I found this useful "course" on listening to music like a producer and engineer

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A while ago I stumbled upon this website that offered helpful content for someone like myself who is trying to grow in the different areas of music production. It is a project called "Play with your music", which came out of a university in New York (I think). They set it up as a kind of free and online learning community where you can do group assignments, but from the looks of it the project has been abandoned for some time. Finding your way around the forums is a bit tricky, but I wanted to share at least one link that I found useful:

Listen like a producer and engineer

There is text and also video to help you understand what is going on. I found the visual aids particularly helpful and the whole thing helped me pay closer attention to what I hear in music. The content is organized in theory and assignments which you could do with a group.

They also had stuff about basic music theory which, though not new to me, did help by using that same visual approach.

Its too bad that the project appears dead. I think it had potential. The homepage shows some of the modules they were going to offer, which seemed interesting to me.

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