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  1. a gameboy with all games ever released on GB would be such an epic item. it's going to be done once the copyrights don't interest anyone anymore...sometime in 20XX.
  2. so good to see there's people out there still trying to do big things with the secret of mana tracks. got a little teary eyed when i saw the whole youtube arrangement. great treatment of individual tunes, with some good and some so-so transitions. i (partly) realize the extreme work that must go into arranging, coordinating and mixing's an accomplishment in itself. it works as a megamedley. it's pleasant to listen to for sure. but of course, it meanders and lacks a greater development over 30 minutes. i think you could do incredible stuff if you focus a little less on cramming every tune you like in the soundtrack in there and see how you can expand the whole soundtrack with more involved, dynamic arranging (less 'next tune', more 'what does this need as a 30 minute piece'). of course, this multiplies the already staggering amount of work great work, and i see you've done similar things with other OSTs. i think megamedleys are cool, but they can be so much greater when you break up the 'tune after tune' formula at some point and go wild.
  3. Nase

    Capcom Home Arcade

    a giant capcom logo...why? some people are going to hang this on their wall. at this price though, it must have haptics that want to be an old arcade designed to last for a decade. weird product.
  4. this song pretty well sums up my feelings over the last year. it's not traditionally power, but certainly melodic. and it does carry that "force of the Dragon", without seeming silly one second. one of the best metal songs ever.
  5. someday some dude extremely well versed in music theory is gonna educate the courts about the mathematically finite amount of compositional variation and the massive musical body of work out there and that it just isn't realistic anymore to sue over what they used to sue over thus far. i can't understand your problem, but that day it will be solved for sure. i think it's paying homage i.e. love, respect, and that always trumps concerns over gray legality.
  6. i'll join this time. liking the selection, so random.
  7. just kidding mate. well i will remain SAC-less as i really still don't know how to automate stuff in kontakt, in FL. i never had to learn it, the way i use it! is there a simpler way than scrolling down an endless set of automatable parameters? i know the 'last knob tweaked' method doesn't work. i'm also more keen on working out a vg-like sound myself, by principle. but knowing zircon's daddycation, i can well believe it's a fun product for making anything game-like. the protodome demo track is just bonkers.
  8. oh, you distorted a bass sound? uh....well, it just sounded like a wonky guitar sample with lower tuning, the way you used it. i know the shreddage guitar is good for the sound i thought you envisioned, that being, hard rock/metal guitar. but hey, just experiment. you can play riffs with a heavily distorted bass. you'll get better at programming and amping and mixing it.
  9. cool jello bassline. sounds SoR enough, though i'm missing some of the grit that's typically associated with the streets of rage sound. well, you don't have to make it sound like a mega drive, but something in between would be nice. i'm liking the bubbly lead sound, while the detuned synths sound a bit cookie cutter whenever they get loud. not liking the filter settings there. thinking about it, i think the core quality of the SoR sound is it sounds 'warm', full, even when it's abrasive. that's lacking with some synths here. it's all a bit ravy with the sounds, when it could be more funky, housy, reduced, something. when only the bubbly lead synth plays with bass and basic drums, it's there. once the mix gets full, it's not that pleasant to listen to at loud volumes. it's partly a taste thing. i just don't dig some of those sound choices typically unless they're really expertly crafted.
  10. great mellow mix(ing), with thumping bass. not the type of tune i get really enthusiastic over, but a great job, it sounds very pleasing and balanced despite the deep bass. what else? hm, i like the double claps. nice little accent. good voice, and i like the phonetics of your language. the reverb tail is a bit too enya for me, i guess. it sounds great if you prefer that...horses for courses. the ending isn't particularily inspired. it just works. it would be a nice folk tune to steer into a very light proggy direction as it goes on (i.e. longer, a longer intermediate part with sparser sections that builds to some sort of climax). there already is a solo, for one. sounds like you're finished and probably pleased with it, just providing some ideas. it could have some compositional twists in there that make it stand out more. it's a nice folk tune with great mixing the way it is.
  11. woodworks is unassuming but nice once i got into it. when the drums kick in it gets quite good. cool segue b4 with the tubulars. i like the tubes. groove party is fun with the acoustic bass and minimal dance drums. could be more adventurous, with some soloing and stuff. tense encounter, soso. i've no problem with obviously fake guitar but i'm not a fan of this one and how it's used. some of the compositional elements are pretty good. i suggest a more center and punchy guitar sound, work on the patches' mixing and programming or pick another one to make teh chuggachugga sound energetic. woodwork is my fav. pleasant second listen.
  12. there goes the dump. there's some good stuff in there, if you take the time. i'll worry about making it presentable another time. for now it's just a bunch of disjointed semi-finished toons. enjoy, if you can!
  13. i'm currently finishing up a lot of stuff from last year, sometimes just with adhesive tape and the 'good enough' stamp. gotta start on new stuff sometime! anyway, here's something i just exported. enjoy