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  1. all in all, hella good site. really formative. not without problems. partly, my own. truth be told, the judging institution and the whole "aura" surrounding it was pure ego mindfuck for insecure me seeking appreciation (and being bad at admitting it, naturally). perfect site for me would've been a strange concoction made of OCR and OLR ingredients that never quite happened...hek i could've nudged the site a little into that direction along with other folks.....woulda shouda. here's one purely theoretical example: as a JUJ i would've fought to the death to never remove Daknit's Simlish-mix in the purge. as awesome as his shitty Music Maker - prefab Techno piece with the Deckard Cain speech was, i probably wouldn't have fought for keeping that - it's just the verbatim speech in linear fashion, after all. the Sims mix, however - that was pure acid techno spoken word music collage. brilliant idea, should have stayed on the site just to highlight creative multiplicity and question what is music, what is sound, what is arrangement, sampling, collage, blabla. again, tiny example, indicating larger principle - fuck that mix. it's just one. i'm talking thousands upon thousands of decisions in aggregate. talk about me: i always dreamt of making these awesome "OLR" style, but next level remixes 10+ years ago, stuff that transcends quality standards and thus contributes to keeping stuff fresh. didn't end up doing much of that. woulda been cool. the judge's panel in hindsight was cool in its own way... at the very least, it created a lot of "lore" as part of a legendary site. but...as a whole, i think the mentality over the years didn't push to be PUNK enough. the site could've used more PINK and maybe PANK decisions to keep it as bustling and vibrant as it once was. you guys MADE the site with your blood and sweat and tears and all that other stuff. you`re great. thanks. i am posting this in an appreciation thread. stupid me. i tend to say stuff i wanna get across in this edgy fashion that maybe sucks, but when i try to soft-cushion/mediate/sandwich it, it just gets worse - WHAT I WANNA SAY IS, I THINK OCREMIX OR A SIMILAR SITE SHOULD STILL BE MASSIVELY HUGE BECAUSE IT IS AN AWESOME INSTITUTION FOR CREATIVE OUTLET!!!! WHY ISN'T IT?!?!?! i genuinely mean that, i DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY IT'S NOT. "NOT PUNK ENUF" is not meant as some scathing critique...it's my tiny simplified opinion meme bit on the matter. i think this whole scene kind of grew old but not wise enough to become the kickass underground cross-generational thingumagick that VG remixing deserves...and i think DJP in principle had the stuff to do it. enthusiastic dude. you inspired a LOT of people to start with music. i guess my style of appreciation comes a little crooked... this site still deserves to thrive. it sucks that it aint. but thanks for the exp!!
  2. this is something different. i`m actually prepared to spend 1800 bucks on this. considering what this is, it doesn`t even seem pricey. don`t judge by the first sound in the video (though it ain`t bad). there´s some state of the art physical modeling in there. i heard some incredible violins, for example. just the stuff you`d want for this special type of keyboard.)
  3. skarby is irreplacable for me precisely because you don`t need any keyswitches to churn out funky basslines. i hate keyswitches, man but i hate the NI Access software. i always end up installing something else from that all-in-one package i got 5 years ago. after that i quickly realise i don`t like all these "new" fangled plugins and deinstall it all again. i`m sure i`ve done it once every year atleast. i`m just damaged goods when it comes to this. i hate having loads of theoretically very good plokins that i can`t really appreciate and that end up hampering my creativity. to make it clear: i deliberately opened a new NI account and bought the bass i already owned (atleast it was on 50% discount), just so that all these other fucking plugins don`t show up in the fucking Access software. yup. that`s how bad it is for me. talking about drums...addictive drums 1 was the first pricy plugin thing outside of fruity loops i ever bought. must`ve been 2007. i`m happy about this. it`s so good that it made me realise you can forget about the software upgrade craze once a certain base quality is covered. sufficient round robins, good sounds. no cpu, only takes 1.2 gb on HD. i am using a 150 euro netbook for music atm. 64 gb ssd it amazes me that this is basically enough for my needs today. i do appreciate the long blog post - it`s nice to hear you found personal peace in simplicity. the ukraine-russia-stuff is quite a mess and i can`t say i understand it too well - my problem is just the masses of people that seem to have it all figured out and become ez mode opinionated zombies. it just seems so cheap. actually, it`s quite funny; seeing the NI retard boycot gave me some rather illogical but effective comfort in considering that maybe, just maybe, my plugin related problems aren`t just down to my silly OCD, but that subconsciously, the mass market consumerist vibe of those things always rubbed me the wrong way....like corporate voodoo, or something. (it`s probably just OCD, but hey, who knows.)
