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  1. the highs/mid highs are just too much. hihats etc. this sonic mix works better though than the other more metal one. less compressed etc. yeah, my $100 backup speakers just aren't as good as i previously thought. thanks for the encouraging comments though!! and thanks hemo for the headsup regarding brass and breath; i think about that stuff too little. not that it HAS to be realistic that way necessarily, but it's a good thing to consider. now i only gotta make this project file work over here....because while my speakers are much better now, the PC i got here is a netbook with 4 GB RAM. i might be able to barely make this work.
  2. hi pixelseph! to spare you some work: listening to this on my good speakers (back home from vacation), i can see it's pretty jarring. i like this one for its creative choices, but the mix ain't there yet, and the arrangement is also gonna be some work. so don't worry, i don't need detailed feedback regarding mixing because i can hear it myself now. yeah but the potential is there. what an awesome source as well!
  3. i'm back home, and this sounds good on my KRK's. i think the judges should like the mixery. idk. not my forte but sounds good to me. the arrangement seems alright, but somewhat meandering. maybe what i call "meandering" after first listen is exactly what you wanted to achieve here. the crescendo in dissonance 3:30 onwards seems pretty cool, and maybe a vague nod to the generally adventurous spirit of yuzo's SOR music! from your comments it seems you're a big fan of the OST and a lotta thought went into the mix...probly lotsa stuff i cannot appreciate after first listen. i love the SoR stuff but i don't know it extremely well, and i'm no elektro musik expört either. i would have to listen to this atleast 10 times and see if your arrangement grows on me. lotsa good electro musik is what you'd call "meandering", but it does have to grow on ya don't it. maybe i will over the next week! cheerz! and thanks for reminding me of SoR! i'm looking for stuff to remiks, and especially SoR II has some bangers i might tackle someday if i feel very confident!
  4. yeah, i think the vocals stuff is generally among the least problematic regarding A.I. use. just my 2 c. btw...i didn't even think of the obvious in my last post... a screenshot of the arrangement window of your sequencer is pretty decent proof that you atleast put some level of work into your remix. it doesn't say anything about where the MIDI data came from, of course. that could always be (partly) A.I. generated. but if a mix from a newcomer seems sus, asking for a screenshot of the project would be one means of clarification...atleast somewhat.
  5. eh, providing that AI will get good fast at writing at least very serviceable remixes...isn't it all based on good faith at this point, anyway? the essay or info bit would be more of an outlet for the artist to be honest and simultaneously highlight why they think this creative M.O. was interesting in their mind. i think if you allow the use of AI, it's good to at the very least encourage honest disclosure about the particular use. even if someone *hacks* the judges panel with an almost purely A.I. created remix (and maybe an equally A.I. created faux essay detailing the use of A.I.), they could still disclose it later on in the remix comments... "hhahaha gotcha!" then it's funny atleast. i think we oughta be focused on people who care about creativity period...setting up some punkbuster-like anti-cheat system seems futile. (of course, you could employ an A.I. to punkbust mixes that are likely created by A.I., but that would seem a very elon musk solution. can't beat em, join em :D)
  6. so in the end, the A.I. assisted piece would be justified by an essay by the artist detailing the creative input process. (and it being a good piece.) right? but it's still zukunftsmusik at this point as we say in german. i think a flat out anti-AI-policy is the right step until we get a better grasp of the creative potential of future tools.
  7. i don't think it's that - i think the plugin just hasn't been tested well on FL. i should write the dev a letter, really. the whole plugin is a bit wonky in FL - like, the for the included presets in ML drums, half of them load with a badly distorted kick drum. when i load the kick drums myself in my own presets, all plays fine. i can use it fine right now if i just record the master with edison, the sampler, in FL... i think the finnish dude who made it needs a few bug reports from FL studio users.
