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Street Fighter II USA Medley

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Hello everyone, I have made a medley of the three American fighters from Street Fighter II (Balrog, Ken, and Guile). I thought it might be appropriate as this time of year seems to get overlooked in themes, but I also don't want to overshadow the reason for the season. Thanksgiving is traditionally and American holiday, so I thought I'd bring in an anthem worthy of a world warrior. I'm happy to be in a position to submit for feedback as I am pretty proud of how this has turned out so far. Thank you for listening. 






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Okay, sure, I'll give you some feedback! Overall, it's good, and I think with a few simple changes, you'll be on the right track.

First, I think the biggest problem is the EQ of the whole track. It sounds like there's a blanket over it. On the mp3 I've attached, I've made the EQ changes you can see on the attached picture. This "smile" EQ curve is pretty basic and goes a long way to improving your track's clarity.

I also compressed the heck out of it, trying to give some life to the whole track, but the drums in particular. The programming of the drums is fine, but the sound itself is kind of chintzy, especially the snare. I don't know what VSTs you have for drums, but this particular set sounds kinda weak. The compression helps a lot, but I'd still like to hear what some different snares sound like instead.

I like the "background" sounds and would bring them forward (and maybe vary their panning a little), like the piano throughout and the synth in the last third. They're what make the track interesting, so I'd showcase them a little more.

The hard-panned rhythm guitars are a little bland. I'd like to hear less whole notes out of them, and more rhythmic chugging to help give the track some energy.

It's a good medley, it's solid guitar work, and it's got a lot of good pieces!



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