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Killer Mako- Mako Reactor FF7


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Hey man!

It's a nice idea, but it's hard to project on a simple midi track like this, so it'll be difficult to have any feedback regarding production as it is.

There is a few things I could say though.

First, you should probably split your midi clip between all the different instruments, so you can easily put plugins to replace the stock MIDI sound.

Second, I noticed your volume meter goes to the red, which tends to mean you are clipping. I know it's not the final sounds but you should probably pay attention to that kind of thing anyway.

Third, I don't understand the format of your "submission". Why post a video and not an audio export? The only reason I could think of is because it's a demo version of FL and you can't export audio,. But even if it's the case, why disable the following of the cursor? It would make the video somewhat more interesting, I guess? You could also zoom vertically so we can see more clearly how you sequenced your track.

Anyway, I don't mean any of that in a mean way. I hope to hear about this track soon, with real instrument (sample libraries could get you far).

Have a great, and happy music making!

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