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    Seth Skoda is a crazy dude who has been through a lot of shit in his life. He grew up in foster care in the Philadelphia area and was made to take Ritalin from a young age, so now he's all fucked up. He's generally nice, but can also be a complete ass at times. He will engage in some amount of human interaction, but is generally an introvert and antisocial asshole.
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  1. Right now, it's just a concept track made with SEGA Genesis sounds. Obviously, the finished product will not be like that. I've been thinking about this for years, and whether it would really work or not. So far, I haven't found any remixes like this. What is it like? An Insane Clown Posse inspired remix of Sonic 3's Carnival Night Zone music. I always thought that the song Hokus Pokus would blend well with Sonic 3's Carnival Night Zone music, so I finally started this project. I'd like to know if I should go forward with this, knowing full well that I could emulate the style of ICP to the T. Here's the audio link: It's supposed to loop, but in the preview, it's not doing so properly. It should be fixed when the audio is published to the site.
  2. Oops, I think I threw some remixes in there hehe
  3. Thank you for posting this. I really enjoyed listening to it.
  4. Whoa. Quite the in-depth review! It is much appreciated! Really, thank you for taking the time to write this! Let me just say first that I wish I had waited before submitting until I received feedback like this. But still, maybe it will be accepted. If it gets rejected, I'll make the changes you mentioned, as they sound like great ideas to me. Honestly, though, I'm used to structuring my original trap and hip-hop tracks to fit verses and a chorus on them, and perhaps that was a fatal error in the case of something that I intend to submit to OC ReMix. The idea of a breakdown and a break from the hihats actually seems like it would make this more enjoyable. Each time I listen to what I've got, that becomes more apparent. My biggest concern with doing that, though, is killing the flow of the piece as a whole. Even at my skill level, I have a problem with switching from one section to another and keeping the piece smooth (which is how I like my beats to be). More on the hihats, perhaps a bit of volume leveling could fix this as well, but they're a key component of trap (just like 808 bass), so that might end up screwing up the piece as a whole. I'm still going to try it, as I can simply hit the undo button if it sounds wrong to me. Now, what if I write lyrics and rap (or have someone else with better equipment rap) on this piece? I was considering this, but I (selfishly) wanted this to be a one man show, and I am almost certain that trying to record vocals won't be worth it without the proper equipment. Well, it's not all selfish. I just think that having my first submission being a collaboration might hurt me in the long run for some reason. Please correct me in the likely case that I'm wrong about this. And haha, I'm glad that I could fool someone into hearing an imaginary guitar. I'm actually quite proud of this particular sound, both technically and composition-wise. What I really did was use subtractive magic: a virtual analog VST that doesn't even sound like a string instrument with a few effects on it. And no, I didn't use an arpeggiator with this one; it was calculated using the chords present elsewhere in the composition (I know theory well enough to do this). Well, that's all I have to say for now. Thanks again for the detailed review and constructive feedback!
  5. Thank you very much for the review! Yes, I'm quite experienced in mixing, having learned techniques both from online articles and others who produce similar material, in addition to figuring out my own ways of getting it done. In case you didn't notice it, there are 4 YM2612 instruments in there, but only two are obvious. It's funny that you mention Mega Man. I love those soundtracks (NES & SNES games), and I want to rearrange some of those OSTs one day.
  6. Lots of issues with this one right now, but I'll hammer them out eventually. Nonetheless, feedback is welcome. Here it is
  7. Preview here. Looking for feedback, although I do know what direction I want to take from here.
  8. The chimes are a bit weird, but other than that, I really enjoyed this. The stereo effects are great, mixing is on point, and other than the chimes (they sound a bit too detuned, to the point of being almost off-key), your synth selection is pleasing to the ear. And like you stated in the OP, the piece gets more energetic later on. Nice combination of the two (very different) themes of Lava Reef. Edit: because of your awesome mix, you've inspired me to make one myself. Thanks for that!
  9. Damn, headbanging stuff here, and I love it! Some death metal growl vocals would have been nice, but not necessary. I enjoy it as it is. Especially about 2 and a half minutes in. Would have loved to hear more guitar work like that in this piece, tbh.
  10. For now, I call it "High Voltage" You see what I did there? I just wanted everyone to get a listen and maybe let me know what they think of this mix. I worked for almost 14 hours on it. And yes, I still upload on Newgrounds. It's still a thing and still alive.
  11. I use Mixcraft. Did so as a newbie to making music 10 years ago. Huh.
  12. Hey, I'm Seth. I've been making music on and off for like 10 years, now. Been posting music on Newgrounds for a few. I eventually am getting a track on OCR, like it or not. It's gonna happen. I'm a fan of mainly classic VGMs, so you'll hear remixes of those from me (especially classic Sonic music, it was nice).
  13. No, no. For classic Sonic, it's 70s and 80s pop and R&B, as that's exactly what they ripped off to make a lot of the soundtracks back in the day. I'll post comparisons of actual songs vs. Classic Sonic music if requested. Too many to be coincidence.
  14. Someone posted Freedom Call. I'm glad someone did. But, no one posted any Gamma Ray: Notice it sounds similar to the above posted Freedom Call song "Warriors."