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"Shyless" - Remix of The Tendas' Cave from Earthbound


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Hello there. This is my first time on this site, and I wanna share, and possibly submit, a remix I've created.

It's a remix of The Tendas' Cave from Earthbound, as stated in the title. It turns the normally slow and mysterious song into something fast and bold. A couple melody lines from The Lost Underworld, the area in the game right afterwards, are also present. I got inspired to create this remix after playing through Earthbound the first time last year. It also helps that basically no remixes of this song exist from what I've seen.

It's already technically completed, but I am willing to make improvements if need be.

Hope you guys enjoy.


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Never thought I'd find a cover of this song, especially such an energetic one! I can make out the source very clearly, and the synth(s) used for the melodies are captivating. The piece is crisp and spritely, with plenty to say in 2 short minutes. I wish it was longer, but it does feel finished at its length. Very nice work!

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