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Pitchfork Reviews the Ocarina of Time OST

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Okay, not quite as huge a deal as this would've been 6-8 years ago, as Pitchfork has lost a lot of influence as of late, with the new-ish popularity of YouTube music reviewers and recommendation algorithms. BUT I've personally been waiting for them to review a game OST since I started reading in 2002, so this is really cool to me. What do you think of it? I like the esoteric tidbits of Nintendo and Koji Kondo lore.


I would praaaaahbably agree that OoT is the best soundtrack ever (white-hot take, I know), in the sense that it has stuff that's both catchy and ambient, and has so many pieces of music that are integrated into not only the gameplay, but the story and world-building of the game itself. A lot of subtlety, a lot of earworms, and everything always serves its purpose in-game almost flawlessly. 

Thoughts on the review? Thoughts on how well the OoT music/game has aged? Is it overrated? Underrated? What do you think makes a game soundtrack great?

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