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SEGA Genesis Music - Collabs, Covers and Originals

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm updating this with several collaborative works. All of these were initially written by swosp, and what you hear in all of these tracks contain varying degrees of alterations to the original composition.

The first one is kinda vaporwave and utilizes the Sonic 3 sound driver.


Next, I kinda just played with the sounds until I found something that sounded just right to me. Also kinda mellow, but not as mellow as the first one in this reply. 



Next is some of the heavier stuff swosp wrote for a symphonic metal side project.



And here's the one that got him started sending me his MIDI. At the time when I made this, I had no knowledge of his old metal project, for which he had originally written this. He had uploaded it as an 8 bit chiptune, and my first thought was to not just Genesize it, but metallize it as well. This is the result of my work with it.



If you just search Google for "Satiment Alidwel Grothen," you'll find not only the 8 bit version, but not too deep into the results is the original rendition under the band name "Absilentia."

Here's swosp's Newgrounds page. He's rather versatile, as he also produces beats and EDM (and then some).


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