  8. i tried that one out after reading about it in your post, and it's quite good. it has a rather hifi sound that works well in contrast with the age old vanilla addictive drums 1 that i still use. i got the basic drum expansion plus the grit and yamz pack. so, 90 bucks for a lot of possible combinations. these aren't the most articulate and fine grained dynamic drums, the packs are pretty small (just 300 mb on the grit drums e.g.). old AD1 has way more dynamic range for subtle ghost hits and stuff. but they sound plain good, and are suitable for harder hitting rock/metal stuff that AD1 vanilla doesn't do well. so between the two, i feel i got all the drums i need now! it does seem though like ML Drums is crashing FL Studio when you try to export audio with it. that's pretty bad :P
  9. hm, lotsa bots frequenting OCR these days huh? the thread view has gone to over 300, but only 23 soundcloud listens. any opinions? i've found that i'll ditch or re-write the intro (less metal from the start). it's gotta be 4:30 or 5 minutes long in the end...still some work. kinda worn out on it now, but i'll pick it back up. i hope :) i think there's high potential to do more interesting funk/metal fusion stuff.
  10. i've recently downloaded zxtune on android, and it has similar functionality. i've found lots of cool japanese arcade game osts on obscure FM synth chips since. just by randomly going through the archives while taking a walk. basically stuff that's reminiscent of the streets of rage sound. i haven't had a cellphone for a while, but i borrowed this fat clunky one from my dad that he bought specifically for watching youtube. it has this big integrated loudspeaker. it's perfect for blasting your vicinity with blaring chiptunes XD i can see myself annoying a lot of folks when i go travelling in the summer, hehe. going on walks with an app like this is perfect for finding new interesting OSTs. when i'm at home, i tend to only listen to the old stuff i know already, if at all. and i agree, these apps are great, it's like digging for gold nuggets. there's so much trash in these archives, but when you find a nugget it's so fun. it goes for game OSTs as well as chip musician archives. there should be a random radio play feature in there. something that randomly draws the next tune from the big archive lists.
  11. whew. i've been working on this for a while. much harder than the sonic mix from last month. i had to pick something for my 2nd remix attempt that's somewhat beyond my current skill level. not that i HAD to but i did. maybe i work that way. i can't remember. ;) where i'm doing music rn, there's this nasty resonance in the room and furniture and stuff whenever i play a low C. mix sounds pretty good to me on headphones, but i can't trust the speakers too much. so tell me about the sound if you can. i'm inexperienced with the harder rock mixing stuff, still. but pretty damn psyched where this could go!! this might be my fav tune from any sonic game, period! and i've found it notoriously hard to arrange well (tried several times over the last 20 years!) give the OG a listen; to me it's one of the best 8bit tunes out there. listen to the transposition +3 semitones at 0:38; i love that part. it works so effort- and seamlessly in 8bit, but i found it really hard to do well in an arrangement. because i couldn't get it right, i used the stage intro jingle that sonic 2 has to segueway into it, at 2:10 in my remix (same thing the mix intros with. probly gonna change the intro.) anyway....i think i'm halfway there roundabouts... might be a lotta work still or very little, can't say. also depends on how crazy the finale is gonna be. the stuff 2:10 onwards basically feels more like finale already, so maybe i will re-use it later on and go a little lower energy before. as i said, beyond my current level, so i'm trial&error-patchworking a lot. tell me what you think. too disjointed?? <3 nase!! (i am psyched ;D)
  12. genny has everything AND if you use FL you can use it as a native FL plugin. means you can use the pitch notes and stuff! i bought rym2612 as well, but then i found genny and....felt a bit stupid tbh :S especially cause i am an FL user and you never see that, someone releasing a free 3rd party plugin in FL format. it's really good! has the PSG as well. also has the drum/sample channel! and it uses NO cpu and i dig the interface more and and and. multitimbral one instance full genesis. it could be that the sound of the inphonik one is a bit better? i think genny just uses the sound engine of some well known genesis emulator. sounds good to me anyway. edit: yknow, i feel stupid now...basically i think people should just use what they love or what grows on them. but well...i was really blown away by genny. what can i say. especially amazing for FL users, as i said. ok, enough :)
  13. what are you using? i wanna do Blackened now :) i have GennyFL, still pretty lazy with it. eventually i would like to learn how to do a solid hard rock sound like Comix Zone, but automate the parameters in a way that makes it sound like real guitar intonation. that would be like holy grail. you know, like wails, feedback, string muting, pinch harmonics etcetc....i reckon really advanced stuff is possible with loads of effort.
