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  1. see if you can add a simple 4 to the floor beat in your mind (untz untz untz untz) to whatever you're hearing. it just takes some listening practice, and i can see why it's not so easy to figure out for you here, it's also the sounds and arrangement apart from the syncopated rhythms. everything is a bit blurry and eclectic. but if you can make it groove to an imaginary dance beat in your head, it's probably 4/4.
  2. hey mazedude, since you reacted to my post, i wanted to ask you something: have you ever put the original doom.wad into your tracker as a sound? because i remember doing this, and it produced a very distinctly pitched, a couple seconds long dark synth sound. i found this really astonishing and unlikely back then - and it should be reproducable. wanna try it?
  3. can't believe i never commented on this piece. i might compile a double CD set sometime with essential OCR classics from my time. cyborg blobby would have a definite spot on there. hugely creative, an infectious sound palette used to great effect, resulting in impossible levels of catchy-NES. i remember this one exploding on my senses back then, and raising awareness of how neat this site really is.
  4. in my book, mazedude just kind of came out of his egg and just was ready to rock by minute 1. this shit is timeless. i have nothing else to say about it i mean, maybe he's come a long way but i wouldn't be able to tell, judging from this. if he released this in 2010, i also woulda agreed to him having come a long way- it's quite crazy.
  5. this is a grown up mix. it's perfect i think. gotta respect mazedude. defying time
  6. and what a perfect pun to introduce said person...? nice coincidence, considering jake's overall (hi)story arc with OCR. wouldn't you say? also, pretty fucking groundbreaking in the medley department, for a tune from 2000. but well it's virt, what to expect. it's conceivable how to come up with this in 2000, but still, impressive!
  7. it does not get more legit than a blitz lunar midi.
  8. i just didn't know this. it's as good as the best streets of rage tracks. a really shining example of mega drive synthesis. great pick!
  9. adding to the list, i've been looking for sin wars by daknit, bard of tarot.
  10. i think they know this works with any console that was considered cool and interesting, not just with consoles that cater to a specific nostalgia crave. i'd consider buying this because it was never released over here, and i'd hope playing this wouldn't just feel vaguely nostalgic but also fresh, it being an unknown system to me. dreamcast mini would be similarily amazing, in that same vein. what also makes these less successful but cool consoles attractive for a mini release is that with their modest amount of game releases, you could get a really comprehensive list of titles into one box. not just a quality sampling like with the SNES classic, but something that feels like you're really getting everything that made the console great. imagine an intellivision mini, though. that's where i'd draw the line...
  11. great long mix! well done on pulling the genre medley thing off. the happy hardcore/rave-ish ending was a cool way to top it off, even though it was very goofy compared to the other styles. "c'mon, unatco's after both of us" was an unfitting sample to end it with. not very epic. overall, this is an enjoyable format you never heard so much in the vein of on this site. i like it.
  12. i love secret of evermore. it's unlike any game. i cannot fathom how people seriously dislike it. does nostalgia factor into it? yes, because i was 'pure' when i played it. secret of evermore has a lot of things to like if you break them down methodically. it just doesn't seem like most of those qualities are picked up well by a non-nostalgic, well - saturated audience 20+ years later. the color palette. the graphics. everything about SoE's looks screams 'deep' to me. it was such a good choice to go with subdued, earthy colors for this game, despite the virtual reality setting. the music. some of jeremy soule's finest work. great ambient pieces too, experimental for the SNES hardware. the adventure/oldschool aspects. you could get lost in these dark woods for hours, as a child, before you start taking notes. without a guide, some parts of the game were pretty hardcore. the wholy story, while campy, is simply highly original for a SNES game. the 4th act fell a bit short overall, that's my only critique of this game. the gameplay is fine. it's like the most extreme 'total conversion' of Secret of Mana possible. a totally different game with the same base mechanics. but yet, every youtube video ever talking about SoE rates this game lowly. most just say it's a bad SoM copy, some go deeper and just hate every aspect of it with a passion. i don't get it., i'm probably not entirely on topic, but i wanted to write this at least once somewhere. Evermore's a fucking great adventure game. i can't understand why none of the magic i experienced with it 20+ years ago is widely recognized. maybe, and this is something i didn't think about before but it makes sense, maybe the intentional campyness is what makes people nowadays rate this game so lowly. not that they admit to it consciously, but it still totally influences the verdict. that theory makes most sense to me. and then there's localizations....i don't know how badly styled the campyness of SoE US was....i just know that the campyness of german SoE was in fact, pretty bad. i still loved the game. anyway i think the huge topic talking about this nostalgia stuff is 'BLISS' and what constitutes it, and often talking about bliss makes stuff not blissier but boring. it's like, hey i was a child it's magick, and yea i can upgrade my sentence building machine to the point where i can verbalize this bliss experience in fancy ways...i mean it's good, it's fun to talk about that, but it is seldom in itself....blisssssssss it's just talking about bliss. it's a good word though, innit? in the end everything is interwoven. all your experiences through spacetime. that's nostalgia. EVERYTHING sorta. if i want to find an 'objective' quality of a game, i would try and start with something like tetris attack. something snappy 1v1, with great mechanics. hard to relativate that. but tetris attack is not an adventure. there's just something about adventures. and being non-jaded, non-cynical, non-saturated enough to embark upon them. being is that? what is eternal youth? what is everythingß?????
  13. ok. i had a gameboy when i was 5 or 6, with just 2 games, tmnt 2 and dr. mario. i played and won the hardest level in dr. mario really early. i never beat the final boss in turtles. a friend of mine had megaman, which struck me as a particularily hard core game. don't think i finished a single stage, but then again i never had it for myself. i remember liking the music. when i was 11, i got a pocket game boy i pretty much exclusively played link's awakening on, often in school during breaks. thinking about it, i always got every console and very little games. my dad always liked gadgets, so he ended up buying them with me in mind, but he wasn't interested in getting me a lot of games. i had enough to play so i didn't complain. 2 game boys, 1 game gear, a mega drive, an old 386 with commander keen 1-6 among others, and finally my cherished snes.
  14. i paid around the same for a device to write on and load from cartridge 10 years ago, just to have backups in case my little sound dj cart connected via this huge pin connector the old printers used. and it was sloooow. $130 is not thaat much for such a niche product.
  15. a gameboy with all games ever released on GB would be such an epic item. it's going to be done once the copyrights don't interest anyone anymore...sometime in 20XX.