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  1. I wanted to do a ska version of the mako reactor from ff7. I have the a midi version finished, but now I am working on adding instruments into the slots. Any and all suggestions and critiques are welcome.
  2. Dee Jay is my favorite character from the street fighter series, and i have always loved his theme song. I was going for a more latin, Carlos Santana kind of version of his song. Would like some input on my version of it.
  3. Hey sorry for doing this again, but if I could have my name changed back to my original one. I am putting everything under one name now. Switch from Midi Kelley back to SirSka. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.
  4. Hello, I just recently signed up and used my usual screen name,SirSka, thinking that I would have another artist name to fill in. Since it's not the case I was wondering if I could change it to my artist handle, Midi Kelley, so it matches what I usually post my music with. Thanks for time.
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