  4. hey mi, funny to read this here. i agree completely. it is that spirit of berlin. seems like they all lost their mind in that fucking city. brainless dittoheads. it`s babylonian madness, kind of. i ditched all my native instrument stuff years ago because i am helplessly OCD about too many plugins, but recently decided to get a new account and just buy the one instrument from them i kind of need, the MM Bass from Skarby. seeing this fucking bonkers boycott message spawned a weird reaction.... somewhere between flabbergastment and not-surprised-by-pretty-much-anything-anymore-these-days.
  5. there`s some really well organised sf2s in that collection. the Rare stuff in particular. it`s a gold mine for people who are into digging up *trashure* from old romplers. just what i am into. awesome! p.s. even though i`m not getting any fucking music done, i think i just made up the word "trashure". if not, please let me dwell in the illusion that i am the first to use it a little longer.
  6. it's alright. i think this is my fav tune from terranigma. that's probably why i think this doesn't fully do it justice. i tried to remix it once and failed. it has this kind of melody that i've never heard elsewhere, and that really grew on me after prolonged play. it could make for a really legendary remix in my mind, one that would be near impossible to pull off. you'd have to get super lucky or/and be extremely skilled. that's my opinion. so, good tune choice anyway, hoboka! sorry, but my expectations for this particular tune are sky high.
  7. "thrash metal mode" is like the most inconsistent mode, completely made up by tryhard musicians lacking any theory. locrian mode can accidentally describe a lot of metal riffs, just because it's so dissonant. the most classic example of metal chromaticism is surely the intro riff of "master of puppets". i'm sure you know it. but that's only descending...there's way more possibilities. the second riff in this song (0:21) is actually a good example of what i meant! e|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----2-----3-----4-----3-----2-2-----2-----3-----5\4---5\4---5\4-| E|-0-1---0-1---0-1---0-1---0-1-----0-1---0-1---1-0-3\2-0-3\2-0-3\2-| it uses the minor second, as well as the major second at the end. as well as both the minor and major sixth (the "3"s and "4"s on the "A" string, which make that classic "james bond" theme sound). try making a melody in locrian...but you could just as well try to tack on a different section with a melody in myxolydian, or minor blues scale, or wtf ever! this type of contrast is often what makes boss themes great!
  8. the site just told me i am a "collaborator" now. that sounds questionable.
  9. i haven't done anything with my WIP for some days - i hope i'll get sth done. atleast i used my age old MidiNes cartridge in the process. that's already very cool. i learned from youtube videos that it's a very rare item by now ;D
  10. that's a nice name. thought it german because of the family name. i thought the choir fit nicely because everything before that is pretty synthetic, so it sounds relatively organic in comparison. if thinking in the greek modes helps you compose that's alright, but there's no rule either saying that you'd have to stick with a mode. what i'm hearing is what i call something like "dissonant thrash metal guitar riff" mode (because i learned most about it while learning classic metal guitar like metallica or slayer riffs.) it doesn't matter so much if it's a guitar or something else, it's about rhythm and dissonance. strictly thinking in the old diatonic modes isn't necessarily the best for doing good powerful and dark riffs like that - you might find that breaking it up with occasional chromaticism can work wonders. for example, the minor and major second can both sound very good in one riff if they're somehow used well interchangingly - and that's already beyond any of those modes. just something to keep in mind when composing stuff like this. the added freedom can be quite rewarding once you find out what you can do with it.
  11. no you don't need anything like that, it just has to feel right. upload a version of the track that shows a full loop. i like the choir stuff btw, sounds good. this sounds quite ok compositionally, as a boss tune. there's not enough energy in the synth riffs during the first 25 secs and that's more of a sound and mixing problem. but it's not bad man. boss tracks especially are a great opportunity to go wild and fuck theory. have fun, you're doing good (really.) but do provide a proper loop. it's all about how the track loops, especially if it's just a minute long. btw is uffe a real name?
  12. check this out: some good inspiration for DIY midi guitar. it's not rocket science, but you'll really enjoy having done something like this yourself. the libraries are totally ok, but this little tut hits closer to my heart.
  13. ultimate guitar kit by gregjazz is still the best lead guitar in soundfont format. just saying!1 (gregjazz is orangetree b4 he gone commercial) it's my one soundfont for lonely island if i could just pick one. it's really good. those slide releases at high velocity that's some good shit man. uh yea
  14. man, this is very tangential but whatever: just after writing the last post, i fired up fruity loops and did this random dissonant piano thing with a soundfont, and then thought a strings line would be nice with it; i remembered i had bought this physical modeling cello months or years ago, which sounded very cool but took away 50% cpu on its own! so i ditched it back then. i just put it back in my vst folder and completely lucked out on writing a lively sounding part with it. loaded up a breakbeat, and it's kinda going in the direction now of what venetian snares did with strings and breaks on that one album. it still takes up half the cpu but who cares if it just stays piano, cello and beats. awesome! one little bit of buyer's remorse curse lifted from my shoulders, it would seem! chheerss
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