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MAGFest Panel announcement - Videogame Music as Program music


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Hi everybody! Hope you had a good Xmas! 

I have an announcement for the upcoming 2020 MagFest if any of you are going:

This Saturday, 4th January, 10am at MagFest - we will be running a Panel on how Videogame music can act as Program Music. As an example, we will be performing with a scaled-down Orchestra, the Symphonic Poem 'The Creation of Hyrule', an hour-long epic which contains music from 8 different LoZ soundtracks to explain and illustrate how Videogame OST can tell a definite story. This is a piece I posted a couple of years ago in the 'Post your Remixes' Forum if you want to know more about it. 

If you are going, and like Zelda music or the concept we're trying to illustrate in this panel, then PLEASE come along for an amazing one-off experience!! 

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