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Undertale - Hopes And Dreams COVER/REMIX


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I only got to play Undertale when it came to Nintendo Switch and I'm happy that I finally did. Amazing story and gameplay with some really memorable tunes. This one just stuck out as a song I really wanna cover, so here you go! 

I know there's like a million covers of this already, but with this one I really wanted to stuck to the original arragement as much as possible. 

Enough talk, have fun! 


Original songs:


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Oh, we've got some Undertale going down on here - great soundtrack. You do some fine work with the live guitar work, and it's pretty solidly produced, as well.

Since this has the EVAL tag, though, I've got to say how it'd fair on the panel, and to that I'd have to say it'd likely be greatly enjoyed, and then quickly rejected because it's a really close cover of the source, with similar/identical instruments to the source to boot. The final section that plays Undertale is very jarring, as well, being a completely different in instrumentation and style; it's basically two different songs side-by-side. So while it's a fun cover, I'd suggest not submitting it to OCR at this stage as it's indeed a cover, which OCR would not accept.

Great stuff, though - glad you shared it with the WIP forums.

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