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  1. Hey thanks for the reply! Yes I think the beats need revised. I left the hats out in the epic harmony part as well, which need to be added in. I think the intro itself should crescendo and needs more life as well. I'll hopefully be able to work on it after I graduate from college here. Maybe I'll have time before then. Thanks for the feedback so far! This piece ended up taking on a life of its own. I use the synths I think sound absolutely the best to my tastes and I let the instruments tell the story. To me, it sounded somewhat oppressive and overbearing and that's the direction it headed. All my synth and drum choices are heavily informed by Metroid Prime, Half-Life 2, rock music, metal music...etc. There actually is an exact synth used in Metroid Prime 2 in this piece of music.
  2. Here is the beginning of my remix for Estate Betrayal...I'll need to work on the drums next. I need to also get the attack right on the strings so that they swell more!
  3. Here is a piece of music I have wanted to make for a long time. But I hadn't had as good a start on a piece as this one for it to earn the honorary title of "Theoretical Synthesist". Have at it and enjoy what I have so far! There will be a few anti-climactic moments as this is highly experimental and very early on.
  4. Hey all. Here is a continuation of my piece called "Lethal Light". This is more like the boss's cavernous lair.
  5. This is my first full length EDM song (with lyrics) that I am composing. It deals with the disease of political correctness and following others absentmindedly. I am posting it to see what people think of the concept. I will be working on the transitions and extra verses in the mean time. The vocalist in the chorus (myself) personifies the world and the powers of evil (Satan)...while the verse is more me singing to myself as myself (and to whoever understands what I am singing about)...I'll let you guys connect with the lyrics before I reveal the rest.
  6. Hey guys. Here is an original song I am currently composing. I need to work on transitions, etc, but I want to see how the general concept affects others.
  7. Honestly man. I can't do remixes either...but I think it comes down to me loving the originals too much to change them. I'm sure I could make a great remix, but I love the original synthesizers used too much to change that. You are far better off and more original if you compose your own stuff like this. The dungeon theme has an 80s vibe to it which is nice. I remember when I first started composing music, my music group often told me my tracks sounded "retro". To me, that was a bad word, considering I wanted to push forward with music. The problem is, I really don't like modern music. My tastes for music end in the mid 2000's sound wise. The ultimate examples of original, HIFI, well composed music for me are Kenji Yamamoto's tracks from Metroid Prime.
  8. Hello everyone! If you like rockin' music in the style of Kelly Bailey, Kenji Yamamoto (Metroid Prime), or Metallica, check this out
  9. Chemical Zone Remix WIP! I hope you guys enjoy head bobbing like a maniac!
  10. Hello everyone! It's me, and I am once again up to no good. Here is my latest work in progress. My goal is to recreate the original track closely and then add new elements on top!
  11. Thank you! Interestingly enough, after years of searching I found the actual hardware used for the soundtrack. I used the synth and ran it through my Mesa Boogie DC-5 that I had at the time in my college dorm. The gear Yamamoto used can be found among the Roland, Korg, and E-MU products mostly between 1998 and 2001. I still want to finish the mix for Matrix Meltdown; however, I have different plugins and there are some plugin conflicts, etc...I just need to make it a project to restore the file and finish the mix.
  12. Made using a Yamaha CS80 recreation. This was my first piece with the synth.. Enjoy!
  13. Here is my concept of Norfair so far if Kenji Yamamoto had recreated it for use in Metroid Prime!
  14. Here is a lone warrior type of theme. It isn't necessarily for Half-Life, but I used some Freeman art because he embodies the lone warrior archetype. Let me know what you think so far.