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YouTube channel - Arrangement for Wind band

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I did some listening to what you have posted. I will say it tripped me out a bit to see tuba in Bb bass clef, which isn't common in the US. It's been a while since I've dealt with European scores.

I do have to ask, why wind band? I don't mean that in a bad way. I am just curious. (I do quite a lot of work with various wind ensemble types, mainly as a session brass player, but also arranging, composing, and teaching.) 
Any time something comes up on OCR that is orchestral or winds, it piques my interest.

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Hello, It is true that for the United States the tubas are in Ut. In Europe we often have tubas in Bb.

I make arrangements for concert bands because I work in music schools and I take care of orchestras.

I noticed that he didn't have many arrangements for video game music orchestras.

So I decided to do them myself. I also like to mix classical instruments with electronic instruments.

Sorry for my bad English im french.

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