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Hello! - Three Original Game Tracks

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Hey there OC Remix. I'm a loooong time fan of this place . . . as in, I remember downloading tunes to groove to back in 2002 (McVaffe was my idol - holy moly!). I'm trying to write more music, and learn the ins and outs of digital production (I'm looking at you compression), and along the way I've realized something pretty big - I can't do a proper remix of anything to save my life. I can churn out original tracks easily enough, and do straight covers (with nicer soundfonts, or in FamiTracker), but actually remixing has me totally flummoxed. I hope that spending more time here and doing some deep listening will help me sort myself out!


Anyway, here are a couple of originals . . .

This is the first track I made when I bought FamiTracker last year. I asked my wife what I should write and she said, "write the theme for a mechanical underwater dungeon from a budget PlayStation or Saturn game." I think it worked out well enough, though the mix is rough:


I've always been a fan of Capcom's CP2 soundtracks, but I've never been able to get my CPS2 soundfonts to sound right. I made do here with my Korg M1 VST:


Castlevania: Rondo of Blood has such a mighty, mighty soundtrack. I attempted to write something in that style, but my understanding of mixing is still pretty meager, so it doesn't sound as powerful at all:


Thanks for listening y'all - looking forward to growing as a composer and arranger!


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Honestly man. I can't do remixes either...but I think it comes down to me loving the originals too much to change them. I'm sure I could make a great remix, but I love the original synthesizers used too much to change that. You are far better off and more original if you compose your own stuff like this. The dungeon theme has an 80s vibe to it which is nice. I remember when I first started composing music, my music group often told me my tracks sounded "retro". To me, that was a bad word, considering I wanted to push forward with music. The problem is, I really don't like modern music. My tastes for music end in the mid 2000's sound wise. The ultimate examples of original, HIFI, well composed music for me are Kenji Yamamoto's tracks from Metroid Prime.

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