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Metroid Prime Original Music (Sounds like MP)

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Hello all. I just recently posted some remixes in the remixes subforum. I am new here and would like to share some WIP pieces for feedback. Here are some tracks to check out and critique. They should give you an impression of the extent to which Metroid, especially Prime, has affected my creative life. I hope you enjoy these and become immersed into the world of Metroid


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Cool stuff man!  I have a bit of experience with Prime-inspired music myself, always great to see like-minded musicians :)

I think that bass in the beginning of the first track could use some refinement, it strikes me as too dry and over-the-top for a MP track.  I also like plain sine waves without the layering for most of my MP leads, but that's more a matter of personal preference.  I think things sound a lot more cohesive at the 1:15 mark - aside from maybe some more percussive texturing, this part works great for me!

I think the second track works better for me overall, you've used the patches that were used in the MP OSTs really effectively.  I'm not sure I'd make the track as long as it is without much structural change, but if you like it, keep it!

If you don't mind my asking, how did you get access to the original synth patches used in the games?  Did you buy the old hardware or are you emulating things somehow?

Nice work, keep it up!

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Hey thanks for the response! Sorry I didn't get back sooner. 

Thanks for all the feedback!

I did actually buy hardware. I found a video that tipped me off to what I needed.

The synth was plugged into my former Mesa Boogie DC-5 and recorded using a cellphone.

I perused the patches and really used my ears to find them. The synth is not a Roland or Yamaha.

It is a synth that is less than 21 years old.

I know what the Metroid Prime lead patch is but I actually recreated it in Omnisphere for that first track.


The choir patch IS from a Roland product. 1990s and Roland has a virtual vst of it on Roland Cloud.

Your Remnants track has drums that remind me of Phazon Mines somewhat.

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Obviously I'm no good at timely responses either haha.  Thanks for the info!  I probably won't be buying the hardware, though If I can find a way to emulate it I'd love to have the patches to use for myself.  The closest I've gotten is making patches myself that are in the Metroid Prime ballpark, mostly with Serum - might have to make it a pack for download at some point!

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On 10/22/2019 at 6:38 PM, HoboKa said:

ver5 sure is sexy.

Those adaptive waaoooohhh FX work really well, least for me.  That's cool that you've sampled the sounds from the actual game.  This is incredible work!


Thank you! Interestingly enough, after years of searching I found the actual hardware used for the soundtrack. I used the synth and ran it through my Mesa Boogie DC-5 that I had at the time in my college dorm. The gear Yamamoto used can be found among the Roland, Korg, and E-MU products mostly between 1998 and 2001. I still want to finish the mix for Matrix Meltdown; however, I have different plugins and there are some plugin conflicts, etc...I just need to make it a project to restore the file and finish the mix.

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