  14. hey, virt must know; on the other hand: if you played a lot of one man game projects released on e.g. iOS, i'm sure you've heard the odd free tune appearing in games over and over. a lot of them are....pretty iffy :P honestly, i'd get a kick out of hearing some tunes of mine in different amateur-ish games, and seeing how they're being used. it's kind of remix culture in its own way. and one could easily make something catchy, or with a bit more personality than a lot of these creative commons oldies, or whatever license they use. like, making something kinda generic, but with some twists and a certain trademark sound. in all likeliness your stuff won't be used for ages, and then at age 50 you suddenly find a little amateur game using a 15 year old tune of yours. it's just a cool idea.
  15. very good. i haven't kept track with how advanced the publically available music a.i. stuff is compared to the text and visual stuff...and i really don't wanna. getting back into music making is freaking hard enough as it is :D i wanna take my stand against a.i. in my own little way...i have to believe that the value of making music lies in the process, not the results. the personal relationship you form with the notes and sounds while making music. got a lot to learn until i can completely embody that stance; honestly a large part of me has always been very results oriented, kinda greedy that way. we artists have to prepare for 'spiritual war' in that sense; like, fuck it, we're doing it live. but nothing against folks who wanna use a.i. in a creative fashion. not for me. idk, i might cave in for deep fake vocals at some point...as long as i write the notes and lyrics myself. basically, as long as i feel like i am doing the damn thing, more than the machine. like, give me a vocal model of freddy mercury or rob halford or celine dion, and give me all the fine grained controls to make em totally glitch out when i want to.
  16. it's very cheezy tho innit? i reckon it could be very nice cheeze once the arrangement is fiddled out. but the melody (the very sugary one) sounds very different at this bpm and groove. i tried to make it gain bpm for a while, so it goes back to the energy of the original the more the song goes on, but couldn't get it to work. so, gotta optimize on the "good cheeze" part. that's why i have this nagging feeling that i'd rather start a different mix, for now :S but maybe i'll come back to this one. with a fresher mind. heh :) this one needs a lot of cool soloing and stuff if it's gotta pass the "really good cheeze" marks, ......and stuff. i kinda still lack agility for that. or you make it really minimal and full pop, or....whatever. idk what to do with this right nao! haha. it's ok i guess. ty for comments!
  17. i like physical modelling. being positively surprised by it, getting a lively (if not totally realistic) result. PLUGINS 4 FREE - Free Audio Plug-ins Archives: Quilcom i like what this dev is putting out, so far. particularily, this church organ simulation Download Free Pipe organ rank simulator plugin: Rank Two by Quilcom (plugins4free.com) sounds absolutely excellent for some presets. never had such a big tutti organ sound. go to his website for a 64 bit version. also, the dizi flute seems quite good. Download Free Dizi flute plugin: SIM-DIZI by Quilcom (plugins4free.com) try playing the ennio morricone western themes on it while using the modwheel for expression. it clearly can do a good range of different flute sounds, though the vibrato/breath controller maximum (what the modwheel does, anyway) just sounds very spaghetti western. this dude has a plethora of physical modelling experiments. all with a differing success rate i guess. i can't just download 10 vstis anymore and try them out, i get ditzy OCD by all the options. so maybe you find a nice pick in there, and a way to use them effectively. if so, leave a note here! or talk about any other freeware (or not) physical modelling devices, for that matter. P.S. i'm still looking for a physically modeled solo electric guitar that is impressive at soloing. it don't have to be all around realistic, as that's just plain unrealistic.
  18. you already helped a bit i think...i started something a few days ago after writing&reading on here. it's not super duper but was enough to make me quite happy. was so starved for getting a groove going before!!
  19. yeah, i got lucky a few days back, in the morning. this old fav tune sprang into my mind, green hills (actually, stage 5 in the 8 bit sonic 2!) it's pretty WIP-y after 2 minute mark. i'm a bit stuck for now, but idea is a buildup of course, to something.
