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Who has a copy of "Essential Dictionary of Orchestration"?

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I grabbed a pirate copy of it so I could look through and see what it is. As I browse it, this is a pretty neat little guide that really keeps it short and to the point with sheet music examples.

All it is, though, is just a dictionary of orchestral instruments with good, to the point information on what it does and tips on how to orchestrate it. This thing would not be able to teach you better orchestration, but it DOES give you a lot, lot, lot of info you would need to have to figure out orchestration piece-by-piece. It's like, you're not buying a sandwich here, but you are buying bread, meat, cheese, sauce, etc.

For $10, you could do a lot worse with that money than this, just depends on if you need the individual orchestral stuff handy or if you need something to teach you how to really orchestrate.

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