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SNES Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest - Eurobeat Remix

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Ah, Guardia Forest. You did the source a service with this piece. There's the enigmatic, sweeping quality of the original with all the energy of the style. Love it. Dreamy yet lively, lots of little trills and pitch variations that add a lot of flair. Furthermore, it reminds me of some of the musical stylings of Mario Kart, which I find humorous. Your effort really comes through here, well done!

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. I found it to be a very interesting challenge to work on Eurobeat with non-functional harmony because usually Eurobeat is based on extremely functional harmony, it's almost like a formula. I love playing with the boundaries of a genre and to try to discover which stereotypes I need to keep so that I can skip others so that it's still recognisable.

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