  20. ha, that's cool redshadow. i haven't been using soundcloud for a while. i'll get back to you when i have anything new and noteworthy, because i love the idea of my music being blasted to some random ppl in the states. but it's gotta be something new. my music from 2018ish was really just about coping with the strange new reality. i can do much better...but it's gotta happen!! i gotta get out of this strange anti-creative loop. for reals.
  21. definitely. over-analytical and just plain traumatized by all the crap that happened in those years. i have tried some pure cbd early on in 2019, when the voices situation was still pretty new. it's not really for me. i tried some weed a few weeks ago, and it was good for letting the fingers, like, just fall on the keyboard and see what they do. but it's a thing i better only do once a month or so. my history with cannabis is iffy. anything meditative is the way to go. biggest change for me has been doing regular cold showers. whenever i feel like not quite myself, cold water shock is good for gaining some presence. big fan of wim hof, and what he's saying about the vagus nerve and stuff. if i'm not wrong, that nerve can be connected to hearing voices, and becoming acquainted with the sensation of the cold can help you gain back some control.
  22. in principle. they're not the very best tunes. but i managed to prove to myself that i can still make music while hearing voices. cause that shit started around that time, 2017-18. these days, i can cancel out the voices a bit better and am accustomed to it, but i definitely lost my muse on the way. 2019-21 was fucking terrible for me. it's fucking weird...i am sorta deconstructing the principle of "happy accidents", or i guess musical luck, whenever i try to sequence. but i don't reach that point often anymore where it just takes me over and i gotta do that tune, you know? i am much more alive than 3 years ago, but i haven't found my music mojo again. i'm in this weird analytical space regarding luck, in relation to sequencing.. because even though i have some chops, i have to say that most of my tiny musical brilliances were mostly luck. and that made me get really interested in the principles of what we call "luck"! final word: even though i fucking sucked in 2004, i was so good at sequencing stuff that excited me, because i felt it simply hadn't really been done exactly like that! much harder today innit?
  23. hey this has beautiful energy!! what is the german title about?? you have me intrigued.
  24. yeah, it's a similar sound. but without any real compositional meat. he showed me this back then. it's a good mockup thing, but doesn't really do justice to starcraft. i was thinking about finding and posting it, actually. so thanks, shadow! shna is a genius, but this one is just a little creative project of his from a looong time ago, and it neither captures the energy of the sound of the OST, nor is it quite there compositionally. it's still very fucking good. illustrates what i was getting at perfectly. like, my mockup would be much worse i guess my emphasis is: the starcraft ost is really really good. like, much better than a lot of good albums. my opinion. ok, part of my appreciation of the OST is that i think we are embroiled in a global war about what is human these days, and the terran themes have become emblematic to me. they're a symbol to me. i just cannot deny that. that's why i have listened to them for so many times. it's definitely grounded in the awesomeness of the compository amazingnesss though. ha seriously, starcraft what a good story!!!! terrans all the way! ZERG MUST DIE!!!!
  25. the bass on the first one sure is great. the slapping, plus all the pedal fx use to make it sound like a completely faithful upgrade. i've been listening to terran 1-3 for so long when i go out with headphones. must've clocked in over 100 times in the last year. i like everything about the OG tracks. my appreciation for the arrangement and mixing kept growing. i mean i love the tunes, but i love their sound equally by now. completely sweet spot between BGM and rocking for me. not obtrusive, but as rockin as can be if you try progrock with that kind of midlate 90's soundset. i think the holy grail for SC terran remixes would be to pay equal amounts of homage to both the tunage and the peculiar prog/BGM makeshift mix, without copying too hard. and the megamix idea by BattleCake seems good to me. Terran 1-3 are totally a single progrock suite. but it has to be intervowen and stuff. could be pretty conservative, could be completely insane, because between the 3 tracks you have just sooo many motifs to work with. you can generate hundreds of completely unique mixes from the terran 1-3 idea pool. yeah that's just my idea. not starting work on it anytime soon i think, because...well i need more chopz and/or luck. but maybe i can start saving some patches that sound starcrafty, and making some bullshit music with them. yeah, starcraftian mockup. crappy alternate universe OST version. sounds great in theory. has anyone here tried their hand at sounding kinda like the SC Terran mixes? i think it should be fun.
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