’ soon to be masterpiece. it’s just so cool. fuck the industry. couldn’t watch the video though..
  5. In case you’re not perfect at transcribing tunes to midi already: I’ve always had the best results relying purely on ear, trying to transcribe parts of any given tune that I really fancied, but once I get something I like I just more or less roll with it. It’s good exercise: rewarding on the one hand to nail a difficult part verbatim once in a while, but it’s also possible to turn a couple mistakes into a happy accident combo and get something derivative but highly original, if you’re lucky. there’s many many ways to tackle creative arranging, but this is probably the best short balance
  6. if it's not happening in the headset....wonder if it's happening bc of your room. something may really be into resonating with that kick. the flaw in that thinking is, the whole song shouldn't technically get a drop in loudness, it would more be drowned in a bassy resonant sound and thus maybe seem less loud in relation....the other part of the song. not sure, man- oh and maybe totally unrelated, i had, in one project, a boost in loudness of whatever mixer channel i had currently highlighted (clicked upon). this may be some routing/function i accidently activated and don'
  7. about 10 years ago, i read an article marveling over the infancy of our medium, highlighted by the fact that [pretty much almost absolutely] no one known for his work in the industry had yet died. well, all things end, change. rip! never played your game. certainly felt your vision and influence one way or the other. i can name those 2 ways, to be (b)anal about it: Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft. hope you had a great exp inside and outside of silcon alley!
  8. set up a post minimum for sigs (really don't care about the exact number), so make it an added feature for the survivors/persistant ones in case they want that, and hammer it into them that if the sig is too "OMG BUYLOOK @MYSHIT (it's a grey area discussion, right?) that they can get bans for that. uh, set it at a 1000 posts. i mean the logistics of 'policing' that would probably be not humongous in effort, and maybe fun at parts cause the whole thing is a bit ridiculous. the core problem/nuisance is understandable loud and clear. still, you can joke around with the grey grey gay ar
  9. see if you can add a simple 4 to the floor beat in your mind (untz untz untz untz) to whatever you're hearing. it just takes some listening practice, and i can see why it's not so easy to figure out for you here, it's also the sounds and arrangement apart from the syncopated rhythms. everything is a bit blurry and eclectic. but if you can make it groove to an imaginary dance beat in your head, it's probably 4/4.
  10. hey mazedude, since you reacted to my post, i wanted to ask you something: have you ever put the original doom.wad into your tracker as a sound? because i remember doing this, and it produced a very distinctly pitched, a couple seconds long dark synth sound. i found this really astonishing and unlikely back then - and it should be reproducable. wanna try it?
  11. can't believe i never commented on this piece. i might compile a double CD set sometime with essential OCR classics from my time. cyborg blobby would have a definite spot on there. hugely creative, an infectious sound palette used to great effect, resulting in impossible levels of catchy-NES. i remember this one exploding on my senses back then, and raising awareness of how neat this site really is.
  12. in my book, mazedude just kind of came out of his egg and just was ready to rock by minute 1. this shit is timeless. i have nothing else to say about it i mean, maybe he's come a long way but i wouldn't be able to tell, judging from this. if he released this in 2010, i also woulda agreed to him having come a long way- it's quite crazy.
  13. this is a grown up mix. it's perfect i think. gotta respect mazedude. defying time
  14. and what a perfect pun to introduce said person...? nice coincidence, considering jake's overall (hi)story arc with OCR. wouldn't you say? also, pretty fucking groundbreaking in the medley department, for a tune from 2000. but well it's virt, what to expect. it's conceivable how to come up with this in 2000, but still, impressive!
  15. it does not get more legit than a blitz lunar midi.
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